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Welcome, please remember the address of this site: Read on your mobile phone, so that you can read the latest chapters of the novel "Born to Run" at any time...

When I finished the three words of the whole book, I felt a little empty again.

At this time, my new book "Mysterious Nightmare" has serialized hundreds of thousands of words, but this still can't help me offset all the dissatisfaction with the ending of "Born to Run".

However, the story will eventually come to an end.

First of all, I would like to thank all the book friends who have read this book, subscribed to it, voted for this book, and rewarded the author because of unhappy plot.

Really, thank you so much!

Regardless of encouragement or criticism, it is your support!

The reason for writing "Born to Run" has actually been told to everyone before the book was opened, so I would like to mention it again, I want to write a more realistic story.

Write a story about the growth of a young person, through competitive sports, through sprinting to change the original life trajectory, and obtain success.

The protagonist in the book has a prototype, but this prototype probably ends at the high school sports meeting.

A somewhat talented peasant teenager who once achieved good results in the school sports meeting, but eventually gave up his studies due to the realistic economic conditions, working and adrift, working hard, getting married and having children...

I thought at the time, what would life be like if he was given another choice?

Will it be more exciting, will it achieve good results, will it have a completely different life.

Of course, there is no need to go into details, there are definitely a lot of re-processing elements.

Just to add, in the book, the prototype of Ye Qin's biological father, Ye Mingwang, passed away last month. When I heard the news, I was a little bit sighed.

Sometimes in life, it's like that anyway!

When I finished "Run Out of My Life", I no longer wanted to write about sprinting. At least on the subject of track and field or sprinting, my own writing was too restrictive.

I dont pretend to slap my face or write off-site. The core of "Out of My Life" is about dreams. After reading articles written by other people, I ask myself, if there is a system, there is a way to go back to the past. Opportunity, will you pursue the dream of becoming a competitive sports and becoming a sprinter?

The answer is yes, so I started writing.

"Born to Run" is a choice, a competitive sport that changes lives. Yeqin's changes, as well as the changes that some students of Xiushui No. 2 Middle School get opportunities.

In the township middle schools, according to the timeline in the book, only half of the people can go to high school, or even less.

In fact, the high school entrance examination really screened out a lot of talents. Maybe many people don't know what kind of talent they have had in their lives.

In fact, there have been some examples of this. A certain female long-distance runner of the national team was forced to work for a living because of life, but was later found by the coach and started training again.

There are many problems and shortcomings in the book. I looked back and looked at the imperfections in many places.

Probably, in fact, the first three hundred chapters are enough.

As for the mens 200m race at the Yanjing Olympics, which was criticized by everyone, I could say that it was a whim, or that I wanted to try to extend it a little bit to see if I could write more books.

The effect is naturally not good. It didn't have too much foreshadowing, and it happened unexpectedly. Everyone couldn't accept it, and I didn't explain it. I can only ask everyone to be my wayward once.

After all, "Born to Run" is a lot different from "Run Out of My Life".

At the end of the book, after Yeqin reached the highest point, I was limited in what I could write. I didn't know and probably didn't want to write other content.

Persistence, hard work, passion, dreams and life, this is probably the reason why I write sports!

From May 2018 to the end of March 2019, it took almost 11 months to write. The writing was slow and the number of words was small. My goal was to reach 2 million words as much as possible.

Obviously, it was not reached

Advertise my new book again.

The story of "Mysterious Nightmare" is actually an attempt I made after I wanted to break away from the restraints of sports (checking the information is very tiring, I don't want to look at the information).

The content is always in my head, but I don't know how to unfold it.

Just after watching the "Summoning Nightmare" of the Great God, I consulted the Great God and borrowed a piece of skin to use it.

I want to let go of writing and see if I can still write wonderful stories in other types. At present, um, slow heat...

I hope I won't rush when it's on the shelves!

Before I opened "Mysterious Nightmare", some readers in the group knew that I even drove a vest to test the waters in the city, but it didn't happen.

A full-time relationship, I dont want to be dingy and start writing sports again, the truth is!

The results of "Born to Run" are all set at four thousand five ~wuxiaworld.online~ and "Run Out of My Life" are far behind. I'm really afraid that I am the author of the pinnacle when I debut!

Well, the new book tells the story seriously, and will try some other ways of writing, it is cool.

All in all, thank you all readers who have read my book, thank you for your support along the way!

Thank you!

You gave me a chance to embark on the path I dreamed of after leaving my job.

This road started in 2003, and more than ten years have passed since I was finally able to touch her.

Thank you so much!

I love you all!

At last!

The new book has more than 100,000 characters, so I won't elaborate on the content. Can you try if it suits your taste? Maybe you can give me a little more support? !


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