Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord Bite The Bait Please Chapter 1064

Chapter 333.4 (END) - Finale (Part 2) End

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Upon hearing that, the ends of Qing Yus lips curved up subconsciously into a warm tender smile. Fate is really something so often mystifying. When we first met, you hated me so much that you wanted nothing more than to have me killed, and here we are together with each other in the end.

If I had known that you were such a beautiful young lady, I wouldnt have made any moves to strike at you at all. Not to mention that it was all over just a bunch of herbs, even if you had come to steal my entire person, I wouldnt have resisted in the slightest.

Lou Jun Yao pressed his face against her cheek, and said with a teasing expression: Luckily I did not hurt you back then, or my heart would have broken into pieces.

You and your flippant tongue. Qing Yu glared at him in mock anger. I had not thought that you were so concerned with a persons looks. So if I was a little less attractive looking, you would probably not even remember my face at all.

Lou Jun Yao was tickled by the young ladys miffed and indignant face, her beautiful eyes sparkling with life, the light deep inside alluring and seductive. Lou Jun Yao could not help but to lean that flawlessly handsome looking face slowly in very close to hers, so close that it seemed his lips would touch her the moment she spoke.

A slow burn flushed through Qing Yus face, and she was just about to back away when the back of her head was held in the mans firm hand, not letting her escape.

What are you doing.. She turned her eyes away uneasily.

You might not believe me if I say it.

Lou Jun Yao laughed softly and then looked straight into her eyes as he said: After that time, I found myself thinking of you frequently. I thought that I must have been possessed, to actually find myself unable to get the little brat whom I have never met before and had stolen from me out of my head. Though I gave an order that you are to be found, I had no intention of harming you, but.. I just wanted to see you again.

Speaking up to that point, the look on his face then became devilishly alluring. Thinking back about it, my impression of you cross-dressed as a boy was already deeply etched in my mind. It must all have been predestined!

The corners of Qing Yus lips lifted. What he said was not wrong. It seemed like many things that have happened was like that, already predetermined by destiny.

She suddenly thought of something and she then asked: Where did Little Bei go? Why have I not seen him?

That kid has always been highly concerned about her. It has been some time since she woke up and he shouldnt be absent.

Hearing her question, Lou Jun Yao laughed mockingly and said: I fear that kid does not have time for you anymore. A few nights ago, he grabbed that Dark Phantasm Cat and took it with him for a bath. In the end, that cat suddenly transformed into a young woman in the pool.

What? Qing Yus eyes widened in shock. You mean.. Meatball.. turned into a human person?

Mm. And a ravishingly svelte, willowy young woman at that! Qing Bei must have fallen head over heels under her charms, would he even remember you at this time? See? Only I am true to you. Lou Jun Yao said, trying to sow dissent but he still did not forget to heap praise on himself.

But Qing Yu could not be bothered with the man at that moment as her eyes shone excitedly. Bring me to them now! I have not seen that little furball in her human form before!

Lou Jun Yao stood there watching as the young lady suddenly disappeared in a blink, the expression on his face taken aback with surprise a moment before he went on to let out a helpless sigh.

That little lass still has not answered him. He has gotten everything all prepared. He was just waiting for her to regain consciousness and they were to be wed.

Nevermind. She wont be able to run away from him anyway. Theres no need to rush.

The corners of his lips arced up slightly, and he went on to catch up with the young lady.

The End

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