Bound To Evil Chapter 15

Volume 1 Chapter 90 Declan's Way End

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Like yesterday, Judith saw the man with the spear disappear in a thick green fog and this skill being the kind that easily attracts the eye she spotted him just after he reappeared in this same explosion of green fog a few meters in front of the zombies that the man with the cigar hadn't killed or wounded to the point that crawling was the maximum they were able to do to move.

If she had continued to focus her attention on the man with the spear as the rest of her group had done, then she would have seen how his fighting style was a total contrast to that of the man with the cigar because unlike his partner who had attacked the horde relying on his brute strength and nothing else, when the man with the spear started to fight, he did it with efficiency, precision and caution...

He wasn't making any unnecessary movements and his speed was allowing him to concentrate his attacks exclusively on the head of his opponents, this way a single blow from his spear was equivalent to at least one zombie dead for good.

Admittedly, what he was doing was much less impressive than what his comrade had shown and every time the zombies tried to take advantage of their numerical superiority he backed off a few steps which showed that they still represented a small level of difficulty for him, but he had the merit of fighting much more cleanly and even if he was using his weapon unlike the man with the cigar it was obvious to those who were watching him that he wasn't displaying all of his abilities...

What made them think that wasn't only the fact that he hadn't yet used one of his skills during this confrontation, notably the teleportation faculty that he had shown, but also and especially an intriguing detail related to his spear; each time he was landing a blow, the blade of his spear was absorbing a green energy coming from the zombies which then moved from the blade to the handle of his spear and finally disappeared into it.

Whether it was Gabriella or Judith's brothers, no one had a clue as to what this phenomenon was, because apart from the fact that the young man's spear was absorbing something from the zombies, there were no other clues that would allow them to come up with solid assumptions, however, they were sure that this phenomenom had an utility.

While the rest of her group was focused on the man with the spear, Judith was watching with anxiety what his partner was doing after he had returned at the level of the roof of the car where he had left his cigar and sunglasses to take back his belongings...

When the man with the cigar had approached one of the zombies that was crawling towards him with the help of the only arm it had left and that he had bypassed it then grabbed one of its visibly broken legs she felt a certain apprehension and now that he was heading towards her group dragging this zombie behind him, this apprehension became much stronger and she began to be afraid of what he had in mind.

Arrived at about thirty meters from Judith, the man with the cigar stopped, in the meantime he had put back his sunglasses and his cigar although extinguished was in his mouth, which disgusted Judith since he had touched these two objects with his hands which were still covered with rotten blood, "Is that..." Just as she was about to point out that it wasn't a good idea for his mouth and eyes to be so close to something supposedly extremely dangerous, he motioned her to be quiet by putting his index in front of his mouth.

'He is much more scary when he is calm.' Judith said to herself with concern, the cause of it being her inability to decipher the mood of the man with the cigar due to his impassive expression and his sunglasses.

After he had remained motionless for several seconds, Judith saw the man with the cigar taking advantage of the fact that one of his fingers was close to his mouth to relight his cigar by forming a flame at the tip of his index, subsequently he resumed his walk in the direction of her group.

"You know what?" He asked in a teasing voice that instantly drew the attention of those who hadn't seen him arrive after removing his cigar from his mouth to avoid it interfering with his speech, "I was about to throw this zombie at you to see what you would be worth if you were caught off guard, but then I thought it would be a crappy death to be killed by a disabled zombie and if I had done it there was a good chance it would happen to one of you." He declared with a big smile, thus cynically answering to his rhetorical question.

Thankfully the man with the cigar got to the point quickly after he said that and before the uneasiness had time to set in because when Judith looked at the faces of her brothers and Gabriella, she understood that everyone to different degrees suspected that his statement was serious...

"Enough jokes..." He began to say before suddenly grabbing by the neck the zombie that was lying flat behind him, "...I will introduce you to your new friend."

"I assume that you all know what this monster is." He declared as he lifted the zombie with one hand while ignoring its grunts, its enraged expression and the fact that it was trying to claw at the arm that was holding it... without success, "If I was really giving a damn, I would start with the basics, but given my lack of motivation as well as the time we have ahead of us I will teach you how to jog before walking. In other words I'm not really going to train you, you will fight under my supervision, that's all."

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