Bound To Evil Chapter 16

Volume 1 Chapter 91 The Obstacle Between The Man I Love And Me

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8:15 a.m



When she opened her eyes and realized that she had passed out, Katelyn felt that she had been in this state for a long time because of the general numbness that her body was in.

Being a person inclined to find something positive in what wasn't, she didn't dwell on the reasons that could logically explain why she had lost consciousness and came directly to the conclusion that it had been caused by the shock of having seen the man she loved after years of separation...

It wasn't really explaining why she was having so much pain in several specific places on the back of her head as well as her cheeks, and it was far less plausible than the possibility that 'someone' had 'helped' her to pass out, but it was such a romantic scenario that Katelyn's brain had chosen it as her reality.

Ignoring the growing pain that was assaulting her head, Katelyn started to look around her and tried to pick up all the details that could help her understand where she was and especially who she was with, hoping with all her heart that Logan wasn't far away...

One observation she made easily as she straightened up after wondering why the surface she was on was so uncomfortable was that she was lying on the asphalt of a road, subsequently she took a more detailed look around her which gave her additional information.

Looking to her right and left, she saw that she was in a residential area and strangely she felt she recognized it although she was sure she had never been there before...

Looking behind her, she saw what seemed to be some kind of military truck which reassured her about her chances to see Logan soon since she remembered that there was a truck like this one not far from the place where she had seen him coming from, 'Where are you Lolo?' She wondered with anticipation while scanning her surroundings like a cat in heat looking for the male on whom it had thrown its devotion.

After several seconds of fruitless research, the euphoria that Katelyn felt reached its peak...


She heard one of the truck doors slam, then footsteps gradually approaching her position, not even taking the time to process the situation her body acted on its own, "Logan!" She shouted as she ran in the direction of the footsteps, certain that when she will reach the end of the corner of the truck that was hiding the person heading towards her, she will see Logan.

"Glad to know you're finally awake but I think there's a slight mistake on the name." A woman's voice answered in a dry tone, which stopped Katelyn dead in her tracks and made her realize that she had been mistaken about the identity of the person who had just stepped out of the truck.

Deeply confused and disappointed that her reunion with Logan wasn't going to happen right away, Katelyn winced and clutched her left b.r.e.a.s.t because she felt like her heart had just been ripped from her chest...

As tears began to roll down her cheeks, the woman who had spoken to her reminded her that she was present in a rather drastic way.


Still reeling from not being able to see Logan, it took a while for Katelyn to realize that she had just been slapped in the face, but given the amount of strength used by the person who had done it, when she felt the pain she quickly went from sadness to anger, "Why the hell did you do that?!" Katelyn asked angrily before looking up to see who she was talking to...

And the least one could say was that when she saw the woman in front of her it didn't help, "Oh. Very well, I actually wanted the two of us to have a nice little chat." She said with a vicious expression while rubbing her cheek that had just been slapped.

Katelyn immediately identified the person in front of her as the woman who was accompanying Logan when she saw him earlier and knowing from her past investigations that none of the women in his adoptive family were blonde and matched the age this woman appeared to be, her relationship with her was bound to become hostile...

She had ignored her when she first saw her because nearly all her attention was on Logan, but now, having the opportunity to do so, she was going to mark her territory, "First of all, who are you?" She asked with an annoyed voice.

The woman raised an eyebrow, "I don't have time for your nonsense, let's move on." She answered in a lazy tone, showing thus that she was giving little to no importance to the words of Katelyn, which irritated even more the latter who in addition to being slapped without reason had now to support what she qualified as disrespect coming from this stranger that she already considered as a rival for the heart of Logan.

After searching briefly in one of the pockets of her jeans, the woman held out a sheet of paper folded in 4, Katelyn was at first tempted to take it from her hands to tear it up just to see if it would make her angry but when the woman described what was written on the sheet, she wanted to take it from her hands for a completely different reason...

"Your father is in trouble and what Logan wrote on that piece of paper may help him..." The woman told her without any sense of tact, "...I'm assuming you won't believe me without proof and since I'm almost sure you're crazy enough to know exactly what his handwriting looks like, I'm going to let you examine what he wrote in order for you to determine the truthfulness of what I'm saying, but after that you're going to have to do as I say."

At the mention of a danger threatening her father, Katelyn's face froze, she didn't say a word nor comment on the fact that she was called crazy and took the paper from the woman's hands without question. Having in her hands an object that was supposedly touched by Logan made her feel something, even more so when she recognized his handwriting, but she made the effort to get past it to focus on what was written...

At the end of her reading, Katelyn understood that she didn't really have a choice, for her father and for Logan she was going to have to resign herself to cooperating with this woman, "What do... I have to do?" She asked, swallowing her pride.

The woman didn't even show satisfaction at Katelyn's resignation, which annoyed again the latter since she had the impression that the woman wasn't giving her any importance, "Do you know how to drive?" She asked, getting Katelyn's incomprehension.

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