Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord Bite The Bait Please Chapter 1058

Chapter 332.3

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Chapter 332.3: Finale (Part 1)

Speaking up to that point, Lou Jun Yao paused for a moment to look at her before continuing: "Aunt Lan said that the mans condition for saving you back then was to have you stay by his side forever, but it was not known why he chose to let you leave in the end."

When Lou Jun Yao finished with those words, a cascade of images flashed through Qing Yus mind for an instant.

They were all of Xi Zhan Chens stoic unsmiling face, and it was only when he saw her, that the face would break into a sliver of a smile.

He looked the same as he always had in all those images, but she was just a tiny little toddler who had barely just learned to speak.

"Why.. why are you staring at me?" Her childish puerile voice sounding miffed, her tiny mouth puffed up in an indignant pout.

The man was taken aback for a moment before he laughed out loud. He then said: "Because I like you, so I want to keep looking at you, as I am afraid that Ill not have a chance to see you anymore in future."

Qing Yus eyes widened in surprise.

Is she imagining things here?

All of this clearly felt like they were her own memories and not memories that originally belonged to this flesh shell.

But.. when did all this happen? !

She had found the man so familiar the first time she met him because.. she had known him all along?

Could that man really possess such amazing abilities, to be able to predict his very own demise at the very end from such a long time ago?

"Ah Yao.." She called out softly, her voice carefully wary.

Lou Jun Yaos heart winced, feeling a shot of pain. He responded in a deep voice. "Im right here."

"People are always dying because of me, and Im really afraid of such things happening, but there is nothing I can do to stop it. Is it all really my fault? If not for me, they might all still be living happily in some corner of this world right now."

Her voice was a soft murmur, seemingly in self detest.

Lou Jun Yao embraced her more tightly. "It is not your fault at all. The fault lies with those people whose hearts were blinded by their own selfish desires. As for those people who died, there is meaning behind their deaths and there is value in the things that theyve done. Maybe they did not truly die, but have just moved on to a higher realm of existence."

"Is that really true?"

Qing Yu lowered her eyes, her long lashes hiding her emotions in her eyes.

So, has Grandfather gone to that place as well?

Gone to a place that did not allow them to see each other anymore.

"My dear Qing Er, youve finally woken up.."

The warm and gentle voice of a woman suddenly sounded outside the door, a little choked up from having just pulled through treacherous calamity.

Qing Yu was startled before she slowly raised her head up from the mans shoulder.

Clad in all red clothes, Qing Lan Fei was as stylish as ever. Even though she still looked a little wan and weak having just recovered, her countenance was just as attractive and enchanting as always.

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