Boss Mos Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy Chapter 531

Chapter 536 The Dinner In A Rainy Night

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Chapter 536 The dinner in a rainy night

The theme had been determined, but Gu Yan was not sure that she could make a good design. How to add the element of maternal love, a simple phrase, to her design?

It was the first time for her to try such a theme, so while she was itching for the design, she was also a little confused. Doubtlessly, she wanted to design well, but could the theme, maternal love, win the popularity and a good reputation?

When it was near the time to come off work, Gu Yan dismissed the thoughts and went downstairs to wait for Mo Yichen. It was raining, and she didnt want him to get off the car.

She walked downstairs after taking the umbrella which had been dried, and tugging her coat.

As soon as Gu Yan went out, she felt that the oncoming cold wind, which mixed with drops of rain, kissed her head and cheeks. It made her shiver and jolted her out of the confusion in mind.

Gu Yan didnt walk out. She stood under the eave and stared into the distance shrouded in mist. Everything in the rain became hazy and unreal, and it seemed that she and her mind also blurred. However, the things nearer were much mistier.

Absent-minded, Gu Yan didnt realize that Mo Yichen had stopped the car in front of her. Mo Yichen was afraid that a sudden car horn would scare her, so he lowered the car window and called her name softly, "Yan."

Upon hearing Mo Yichens voice, Gu Yan was jolted out of her reverie. Mo Yichen lowered the car window on the side of the passenger seat and bent to look at Gu Yan. The vehicles behind his car were blocked, so those drivers honked their horns continually. Getting angry, Mo Yichen frowned and didnt move away.

Seeing this, Gu Yan felt funny. She made a gesture to show that she was sorry. Then she got on the car and urged Mo Yichen to start it.

Annoyed at their urging, Mo Yichen dragged out starting the car deliberately.

Suddenly, Gu Yan couldnt help laughing.

Mo Yichen was baffled as to why she laughed so happily. He turned his head sideways to look at her.

"Why do you laugh?" Mo Yichen finally asked her. He didnt know what was wrong.

Gu Yan shook her head and didnt answer. She couldnt help laughing because she saw that Mo Yichen wore too much clothes. He wore a thick sweater she knitted for him on the spur of the moment. The awry stitches could tell everyone that how poor the knitters skill was, so Gu Yan didnt let him wear it out. As he listened to her to add clothes obediently, she felt so funny.

President Mo was even obedient to her. Certainly, Gu Yan wouldnt tell him why she laughed in case he would be embarrassed, so she cleared her throat and restrained herself from laughing.

And in the meanwhile, she determined to sharpen her skills in knitting sweaters and made one that Mo Yichen could wear out in the future.

Looking at his handsome face, which was red and sweating because of the heater, Gu Yan smiled more happily.

She had to sigh that though the sweater was really not good due to her poor skills, it was not that bad on him. And it couldnt be more suitable for Gu Yan than anyone else to say that Mo Yichen had a good physical shape

Gu Yan blushed scarlet as she thought. Then she suddenly realized she had thought too much!

Gu Yan patted her red cheeks with her hands, and the coolness of her fingertips went from her cheeks to her beating heart. She could feel her heartbeats gradually returned to normal.

"Oh, by the way, the general theme of the rematch is Love, and I want to design with the theme of Maternal love. What do you think?" Gu Yan knew that Mo Yichen couldnt help her in design, but at least, he could give her inspiration as he was the source of her creation.

Maternal love? It seemed that Mo Yichen didnt conceive that Gu Yan would choose this theme. But on second thought, he concluded that her regret, guilt and love to Mo Xiangyan was enough to make a good design.

And, of course, whatever theme Gu Yan chose, he would support her. He believed that she could make a marvelous design, and he trusted in her expertise that whatever the theme was, the design could change from a preliminary one to a fabulous one.

"Humph! Why the theme is only the maternal love but not the love of us? It seems that the son is more important in your heart." Mo Yichen pretended an expression of jealousy. Gu Yan took it seriously and derided him that he was so childlike. He was even jealous of his own son.

"You are like a kid!" Gu Yan didnt comfort him and just shook her head with a smile. She continued, "But actually, although I have the idea, I dont know how to begin."

Indeed, Gu Yan didnt know how to make her design display the maternal love.

"Maternal love must emphasize the connection between mother and child, and it begins either with mother or with child. Right?" Mo Yichen didnt know how to say it, and he only expressed his own understanding.

But suddenly, it dawned on Gu Yan that maternal love was nothing more than the connection between mother and child, and either of them was a good starting point.

Gu Yans eyes shined, and she kissed Mo Yichens cheek. Mo Yichen was confused that whether he had said something so valuable that the beauty showed her affection.

Anyway, he enjoyed the kiss, and the part of his cheek Gu Yan kissed heated up, which rendered Mo Yichen unable to focus on driving. But he forced himself to concentrate, because the woman on the car was the most important in his mind.

"What do you want for dinner? It is not a good choice to have dinner at home in such a rainy day, so we will have it outside. You can have whatever you want." Mo Yichen was delighted. He didnt drive home but drove around in the raining city.

"Could I have hot pot?" Gu Yan knew that Mo Yichen didnt like her eating outside, especially something like hot pot. Now that he allowed her to choose whatever she wanted, she would of course choose what she liked most.

"I know it!" Mo Yichen had thought that Gu Yan would say hot pot. He didnt disagree because the most important was that she could be happy. Besides, it was suitable to have hot pot in such a rainy day. So, he made a U-turn, heading for the biggest hot pot restaurant in Annan City.

Gu Yan had been in a gloomy mood the whole day owing to the weather and the contest, but now all her undesirable mood disappeared. It seemed that she had walked through all the fog and finally found the path she had been seeking for long.

In the rain curtain, the laughter of Mo Yichen and Gu Yan traveled long distances and eventually trailed away to nothing in the vapor rising from the hot pot.

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