Boss Mos Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy Chapter 533

Chapter 538 Hope And Growth

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Chapter 538 Hope and growth

This day was also an ordinary day. Gu Yan got up early and came to the company to start her design. Because the previous email didnt give a detailed delivery date, she always wanted to finish the design early, and then there should be more time to modify and improve it.

Yesterday Gu Yan had a lot of inspirations, which were all inspired by Mo Yichen. Although she suffered from backache all day because of Mo Yichens strong desire, in view of the inspiration he inspired yesterday, she decided to forgive him.

Every design of a designer was to be a "home", and everyones imagination of home was warmth, safety, freedom and so on. Everyones imagination of home was a peaceful concept, and they never used some sharp words to describe a home.

Therefore, the keynote of Gu Yans design was warmth. The so-called maternal love was the most basic feeling that mothers gave warmth and safety to their children, so Gu Yan wanted her entire design to be smooth and not sharp, followed by safety and trust. But how should this feeling be materialized and reflected in the work?

Thinking of this, Gu Yan ran into difficulties and didnt know what to do next.

Then she rethought from where she started. Her foothold was the mother and children. From the mothers perspective, what could highlight maternal love to the maximum? What was it?

Gu Yan thought about it, and her thoughts drifted away again…

It was hope! The mother hoped that the children could grow up healthily, that the children could be well, and that everything could go well for the children. All of this, all mothers in the world had thousands of hopes for their children, and the greed of the mother was the greatest hope.

That was right. It was hope!

However, how to understand it from the perspective of children? They grew up day by day and began to learn to speak in the arms of their parents. They grew from toddlers to rebellious teenagers, and then grew from energetic youths to wise middle-aged people. They grew up all their lives. That was right. It was growth.

Even if they became older and more mature, they would always be children in the eyes of their parents. Every time they made a wise decision, went through a stage of life, and even encountered setbacks, they got growth in the eyes of their parents.

Gu Yan made up her mind that the design theme revolved around hope and growth.

For these two simple words, the best color was green, or rather, the green of grass. Gu Yan didnt hesitate and didnt think anything else at all. This was the color closest to these two words in her mind.

After thinking about this, she didnt hesitate anymore. She turned on the computer, clicked on the drawing software, and started her design.

Gu Yan devoted herself to this work, as if she was expressing her love for Mo Xiangyan. She believed that people who didnt understand art would not understand, but those who truly understood art would definitely see that there was a mothers greatest love and hope for her children in the work, which was also her unspeakable love for Mo Xiangyan.

After Gu Yan made a rough sketch, she finally received the e-mail from the organizer of the competition. At this time, she was calm and didnt panic. She clicked the e-mail open calmly, because she knew that even if she couldnt get the ranking, she had devoted herself to this design. She had no guilt, and the ranking was not so important.

In fact, Gu Yan also received inquiries from other people during this period. At the previous wine party, she gave many people her contact information. After all, this was inevitable in the business circle.

Several other people who entered the retest last time had contacted Gu Yan, and they all had big questions about the theme of the retest. They all thought that love was a very vulgar theme. They didnt believe it was the theme of the retest at all and even questioned the authenticity of this theme.

But when Gu Yan told them that "Love" was indeed the theme, they had no choice but to believe it. Especially the media also exaggerated the retest, and almost all the media reported the competition. Of course, the theme of this retest, a very vulgar theme in the eyes of most people, was scrolled time and time again in the media programs.

Gu Yan never thought that "Love" was a very vulgar theme. Not only did she think that the most vulgar was the most elegant, but she thought that love was sacred. No matter what type of love it was, it should not be desecrated, because love itself was a very wonderful emotion.

Therefore, Gu Yan devoted almost all of her energy to this design, completely and meticulously.

Besides, this email explained the place and time of the retest, and it was very urgent. The time of the retest was the day after tomorrow. Although Gu Yan had already designed a sketch, she was not quite sure that she would be able to hand in the final draft the day after tomorrow.

After all, people who could enter the retest had their own advantages. Maybe she attracted attention in the preliminary test because of her unique insights. But in the retest, designers should show the most basic talents and, of course, the more important inspirations and endowments.

Gu Yan was confused, so she called Jiang Jingcheng. She wanted to know his views about her first draft.

Jiang Jingcheng came soon. Gu Yan had been busy preparing her design drafts these days so that they rarely communicated. After all, Jiang Jingcheng had no authority to talk about the theme of maternal love.

Gu Yan took in front of Jiang Jingcheng the manuscript that had just been printed out with ink fragrance, and then she stood up. She knew that it would take time for Jiang Jingcheng to appreciate a work.

Gu Yan stretched her body, which had become stiff due to long sitting. Then she went to the water dispenser and made a cup of coffee for each of them.

After putting the coffee beside Jiang Jingchengs hand, Gu Yan stood by the window. The rain in the south was always intermittent, and it lasted for 30 to 50 days. It was also cloudy today, but the rain was not heavy. It was just drizzling.

However, Gu Yan had already put on a sweater. She was always afraid of chill. When the temperature changed, her body was always the first to respond. Of course, she also liked the sense of satisfaction and security that came from the warmth of the body.

Gu Yan always prepared strong enough protection for her in advance, just like the sweater on a rainy day.

No one found it strange that she wore a sweater, and the clothes she wore always matched the season.

Gu Yan thought, "What is Mo Yichen doing at home now?" The sweater she wore was the one that he took out from the bottom of the closet and gave to her. He also said that only if the clothes of them were similar in color, they would seem to be a family. Gu Yan put it on obediently, and the clothes Mo Yichen chose brought her warmth all day, as if he was by her side.

Gu Yans thoughts were always easy to drift away. After having a look at her design, Jiang Jingcheng firstly thought that it had nothing to do with major.

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