Boss Mos Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy Chapter 556

Chapter 561 An Encounter With A Cute Girl

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Chapter 561 An encounter with a cute girl

There was nothing wrong with each other.

Gu Yan had told Mo Yichen in advance that she would not work overtime today and would get off work on time. Mo Yichen didnt want Gu Yan to wait for a long time, so he handled the things at hand in an efficient manner and left the office ahead of time.

Mo Yichen galloped all the way, and finally reached Auslet when Gu Yan got off work. Just after he parked the car, he saw Gu Yan already coming downstairs, looking around at the gate.

Because today he parked the car in a remote place, Mo Yichen was worried that Gu Yan could not see him. Then he got out of the car and walked in Gu Yans direction.

But before he got closer, he saw Gu Yan talking to a woman holding a child. Mo Yichen hesitated, wondering if he should step forward. Would he embarrass Gu Yan if he stepped forward so rashly? After thinking about it, he retreated to the back of a car and waited for Gu Yan. If she was talking about work, his sudden appearance would interrupt them.

"This is my daughter. Baby, say hi to Aunt Yan." Wang Sha reached out and touched the childs head, motioning for the beautiful little girl to greet Gu Yan.

"Hello Aunt Yan!" The soft voice that came out of the little girls mouth melted Gu Yans heart. Since Gu Yan had Mo Xiangyan, she had been liking every child she saw. Especially this little girl was incredibly cute, looking like Wang Sha. She was a beautiful girl.

"So cute! How old are you?" Gu Yan squatted down to look at the little girl, watching herself reflected in the little girls bright black eyes.

"This year… How old am I, mom?" The little girl didnt seem to know how old she was, and she fumbled for a long time without telling her age. Gu Yan and Wang Sha laughed because of her innocence at the same time.

"She is three and a half years old. I divorced with her father some time ago. We had a bitter quarrel. Im afraid that this incident would leave a bad memory in her heart, so I spend more time with her during this time." Wang Sha lowered her voice and said to Gu Yan, but her eyes were fixed on her daughter, full of love.

To explain it to Gu Yan in more detail, Wang Sha deliberately added a sentence afterwards, "Otherwise, do you think I squeeze employees every day and keep you from getting off work? I can do these things by myself at ordinary times! However, I dont have enough time to deal with it now! Please understand me!"

How could Gu Yan blame her? Gu Yan thought that the news spread in the company that Wang Sha had a child was just a rumor. She didnt expect that she would meet them today. Moreover, Wang Sha did not hide it, and admitted it frankly. Gu Yan didnt know what to say. After all, she was not gossipy. The thing about Wang Shas family was her personal affair.

But divorce was never an easy task for a woman. Divorce was as painful as a cramp, especially when the woman saw the man who she ever loved tear off the mask to reveal his original appearance and settle a sum of accounts with her. Just thinking about it made people feel sad.

But the clarity in Wang Shas eyes let Gu Yan know that she had let go of the unpleasant memories brought about by the divorce. Her calm and breezy look let Gu Yan know that she had let it go completely.

Wang Sha was really a very attractive person. Whether in work or life, she could bring different surprises to Gu Yan.

"If one day I were to be separated from Mo Yichen, would I be calm and poised like her?" Gu Yan didnt even dare to think about it. Just thinking about it made her feel so sad.

To avoid bringing back Wang Shas memory of unpleasant things, Gu Yan always smiled. When she looked at the child who was about the same height as her son, her heart was touched by this little person, and she remembered her son.

"My son is older than you, but hes not here. When I have time, I will take him and let you play together, okay?" Since Wang Sha had frankly introduced her family members, Gu Yan did not conceal the thing about Mo Xiangyan. After all, her son had never been someone that she couldnt admit.

Wang Sha was shocked when she heard that Gu Yan already had a child. During the last competition, the man next to Gu Yan was clearly the President of the Mo Group… What was going on?

"Is that ok, mom?" The little girl was excited when she knew that someone would play with her, but she still didnt forget to ask her mothers opinion. However, she was surprised at her mothers expression.

Wang Sha was still immersed in shock, so she did not hear her daughters question.

Seeing that Wang Sha did not respond, the little girl drew the corner of her mothers skirt and repeated her question. Then Wang Sha calmed down and just nodded. Gu Yan was so good, so her child must be smart and cute. Her daughter also needed friends. Wang Sha thought Gu Yans son was a good choice.

"I never heard that you have a boyfriend. Why do you even have a son now? You should tell me the truth." Wang Sha thought that she was a few years older than Gu Yan, so she could care about Gu Yans marriage.

Although Gu Yan thought that Wang Sha was also a teacher and friend, there were somethings she didnt want to tell Wang Sha. Because if she talked about Mo Yichen, Wang Sha might think that she was using Mo Yichens power to realize her value of life. This was not the situation that she wanted to see, so she just said it vaguely.

"Its not the good time yet. When the time is right, I will definitely bring him to see you. Now, dont worry about my business. Its better to think about the company."

Knowing that Gu Yan didnt want to talk more, Wang Sha didnt continue this topic. It was normal to have a privacy. Wang Sha wouldnt get to the root of the matter either. When the time was right, she would know it naturally. However, she wondered whether Gu Yan and the President of the Mo Group truly loved each other. Last time she watched them go to an appointment together. They were really meant for each other.

If it was not true love, it would be a pity.

But she had never been gossipy. What she hated most in her life was the gossipmonger. She never wanted to become that kind of person. Then she just laughed and didnt ask more questions, because she also knew that Gu Yan would naturally confess to herself at the right time. If she continued to ask this topic, both of them would feel embarrassed.

So, Wang Sha calmly changed the topic and talked about parenting skills. When talking about her daughter, she was not as aggressive as she was at work. She looked very kind, which deeply touched Gu Yan.

They stood here and talked for a while, and there were many people coming and going. Wang Sha didnt want too many people to know about her daughter, so she said goodbye to Gu Yan and left in advance.

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