Born To Run Chapter 590

Chapter 580: I Am A Legend Grand Finale

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In 2012, London.

Since the London Olympics Organizing Committee successfully bid for the London Olympics, the London Olympic Delivery Administration has been specially established to take charge of venues and infrastructure construction, as well as hosting the Olympics.

The huge investment of 9.3 billion pounds has made the city of London almost moved around the hosting of the Olympic Games. In terms of public transportation, because London scored very low in the evaluation of the International Olympic Committee, Transport for London carried out A number of improvements, upgrades to the light rail and high-speed subway, the cross-Thames cable car and multiple routes.

On July 27, the countdown clock in Trafalgar Square ushered in the countdown to the last day.

The Olympic Stadium, known as the "Island of Miracles", ushered in a grand opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony of this Olympics was appointed by Oscar Film Best Director Danny Boyle as the artistic director. On the opening ceremony, the Queen of England, accompanied by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, attended the opening ceremony just right. .

This is the second time the Queen has participated in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The last time was the Summer Olympics in Montreal in 1976. The BBC live broadcast of the ceremony attracted more than 27 million British viewers.

On Sunday, August 5, 2012, at 21:40 local time in the UK, there were more than 80,000 spectator seats in the Olympic Stadium, all of them from the United Kingdom and all over the world.

At this time in the country, the time is close to 5:40 in the morning. Because of the summer, basically most parts of the east have ushered in the dawn.

Many people have already gotten up under the covers, opened the Yangwu Channel, and prepared to watch the upcoming game.

Due to the time difference, it is already Monday in China this year, but many of the student groups during the summer vacation are not a few who stayed up all night.

Just because in another 10 minutes, they will witness the greatest speed showdown in human history.

Two hours ago, at 19:45 local time in the UK, the final eight finalists in the two semi-finals of the men's 100m at the London Olympics had been contested.

And these eight players will soon start the final speed showdown again in this field. The world does not know how many people are waiting eagerly at this moment.

With the end of the last set of men's 3000-meter obstacle course, when the eight finalists who were about to start the competition appeared in front of the men's 100-meter starting line, the atmosphere in the stadium reached its climax.

The voice of Mu Jiang, who was sitting high in the media commentary, sounded at the same time, and began to introduce to the many audiences in China, whether they are staying up late or just getting up:

"Good audience friends, let us focus on the human speed decisive battle at the 2012 London Olympics. The focus of this game is what Yechin will perform in the face of so many challengers, and it is also Can Yousei Bot take the men's 100m championship from Yechin, and other superb sprinters, can they emerge in this race and become the final winner. This men's 100m finals It can be called the strongest one-hundred-meter decisive battle in human history."

As Mu Jiang's voice sounded, the scene and the screen in front of the TV showed a 100-meter track surrounded by black and crushed spectators, and the figures of the eight runners and staff at the starting line continued to flash.

When two sets of Yeqins name, national flag and data flashed on the TV screen, Mu Jiangs voice sounded at the right time: "The world record, Yeqin set 9 seconds 55 in 2009, the Olympic record, Yeqins 2008 Yanjing The 9 seconds 61 created by the Bird's Nest..."

When many domestic viewers saw this set of data on TV, although many people were familiar with it, they still couldn't help but applaud.

This is the world record set by the Chinese in the men's 100-meter sprint. Almost many people have watched the live and recording of these two races. Even in retrospect, the shocking speed still keeps everyone. All the blood boiled over.

"At present, the eight fastest runners on the planet have already stood on the starting line. At this moment, the eyes of the whole world are focused on the London Bowl. Everyone is like a fighter. The audience shows their speed ability.

Yeqin's look is very serious. This is something he has never seen in the 2008 Olympics and the 2009 World Championships. The importance of this game is self-evident. This may also be the most difficult battle in Yeqin's career.

We know that Yeqin participated in the Yanjing Olympics this year and only signed up for the mens 100m, 200m and mens 4100m events. The mens 400m, who also held the world record by him, did not register again for this Olympic Games. We have to say that it is a pity, but without the pressure of the 400m event, Ye Qin can also focus more energy on the men's 100m event.

This game is a very difficult challenge. Almost everyone of Ye Qin's challengers is a super player who can lead an era in the past and even in the future.

Now they are all gathered here, and they are about to dedicate a super war for us. I think there will be such a decisive battle in human history, and it will probably take many years to appear. The 80,000 spectators basically stood up..."

Along with Mu Jiangs commentary, on-site camera shots continued to show several athletes who are about to start the finals, including Yechin, Yousse-Bot, and Asafaville, adjusting their final state in the middle of the venue.

