Born To Run Chapter 589

Chapter 579: Daegu World Championships

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"Wow...someone ran away!"

"Unbelievable! It was Youss Bot who started the race! Youss Bot sprinted in the men's 100m final..."

"This is the start of the 2010 Doha Indoor World Championships. For the first time since the IAAF will fully implement zero grab runs, it is the first time someone has rushed in a major event final! And this rush runner is Youss Bot!"

It's August 28, 2011.

At 20:45 in the evening, at the Daegu Stadium in South Korea, more than 60,000 live spectators and countless viewers in front of the TV could not help but exclaim after seeing this scene.

Many of the supporters of the Jamaican team and Youss Bot's relatives and friends at the scene even covered their faces and shed tears at the moment, seeming extremely sad.

Standing on the track and field stadium, Youss Bot himself looked blank for a while, and then showed great anger on his face as he left the track and field stadium.

"It's really a shame. At least hundreds of millions of spectators around the world are watching this men's 100-meter peak speed showdown this year. As the second man in the world in the men's 100 meters, Youss-Bot is the second person in the world. There is a chance to challenge Yeqin's sprinter, but his quick run out also made us lose our suspense in this men's 100m race."

Mu Jiang, the live commentator of CCTV5, said in a calm voice when he saw Youss Bot being sent off.

Many domestic track and field enthusiasts also felt a bit regretful at this moment. After the Yanjing Olympics and the Berlin World Championships, the third peak mens 100m duel is about to be staged. Seeing that the competition has begun, it is a pity that the final result But it is unsatisfactory, and it is completely dead.

But the domestic audience with this kind of thinking is only part of it, and more people feel excitement and excitement at this moment.

This is the third time that Yechin has played against Yousse Bot in the men's 100-meter final of a major event. Yechin's first two wins against Youssef Bot have not many results, only one hundredth of a second to 100 points. In three seconds, this gap can be regarded as negligible.

This year is also considered by the outside world that Youssef Bot is most likely to beat Yechin in the mens 100m event. On the one hand, Youssef Bot is in good shape, starting from Rome and Ostrava in May. He remained unbeaten in the men's 100m and 200m events.

In June of this year, Ye Qin had a muscle strain. When the news came out, the outside world was in an uproar. Fortunately, he recovered well afterwards. After entering the July and August games, Yeqin's performance quickly improved back.

In many reports from the BBC before the game, the status, life, training, and competition results of Yechin and Yousse Bot have been listed, and the results of Youss Bot's head-on look Bigger than Yechin.

Among the odds given by many European gambling companies, the odds of Yousseh-Boer are almost the same as those of Yechin. It can be said that the outside world is quite optimistic.

But after the rush of the recalled guns sounded, both the audience and the audience in front of countless TVs felt pity and regret.

After leaving the game, Youss Bot took off his shirt directly, his face was full of helplessness and annoyance about his mistakes in this game.

He is not unfamiliar with the rules of zero steals. It's just that he wants to beat Yeqin too much in this game. This year, his personal athletic state is better than Yechin.

Yeqin was at the starting line, watching Youss-Bot leave the field, he didn't breathe a sigh of relief, or felt a little grateful in his heart.

Still not the slightest influence on his emotions by the departure of Youss Bot.

From the Helsinki World Championships in 2005, to the Osaka World Championships in 2007, the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, he has faced Youss Bot many times in frontal matches.

Even though the opponent rose up and his results improved by leaps and bounds, Ye Qin still maintained a stance of overwhelming opponents in major events.

Yechin's state is not particularly good this year, but he still maintains a strong self-confidence in the men's 100m final against Yousse Bot.

This kind of self-confidence is accumulated from race after race, and comes from his holding the world's record for the most sprints.

In the men's 100-meter final, Youss Bot was sent off, and there was a men's 200-meter game behind. Yeqin had no fear in facing each other.

He believes that winning is himself.

Mu Jiang, who was in charge of explaining the mens 100-meter race, watched the TV screen showing Yousse Bots departure, and continued to speak: "Youss Bots penalty made us have to think of Yechins Yan Yan in 2008. A mistake in the men's 200m semifinal at the Beijing Olympics.

At that time, Yechin also received the attention of the world. Everyone wanted to see him and Youssef Bot face-to-face on the mens 200m event, but the result was very regrettable.

In the men's 100-meter final, after Youss Bot left the field, for many spectators, too much suspense has been lost.

But I hope Yeqin still can't relax. At this time, we still have to maintain a high degree of vigilance. The track and field stadium is a place full of surprises and miracles.

Although there were no Jason Gaby and Asafaville in the mens 100-meter final, Jamaicas newly emerging teenager Juhan Blake has a very fierce momentum. In addition, Walter Dix of the US team is also in an amazing state this year. Won the American Men's 100m Championship once..."

The 2011 World Championships in Daegu, in the minds of many track and field fans, was originally another human peak speed duel after two years.

It is a pity that this year's situation is not satisfactory.

The first is Jason Gaby, who got the third fastest score in the world. After entering 2011, Jason Gaby has maintained a surprisingly good form. He also ran out of the Claremont Mens 100m event in Florida. A good result of 9.79 seconds, and at the New York Adidas Grand Prix in May, defeated Steve Mullins to win the championship.

But just before the National Championships and 2011 World Championships trials at the end of June, Jason Gaby suffered a hip joint injury and had to withdraw from the game to undergo surgery for an acetabular labrum injury.

Asafaville, who is also favored by everyone this year, is also very good after the beginning of the year. In the game of the University of Pennsylvania Jamaica 4100m relay team against the United States, Asafaville led Jamaica without Youss Bot. The team defeated the American red team and the blue team and won the victory.

In the Diamond League in Lausanne on June 30, Asafaville ran a time of 9.78 seconds with a wind speed of 1.0 m/s, which was the fastest result in the past three years.

