Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord Bite The Bait Please Chapter 1056

Chapter 332.1 Finale Part 1

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Chapter 332.1: Finale (Part 1)


Feeling highly indignant, Bai Zhi Yan was suddenly taken aback by surprise as he watched the young lady slowly open her eyes. He immediately stretched a hand out to point excitedly, thinking that he would finally be vindicated. "See? See? Shes come awake! I told you I was telling the truth!"

Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao turned his head to look. The young ladys eyes narrowed sharply for a moment, the expression on her face looking a little blank and puzzled, like she had lost her soul. His heart constricted as he stretched his hand out to hold hers and her hand felt a little cold just like it always had.

"Little fox.." He called out softly, like he was afraid he might startle her.

The young ladys large limpid eyes blinked a few times as she slowly regained her senses, her gaze slowly turning onto the worried countenance of the man right before her, gradually coming fully awake.

So.. it was all just a dream.

It had all seemed so real, and she had thought.. That everything was happening once again.

All of it.. had been real.


Her gaze froze, suddenly remembering something.

She seemed to have heard Grandfathers voice just now. Had that been real, or was it just a dream?

"The little lass.. couldnt have lost her memories could she?"

Seeing the lost and bewildered look on Qing Yus face and not showing any other response for a while, Bai Zhi Yans face immediately became serious as he went over anxiously to ask her: "Do you know who I am?"

That scene, felt rather familiar.

Back in the Constellation Lands in the past when her spirit soul had come out from her body and she had just woken up after being unconscious for a few days, this man had also come up to her to ask whether she remembers him, which felt rather comical to see.

Qing Yu stared at the man, not saying a word.

Seeing that, Bai Zhi Yan became more flustered, his good looking face creasing up. "Looks like you really cant remember me. I will have to go look through the elixir formulas and see what could be wrong here."

"Youre being too noisy." The young lady suddenly spoke up, interrupting his incessant and endless chatter.

Bai Zhi Yan was taken aback a moment, before he then started to say: "You.."

"I do not have amnesia." Qing Yu opened her mouth to clear his doubts.

"Then why were you unconscious for so long? Are you feeling unwell somewhere?" Bai Zhi Yan then asked with furrowed brows.

Qing Yu looked surprised and then turned to the man beside her. "Was I.. unconscious for very long?"

"Almost twenty days." Lou Jun Yao replied in a deep voice.

"Did I sleep for such a long time.." Qing Yu mumbled softly as she raised a hand up to cover her eyes. It was not known what was going through her mind but one was able to feel that the air around the young ladys body had suddenly become rather depressed.

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