At the same time, there was a huge on-site noise like the roar of a machine, which came out from the speakers of the TV, reminding everyone watching the game how noisy and enthusiastic the atmosphere of the London Olympic Stadium is at this moment.

"Come and see the list of players!"

In the TV screen, as the live cameraman's lens pulled in, the close range of the eight players began to appear in front of everyone.

"Second, Richard Thompson, from Trinidad and Tobago, fourth place in the men's 100 meters at the Yanjing Olympics;

The third way, Asafaville from Jamaica, Jamaicas leading figure in this golden age,

The fourth is Jason Gaby from the United States. Jason Gaby said he will set another world record in London this year. I dont know if he is talking about himself, Yechin or Youssef Bot. The 80,000 spectators and countless spectators in front of the TV will witness...

Fifth, Yuhan Blake, the younger brother of Yousse Bot. He won the silver medal at the Daegu World Championships last year. In the two Diamond Leagues this year, he defeated Youssef Bot twice. There was also a slight loss to Ye Qin, who was the most promising future overlord.

The sixth way, the fastest Chinese athlete on the planet-Ye Qin! ! He is the protagonist of this human speed duel and will face the challenge of the seven fastest athletes in the world!

On the seventh track, the strong return of Jax Trin, he represents the honor of the American team. In the National Trial Tournament held in Oregon on June 24 this year, he won the championship with a time of 9.80 seconds. At the same time, this is also the best result for men over 30 in sprinting.

The eighth track, Youss Bot, the second fastest runner on the planet, another protagonist in this battle of human speed, Youss Bot has spoken before the game, in the 2011 World Championships and Ye It has always been his regret that Qin failed to compete in the men's 100 meters, and he hopes to make up for it in this Olympics;

Ninth, Ryan Bailey, this is a newly emerging master in the United States. In this year's National Trials, he ranked in 9 seconds 93, Jax Trin and Jason. After Gaby, ranked third. "

Following Mu Jiangs commentary, information about this group of mens eight hundred meters and eight contestants appeared on both the big screen and the TV screen.

Second, Richard Thompson, Trinidad and Tobago;

The third way, Asafaville, Jamaica;

Fourth, Jason Gaby, the United States;

Fifth Road, Juhan Blake, Jamaica;

The sixth way, Ye Qin, China;

Seventh Road, Jax-Tring, United States;

Eighth Road, Youss Bot, Jamaica;

Ninth Road, Ryan Bailey, United States;

Among the eight players, with the exception of Yechin and Richard Thompson, almost three Jamaican players played against three American players.

At the same time, this men's 100-meter race is also the highest level among men's 100-meter events in human history.

The third line, Asafaville, the former world record holder, his personal best was 9.72 seconds;

On the fourth track, Jason Gaby, the third fastest in the world in the men's 100 meters, his personal best was 9.69 seconds;

On the fifth track, Youhan Blake, this year he first won the championship with a 9.84 in the Cayman invitation race, and then defeated Youss Bot in the Jamaica Trial with a 9.75. Known as the "beast" by Youss Bot;

The sixth way, Ye Qin, the world record holder, his personal best is 9 seconds 55;

The seventh track, Jack Sterling, the 2004 Olympic champion, the 2005 World Championship champion, the current personal best is 9 seconds 80;

The eighth road, Youss Bot, the second in the world in the men's 100 meters, his personal best time was 9 seconds 56;

This is the most powerful men's 100-meter speed showdown in human history. Yechin and Youssef-Bot are the only ones, and the other four are slightly behind. However, the strong strength is still not to be underestimated. Can challenge the super strength of the former.

Before the starting line, Asafaville slowly moved his muscles. His groin injury was not healed. However, after he withdrew from the Daegu World Championships last year, he vowed in public that he would participate in the Olympics no matter what.

This year's Asafaville also changed his previous look, with a moustache on his chin, and it was rendered golden.

In many consecutive years of competitions, he has been unable to run the ideal results many times, this time the Olympic Games, he thinks it should be his last chance.

In four years, maybe he may not have the same strength at the next Olympics, so even if he is injured, he still hopes to go all out to run the final.

By Asafavilles side, Jason Gabes expression is tighter than at the moment. Like Asafaville, he missed the 2011 World Championships due to injuries last year. He once thought about the men in this Olympics. 100m final.

And for the 100-meter matchup in this Olympics, Jason Gaby almost conducted a closed training, trying to make a breakthrough in this game. Challenge Yechin and Yousse Bot, this has always been his goal.