Then in the Jamaica tryout in July, Asafaville also won his fifth national championship without Youss Bot.

After that, in August, Asafavir continued to gain momentum and ran into the 10-second mark several times. He became more and more confident in this year's Daegu World Championships.

But unfortunately, just a few days before the start of the World Championships, Asafaville had to withdraw from the World Championships because of the intensified groin strain, which made countless people who supported him feel huge disappointment.

Asafaville himself was also extremely distressed when facing the media, and vowed in front of the camera that he must participate in the 2012 Olympics.


With the passage of time, the men's 100m final at Daegu Stadium began again.

The audience in the audience gradually eased from the excitement and helplessness of the retreat, and cast their eyes on the upcoming game.

Even if the match between Youss Bot and Yechin is not visible in this game, the presence of Yechin, the current first man in the men's sprinter, is still enough to attract everyone's attention.

At this moment, in a corner of the auditorium, a tall and strong black man frowned slightly, watching the eight contestants participating in the men's 100-meter final, his muscles tightening slightly.

"When I first met him in the men's 200m race at the Athens Olympics that year, I didn't think that this player could grow to where he is today, right?"

Loren Seagrave, wearing a pair of brown glasses, sat in the auditorium with Erlang's legs tilted, and said to the black man beside him.

"At that time, I didn't even pay attention to the other person."

Jax Trin sighed silently. At the 2004 Athens Olympics, that was the pinnacle of his life. The men's 100m gold medal and the men's 200m bronze medal were so energetic at the time. There were no athletes in his eyes. It was Morris Green waiting for a few people to chat.

However, Jax-Trin did not say a word, after the Helsinki World Championship men's 200 meters, he remembered the other side.

This young athlete from Eastern China snatched his ambition to win the men's 200m championship from his hands. It was the first time he felt an incomparable accident that an Asian athlete could beat him.

"Yes, no one would have thought that in the past few years, there will be so many top athletes in the international track and sprint event."

Loren Seagrave lamented that there have been more new generations of top athletes in the international track field in recent years than in previous years.

Many top athletes were absolutely able to compete for the championship ten or twenty years ago, but in this era, it is not easy for these people to compete for the finals.

Like the finalists in the mens 100 meters in the track and field at this moment, in addition to Yechin, Juhan Blake is still young, let alone mention the other several Walter Dicks, Daniel Bailey, Nesta Carter, these All of them are extremely good players, able to run within 10 seconds or even 9 seconds and 90 seconds.

But in this era, these people can only respect and accompany the last seat. If they are stars, there are several rounds of sun above them, covering all the light of these people.

"Loren, I know what you mean."

After hearing Loren Seagrave's words, Jax Trin still looked calm and said in a low tone, "But I'm not reconciled!"

"Jax, don't be too anxious, you have been away from the track and field for too long." Loren Seagrave then put a finger up, "You have only been back for a year, and it is beyond me that you can get back to this state. expected."

Since returning to track on August 3, 2010, Jax-Telling has performed well on the field. Starting from some low-level events and then gradually moving to high-level events, his results have been rising steadily.

In this year's National Outdoor Championships and World Championships trials, Jax-Telling ran a good time of 9.95 seconds, second only to Walter Dix's win of 9.94 seconds.

For a player who has been absent from the field for four years, being able to run like this again almost means that he is beginning to return to the top.

However, it is a pity that in this World Championships, Jax Trin may be under pressure, or his state is not good enough. In the semi-finals, he only ran 10.23 seconds, and finally missed the World Championships. Race men's 100m final.

"Loren, I want to participate in the 2012 Olympics, I want to enter the Olympic finals, I want to compete with them for medals and gold medals!"

Jax Trin stood up from his seat, pointed his finger at Yeqin who was about to start the game, and said categorically.

"You can definitely do it!"

Loren Seagrave also stood up and nodded solemnly.

In four years, Jax Trin fell from the peak to the bottom. The coaches and the circle of friends he used to get along with basically left him, and he became the target of everyone.

But he is willing to coach Jax-Trin. Regardless of Jax-Trins age, he may not have a few years in his career. The biggest reason is that he has seen it from Jax-Trin. That kind of almost crazy desire to win.


The voices of players re-positioning on the field sounded ~wuxiaworld.online~ The two talking with each other focused their attention on the field at the same time.

After a gunshot, Ye Qin Yiqi Juechen, who was in the fourth lane, led many other runners from the start.

In the end, he won the men's 100m championship in the men's world championships with a time of 9.70 seconds. This result is not too far behind the men's 100m at the Yenching Olympics and the men's 100m at the Berlin World Championships.

But everyone on the court felt that it was understandable. In this game, Yechin did not have the challenge of Yousse Bot and the pressure of top players such as Jason Gaby and Asafaville. There was almost no difficulty in winning. .

The newly promoted Youhan Blake achieved a stern score with a time of 9.92 seconds. His strength is very strong, but at this time he is still a little immature. He is excellent among other players, but it is not far away. To the point where it poses a threat to Yechin.

Two days later, on August 30, the men's 400m final.

Ye Qin once again won the championship with a time of 44.03.

The schedule of this years World Championships is no longer the same as the previous ones. The mens 100m, 200m and 400m events have been smashed. It is also the last time Yechin will participate in three individual events in the same competition. Match.

It was 20:55 on September 9th. In the men's 200m trapeze, Yeqin defeated Youssef-Bot's 19.40 with a time of 19.31.

He became the first athlete in the IAAF World Athletics Championships to win the men's 100m and 200m championships for three consecutive times.

By September 9th, after the 2011 World Championships ended, almost the world's eyes had begun to focus on the London Olympics a year later.

At that time, the fastest duel in human history will be staged again.

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