Boss Mos Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy Chapter 557

Chapter 562 You Were By My Side

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Chapter 562 You were by my side

When Gu Yan watched the two figures, one large and one small, slowly walking away, the smile at the corner of her mouth never disappeared. She only saw the mother and daughter walking farther and farther, but she did not find Mo Yichen who had already stood by her side.

"You have looked at them for a long time. Its time to stop. Lets go home." Mo Yichen had been standing next to Gu Yan for a while, but she was still in a daze. Finally, he couldnt help but speak to interrupt her thoughts.

Gu Yan thought that Mo Yichen had just arrived, so she cleared up her mood and followed him to the car side.

But Mo Yichen was the one who saw this scene. This week he would take Mo Xiangyan over to spend the weekend together. After he went back, he would call Li Yunhong. He secretly decided in his heart.

As for Gu Yan, she recovered from the mood just now. Although she couldnt be with the child every day like Wang Sha, she still loved Mo Xiangyan.

Gu Yan knew that if she kept making a sad look, Mo Yichen would definitely have to worry again. This was not her original intention, so she put on a smiley face.

"President Wangs daughter is really cute, just like Xiangyan." Gu Yan said. Mo Yichen nodded to show agreement. He had a very good sight, so he also saw the little girl just now. Well, she was really cute.

"When she grew up, she could be my daughter-in-law." Mo Yichen thought secretly in his heart. But he couldnt say this, otherwise Gu Yan would scold him for thinking about daughter-in-law when his son was so young.

However, Mo Yichen didnt know that Gu Yan thought the same way. She was a loving mother. When she saw everything about her son or connected with her son, she would think of her son.

"Ill take Xiangyan this weekend, and tell my mother later. It is also a vacation for her." Mo Yichen originally wanted to surprise Gu Yan, but when he saw Gu Yan express love for other children, he couldnt help but speak it out.

"Really?! Really! Okay! Oh, I havent seen him for a long time. It is said that the child is different every day. Do you think he has grown a lot taller?" After Gu Yan listened to Mo Yichens words, of course, she was extremely happy. Although she had been very busy with work recently, she would be very happy if she had time to get along with Mo Xiangyan.

"Of course, the child grows up quickly. But he doesnt change every day. If you meet him, you should still be able to recognize him!" Feeling that Gu Yan was exaggerating, Mo Yichen knew that she was a little nervous about the meet with Mo Xiangyan, so he relaxed his tone and began to tease her.

Gu Yan felt funny after hearing Mo Yichens words. That was true. No matter how much he changed, wouldnt he still be her own son? Couldnt she recognize her son?

So, she nodded to show agreement, "Lets go shopping and buy some clothes for Xiangyan. And then we dont need to bring clothes from home." Gu Yan just didnt want to give up a good opportunity to care for Mo Xiangyan, even if it was only reflected in the details. Since she always felt that she owed Mo Xiangyan a little bit, now she wanted to try her best to treat him well.

Mo Yichen also knew Gu Yans thought. Of course, he understood it. Besides, he was willing to buy something for his son. Gu Yan always refused to go shopping with him. Now she offered to go shopping and of course he wouldnt refuse it.

Then he nodded, "Which shopping mall do you want to go? Im not familiar with the shopping mall here." Although Mo Yichen knew well about the traffic in Annan City during this period of time, he couldnt find a mall.

Gu Yan usually didnt like to go shopping, so she didnt know the malls nearby, let alone a mall that sold childrens clothing…

Suddenly, a good idea occurred to Gu Yans mind. Right! They could go to that one. Gu Yan had been working on the design of a mall with Wang Sha during this period, and this mall was a chain store. Because its owner and Wang Sha were old friends, Gu Yan also got acquainted with the man.

The elite made friends with the elite.

Gu Yan sighed with emotion when she saw the young man who was about the same age as Wang Sha but had already opened a chain store. The elite was very generous and gave Gu Yan a five-thousand-yuan shopping card of the mall.

He also knew that no one would accept it if he gave too much, so he gave each person who participated in the design a shopping card. Wang Sha also acquiesced in it, and teased that it was not easy for a stingy person to offer gifts.

Gu Yan also accepted the shopping card. At the time, she thought that it was useless because she didnt like to go shopping. Unexpectedly, the opportunity came. She didnt know if the money in the card was enough.

"Do you know any shopping malls nearby? Do you pay attention to malls when you pass by? Is there this one…" Gu Yan couldnt remember the name of the elites shopping mall. She hurriedly opened the bag she carried and started rummaging around the business card left before.

"There is one here. Do you think its okay?" There was one at the intersection just ahead. When Mo Yichen looked at what Gu Yan was doing, he couldnt help sighing that she was careless. There was a shopping mall right in front of him. It looked quite big, but he didnt know whether she accepted it.

Gu Yan didnt have to go to that one. She just thought that it would be a waste if she didnt use the shopping card. Since Mo Yichen said that there was one by the roadside, she stopped rummaging and looked up.

There were so many coincidences in the world. This one was the shopping mall Gu Yan mentioned. She couldnt remember the name of the mall. However, she could recognize it.

"Its this one. Drive in. You have a good sense of direction!" Gu Yan was pleased, and she had to flatter Mo Yichen.

Mo Yichen knew that she was boasting about him casually, but he was still ecstatic. Then he parked the car to the underground parking lot following the road signs.

After parking the car, they got off. In the underground parking lot, Gu Yan couldnt distinguish the direction. She followed Mo Yichen to find the elevator going upstairs. She was also a little embarrassed that she couldnt even find the road, so she paid attention to the parking location. She thought she must find it when she got down.

But when Gu Yan looked up, she felt that the underground buildings had no characteristics at all. What was worse, the light was so bad that it really looked the same everywhere.

She stomped dejectedly.

"What are you looking at? Dont you go?" Mo Yichen didnt know what Gu Yan was doing, but he wondered what she was looking around in situ. What attracted her in this parking lot?

Gu Yan completely gave up the idea now. She took Mo Yichens hand to go up by the elevator. Anyway, with him by her side, she wouldnt be lost.

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