Youhan Blake's expression is obviously lax compared to others. Although he failed to win the World Championships last year, after Yousei Bot was sent off, he won a medal after Yechin. silver medal.

This year has entered the explosive period of his personal state. He has repeatedly ran into 9.90. It is the Jamaican trial that defeated Youss Bot, which made his confidence soar.

Jax Trin is constantly walking back and forth on the track, like an angry bull. This is the unique situation of his adjustment before the game.

When he was introduced to him on the live broadcast, he heard the boos from many audiences in the audience. His once dishonorable past prevented him from winning the respect of the audience.

But... Jax Trin gritted his teeth fiercely. He is already thirty years old. After going through the peak and the bottom, the change in his mentality will not be shaken by this boo.

In other words, since he returned to the track, the outside world has never heard of doubts and boos. With these strange eyes along the way, he still allowed himself to stand on the stage of the men's 100m final of the Olympic Games.

He wants to get his name right in this game, even if he is the oldest, but he is still one of the best sprinters on the planet.

Youssef Bots look is also unprecedentedly solemn. There are too many masters in this game. Youhan Blake has won him several times this year. The two are training partners. He knows the status and strength of the other party. Duming.

There are several other people who have made the most perfect preparations for this Olympics.

At the same time, he himself has been preparing for the Olympics for a long time. He felt that he should have a chance to defeat Ye Qin at the World Championships last year, but unfortunately, he was sent off for a steal, which makes him still worry about it.

However, this is also good.

One year has allowed him to have a stronger desire to win in this Olympics. He wants to defeat Yeqin and become the number one in the world.

Ye Qin stood quietly in front of the starting line. He could feel the sense of urgency when the war was about to come. It seemed that at this moment there were clouds over the entire starting line.

Beyond the clouds, countless people are paying attention.

From the day he set foot on the runway, he never thought that he would be able to reach today's height.

The limit of human speed, the super-body sample, occupies the throne of the world record, and faces the challenges of various powerful opponents time and time again.

In preparation for the London Olympics, he also spent a long time preparing and adjusting his state in order to cope with today's game.

The reason why this is today is not the men's 200-meter or 4100-meter relay, or the next World Championships and Olympic Games.

That's because Yeqin knew the meaning of the men's 100 meters in this year's Olympic Games early on.

He will face the most powerful opponent on the planet.

Among these people, Asafaville, Jax Trin and Jason Gaby were born in 82 and have reached 30 years of age this year. It can be said that their careers have entered the end of their careers. The next World Championships Whether they can maintain such a good state in the games or the Olympics, no one knows.

Even Yeqin himself understands that he may be able to run again in the next World Championships and the next World Championships and Olympics.

But the peak period should have been one or two years.

Whether it is him or Youss Bot, he will probably participate in a lot of competitions after this Olympics, but it may be more difficult to maintain the peak of his best condition.

The youngest and best in this game, Juhan Blake, is also 22 years old this year and will face similar problems with them in four or five years.

This mens 100-meter race should be the fastest speed competition in track and field history, and even in human history. According to the predictions of all parties before the race, it may be difficult to regain it in ten or twenty years. Gather so many outstanding athletes.

In the Carl Lewis era, in the Donovan Bailey era, in the Morris Green era, no matter which one of them is standing here at this moment, standing on this starting line, there will be at least six players. It is the strength to defeat them head-on.

Of course, there are factors of the times, improvements in training techniques, and so on.

But even so, with so many outstanding players gathered, basically six of them are all sprinters who can run in 9 seconds and 80 seconds.

There will not be in the past, and it may take a long time for the future.

It was in the face of such a severe challenge, such a great moment for sprinting, that Yeqin felt that he could not lose.

I want to win all competitions!

Especially this one!

It is my luck to be born in an era with so many outstanding athletes, and it is also my honor to be able to beat you to win the championship.

The reason why my entire career has been so brilliant is precisely because you have so many opponents who have encouraged me and forced me, so that I dare not slack in the slightest over the years.

Whenever I feel that I have become famous and want to relax, whenever I feel that I have reached my limit and will no longer move forward, it is your challenges again and again, and I have to rally all my strength to deal with it again.

Respect you, all my opponents!

And I will also play my best in this game and beat you guys!

"...The fiercest, cruelest, and highest-level speed decisive battle in human history is about to begin!!"

The commentator Mu Jiang did not know when he had stood up from his seat, and spoke loudly to the audience in front of the TV with uncontrollable excitement.

"No matter who wins the championship, no matter what results he ran, I believe Ye Qin will become a lingering golden memory in all of us. I will remember that there was once a Chinese sprinter who dominated the men's sprint. An era."


