Boss Mos Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy Chapter 532

Chapter 537 Precious Time

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Chapter 537 Precious time

After having the dinner, both of them went home. Gu Yan was unable to walk for eating too much. The rain had stopped when they finished the meal. They strolled around to digest after parking the car.

The air was thick with the smell of soil after the rain. Gu Yan took a deep breath and let it out. It seemed everything dirty in her body was replaced by it. Mo Yichen remained silent. He only gazed at the Gu Yans silly but cute behaviors and enjoyed this scene.

Although the ground was interspersed with puddles, it was pretty clean. That was called the ground after the rain.

Being full, Gu Yan felt a surge of mischief. She bent over to look at her shoes peppered with rain drops, gave Mo Yichen a sly smile and jumped in the puddle in front of him.

Mo Yichen couldnt figure out the meaning of the smile. He was about to reveal her intention when his pants were splashed with dirty water. It didnt take much time to soak his pants.

Gu Yan had already run away before Mo Yichen realized what had happened, and Mo Yichen started to chase after her. There was no sound in the silent night but sound from them. The frolic shadows of them reflected on the ground under the dim light.

They were soaked with sweat when they arrived at home. Mo Yichen was afraid Gu Yan would catch cold, so he steered Gu Yan to the bathroom, urging her to take a shower. Gu Yan was too exhausted to resist Mo Yichen, so she was obedient. And she thought if she went ill, she would be criticized.

Mo Yichen found she didnt resist and felt a little proud, so he hummed a song, went to the kitchen and started to cook ginger tea.

Mo Yichen thought he subdued Gu Yan, but in effect, the master of their affection was Gu Yan.

Gu Yan walked out the bathroom after the shower. She wiped her hair as typing. She intended to record her inspiration for follow-up collection and extension.

"Have a bowl of ginger tea. If you have it right now, you will feel very comfortable and have a dreamless night!" When Mo Yichen entered the room, he saw Gu Yan staring meticulous at screen with an awkward expression.

Mo Yichen was meant to tease Gu Yan who made a fake smile so as to release her pressure, but she still stared at the screen and overlooked the ginger tea.

Mo Yichen was distressed her, but he knew it was her career. He couldnt stop her since he loved her.

However, Mo Yichen didnt want Gu Yan to be pestered by the work when she knocked off work, so he put the ginger tea on the night table and then closed her laptop.

"You!" Gu Yan raised her hand and glared at Mo Yichen. But she smiled in a minute. Mo Yichens hair sticked to his forehead. Although his sweater was tidy, its stitches were preposterous, let alone his pants which were packed with muds.

While all this was made by her, Gu Yan burst into laughter by seeing Mo Yichen in this way.

Mo Yichen also knew he looked bad, but he thought this was all this alluring womans fault! How should she make fun of him?

Mo Yichen swore that he would not let her off.

He ignored his dirty cloth and flung himself onto the bed to tickle Gu Yan. Mo Yichen knew what Gu Yan was afraid most was tickle.

Gu Yan begged for mercy as she was fighting back, and she laughed with tears after a while. Gu Yan couldnt beat Mo Yichen for his height.

Mo Yichen spared no effort to shield himself from Gu Yans attacks, which was not a thing to him.

Gradually the fire of the lust heated the room, and they started to twist together. Mo Yichen was almost naked right now. And Gu Yan

Gu Yan was wearing only a silky nightdress inside and a night robe outside. As the strap of the night robe loosened, her white breast appeared vaguely, which presented a seductive scene.

Mo Yichen was burning with desire. Gu Yans cheeks with blush and her luscious lips were like juicy peach, which tempted Mo Yichen. How could Mo Yichen remain calm with this? Thereupon, Mo Yichen bent over to kiss her lips, and Gu Yan just humored him without dodge.

Mo Yichen embraced Gu Yan after they making out.

"I will design our house myself, I mean, the house of you, Xiangyan and I. I will adorn it with the warmest elements."

Gu Yan broke the ice and spoke normally. But she knew that it was her promise.

"Okay, its all up to you." Mo Yichen put his head around Gu Yans neck, which was his favorite gesture that could made him comfortable and warm.

"Oh, you havent taken a shower! You are so stinky!" Gu Yan said jokingly.

Mo Yichen didnt listen to her and said, "Now that you are sweating buckets, why dont we take a shower together?" Mo Yichen smirked. He had this thought for a long time, but he was afraid that Gu Yan wouldnt obey. He wouldnt miss this chance, so he didnt consider Gu Yans answer.

Gu Yan, certainly, would resist. She struggled to get rid of Mo Yichen but failed. He dragged Gu Yan to the bathroom, and then they made out again.

After having the shower, Gu Yan remained motionless on the bed. But Mo Yichen went to kitchen, which intrigued Gu Yan.

"Get up and drink the ginger tea, dawdler." Although Mo Yichen had just sweated, he thought Gu Yan was not as robust as him, and he didnt want Gu Yan to catch cold.

Gu Yan pretended to sleep. She didnt want to get up and drink a belly of water.

"Dont play possum. If you dont get up, I will feed you. How to feed you? Let me think about that" said Mo Yichen. He didnt finish his words, but the rest part was obvious to Gu Yan.

Gu Yan, certainly, turned over and drank the ginger tea without pause. Mo Yichen just squinted at her till Gu Yans face turned red. Gu Yan didnt speak. She took a swig of the tea and then returned to the bed.

Gu Yan fell asleep after a while, and this time she really fell asleep. Gu Yan was in a deep sleep, so that thoroughly, she didnt know when Mo Yichen crawled in the quilt and held her.

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