Inside the London Olympic Stadium, the voice of the starters on the spot sounded.

Before the starting line, Ye Qin and other famous players stepped onto the starting blocks one by one.

The noisy scene is quiet at this moment.

The countless spectators watching the game in front of the TV, whether they were tired from staying up late at the moment, or were sleepy-eyed just now, all suddenly became clear-headed after the starter's voice sounded.

Staring at the eight runners in front of the starting line very nervously, their nerves tense, waiting silently...

Ye Qin leaned down and glanced at the finish line ahead, then leaned over and lowered his head in silence, ready to start.

The distance of 100 meters is never long for him, but he has ran a distance of unknown kilometers after he galloped on this runway again and again.


The voice prepared by the starter came out through the speakers on site.

The nerves of everyone were stretched to the highest point in an instant.


The crisp sound of the starting gun sounded suddenly in the London Olympic Stadium.

"Game start!!"

Mu Jiang's voice roared loudly as soon as the gunfire rang out.

The eight players all rushed out of the starting line at the moment the gunfire sounded, frantically increasing their speed.

Ye Qin suddenly kicked his feet on the approach, and the person shot out even more.

Since 2010, it has adopted a zero-rush run mechanism. Basically, the runners participating in the men's 100-meter race have adopted the strategy of listening to the gun.

In such a large-scale final, no one would dare to try to run with a gun rashly.

Yeqin also rushed out of the starting line when he heard the gunshots. His starting speed was very fast. At the moment when he dashed out of the starting line, only one Asafaville was able to keep up with Yeqin. .

Asafaville, known for his fast start, went all out in this group of finals. The speed and strength that burst out at the start of the race almost shocked everyone.

Ten meters, twenty meters, thirty meters...

Ye Qin seized the opportunity from the start, and the opportunity maintained the speed advantage from the moment of the start and rushed to the forefront.

Following closely behind was Asafaville, but after 20 meters, Asafaville's starting acceleration was fast enough, but because the starting force was too strong, the center of gravity of the body was temporarily staggered.

It was only a few meters in front that he kept pace with Ye Qin, and then Ye Qin overtook it from behind.

After Asafaville, Jason Gaby came in third, and Jason Gaby started perfectly in this group. After years of starting training, Jason Gaby is no longer weak in the men's 100-meter start.

The fourth is Juhan Blake. Although Blake started slightly slower than Jason Gaby, his muscle strength is extremely good. The speed that the sprinter, known as the beast, bursts out in an instant is also eye-catching.

Jax Trins start was slightly slower than the others. He was not a fast-start runner, but compared to him, Youss Bots start was even slower.

In this race, Youss Bot's start was not as good as the Bird's Nest in 2008 and Berlin in 2009, but his stride and pace still maintained very well.

Forty meters, fifty meters, sixty meters...

Ye Qin's speed is getting faster and faster, and he has completely entered the highest speed stage.

At this time, Asafaville suddenly dropped because of the start, and was overtaken by Jason Gaby and Uhan Blake.

After being overtaken by Jason Gaby and Yuhan Blake, Asafaville suddenly showed pain on his face, and his speed completely slowed down.

On the other hand, because of the retention of the semi-finals, Youss Bot is on the outside. The corner of his eye is always paying attention to the positions of other players. He is running at high speed and is pulling in with others. distance.

"Yechin! Yechin is very fast and ran in the first place... Yousse-Bot is chasing..."

The commentator Mu Jiang's voice had completely ripped through his throat and shouted.

Seventy meters, eighty meters, ninety meters...

Entered into the final stage of the final crucial half of the 100-meter run.

The speed of Yousseh Bot in the eighth lane suddenly rose, and suddenly surpassed Jax Trin, Euhan Blake and Jason Gaby, who were heading towards Yechin. Close.

The large stride length and high-speed cadence made Youss Bot unstoppable after entering the high-speed stage.

Ye Qin hadn't noticed the changes in other passes at all at this time. He had only the finish line in his eyes, and his speed was getting faster and faster. He even opened a gap with the other players around him from the start.

Even Youss Bot, who was soaring on the outer lanes, after starting behind, even if the running speed broke out in the middle, at this time, Yechin opened the gap and couldn't catch up! !

On the other side, Jason Gaby, who started to maintain the third position, was overtaken by Uhan Blake at about 80 meters. Both of them are known for their explosive power, but Uhan Blake is at the right time. At the peak of his competitive career, the seven-year-old gap is vividly manifested at this moment.

In the final stages of 90 meters and 95 meters, Jax-Trins large stride and rear range ability broke out at this moment, and when he was about to cross the finish line, he suddenly passed from behind. , Catching up with Jason Gaby.

This is Jax Trin's unique running method in the men's 100-meter event. The sudden increase in speed in the last ten meters made him suddenly out of many runners.

But the two fastest runners in front have already reached the finish line first!

Cross the line! !

The eight runners were blown from the starting line to the finish line like a whirlwind. The speed of the electric light flint made many people too late to react, and it was over!

"Ye Qin! Ye Qin won!!"

At the last moment, the commentator Mu Jiang was almost so excited that he tore off the buttons of his shirt, and even the audience in front of the TV felt a bit harsh with the excitement.

But no one cared about Mu Jiang's excitement. Everyone felt the excitement of adrenaline rush!


Yeqin crossed the finish line first!

At the same time, under the TV screen and on the timing board at the finish line, this group of men's 100m results appeared in front of everyone!

9 seconds 53!

The moment Ye Qin crossed the finish line, he opened his arms and roared to the sky! ! !

New world record! !

On the big screen, this group of mens 100m results appeared in front of everyone:

1. The sixth track, Ye Qin, China, the starting reaction was 0.131 seconds, the result was 9 seconds and 53;

2. The eighth track, Youss Bot, Jamaica, the starting reaction was 0.165 seconds, the result was 9 seconds and 63;

3. The fifth track, Youhan-Blake, Jamaica, the starting reaction was 0.179 seconds, the result was 9 seconds and 75;

4. The seventh track, Jax-Telling, USA, the starting reaction was 0.178 seconds, the result was 9 seconds 79;

5. The fourth track, Jason Gaby, the United States, the starting reaction was 0.145 seconds, the result was 9 seconds 80;

6. The ninth track, Ryan Bailey, the United States, the starting reaction was 0.176 seconds, the result was 9 seconds 88;

7. The second course, Richard Thompson, Trinidad and Tobago, the starting reaction was 0.160 seconds, the result was 9 seconds 98;

8. The third track, Asafaville, Jamaica, the starting reaction was 0.155 seconds, the result was 11 seconds 99;

Except for Asafaville in the final stage, the eight players suddenly started too hard and caused injuries, and all the others ran into the 10-second mark.

This is a rare scene in the history of human track and field.

In particular, the five players in front almost all ran within 9 seconds and 80 seconds. The level of the duel was so high that everyone was amazed.

"New world record!"

"Yechin broke the world record set by himself at the Berlin World Championships! At 9.53 seconds, a new world record for men's 100 meters was born at the London Olympic Stadium!!!"

"Unbelievable performance! Ye Qin dedicated me a new human limit!"

"I can't believe that anyone in this world can stop Ye Qin!! Who will be his opponent! Where is his limit, how fast he can run again!!!"

"This will be the most powerful speed showdown in human history. The excitement is no less than the previous Yenching Olympics and the Berlin World Championships... I almost thought I had spent Yenching, how did they run at such a speed. 9 seconds 53! Oh my god, it's crazy!!!"

In the media booth, except for Mu Jiang, almost all the narrators broke out a burst of crazy shouts.

They once again witnessed the birth of a new world record! !

After crossing the finish line, Ye Qin quickly ran around the track and field stadium! ! !

More than 80,000 spectators in the audience ~ wuxiaworld.online ~ were shocked by the men's 100-meter race, and they all burst into enthusiastic shouts like a frying pan.

Among them, in the auditorium near the side of the runway, the red national flag was waving, and someone shouted Ye Qin's name.

At first, only a small part of the Chinese audience was shouting, but gradually 80,000 people in the audience began to speak with different accents, shouting Ye Qin's name together!




Ye Qin opened his arms and greeted everyone's shouts. Behind him, there were reporters rushing to catch up and take the photo, but in just a moment, he saw Ye Qin quickly passing by.

Running fast all the way!

Ye Qin seemed to feel that he hadn't rushed so heartily!

Under the screams of the sky and the shining of the lights, I was in a trance as if I was back on the runway for the first time in high school.

He stepped barefoot on the rough cinder track.

After a whistle sounded, he rushed out of the starting line desperately.

That was the most important run in his life!

Since then, all his life trajectories have changed!

I have walked through the dark and ushered in the brightest future;

When the door was closed to me, I opened a window opened for me;

I didnt get the tickets I wanted, but I became the one standing in the middle of the stage to perform

After I was disappointed again and again, I waited for the best hope;

I have not let down the runway that brought me everything;

I am standing here,

Standing on the highest stage,

Listening to everyone calling my name.

I know,

My whole life has not been wasted!

I am the best athlete!

I'm a legend!

(End of the book)

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