Bound To Evil Chapter 17

Volume 1 Chapter 92 The Appetizers 1

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On the sidewalk to the right of the transport troop truck, Amandla was standing with her hands on her h.i.p.s, visibly waiting for something particular to happen, 'Seriously, what the f.u.c.k is this kid doing?!' She complained inwardly as she glared coldly in the direction of the truck's driver's seat.

After a while, she heard the truck's engine start up and the fact that it seemed to give her relief was indicating that this was what she had been waiting for, "Well, I was beginning to doubt that this dummy could drive!" She said out loud while rolling her eyes, annoyed that she had to wait more than a minute for Katelyn to finally manage to start the truck.


Amandla waited for the truck to leave her field of vision, then she turned to the wall that was surrounding the front of the residence behind her, "She's gone." She declared with relief in her voice...

Right after she uttered those words, Lazar jumped over the wall and appeared in front of her, looking at his face and more specifically the grin that was plastered on it, she knew he was very pleased with the way she handled the situation, "Thank you, what you suggested was definitely the right thing to do." He told her in a lighthearted tone referring to the fact that Amandla had pointed out to him earlier when one of the passengers was slapping Katelyn that it might be better to take some time to think about what they were going to say to her and what arrangements they should make before waking her up.

After having taken the time to think through several issues and finally having regretted thinking about entrusting Katelyn with the tasks they were going to give her in the first place as they realized that if they had decided to handle it themselves from the beginning they wouldn't have wasted as much time as they thought, they decided to take 3 preventive measures...

Moving the truck so that Katelyn wouldn't see the corpse of Francis and pass out for the umpteenth time, keeping Katelyn away from Lazar and thus letting Amandla handle the communication alone because they didn't want that psycho to have a hysterical fit, and finally, giving proof that what Amandla was going to ask for was indeed what Lazar wanted to ensure Katelyn's cooperation.

Regarding what Amandla was going to tell Katelyn; she had told Lazar not to worry, he had decided to trust her and he clearly had nothing to say about the outcome now.

Amandla brushed off Lazar's gratitude with a wave of her hand, "No need to thank me, I loved slapping that cunt." She answered him without hiding her satisfaction.

Now that they had taken care of Katelyn, there was nothing keeping them here, it was time to head for the wolf's den and from what Amandla could see, Lazar was particularly well prepared since he seemed to have equipped new pieces of his set during the time he was hidden, "I like your new style, it's weird at first sight but it suits you." She told him while examining with attention and a touch of jealousy his new black leather boots that looked like army rangers as well as his new pants that were apparently made of the same leather and finally his new top that was more or less the equivalent of a protective vest with a leather tee-shirt underneath...

Lazar browsed through Amandla's clothes in his turn, there was nothing perverse in his eyes but feeling his gaze roam over her body had the effect of breaking Amandla's composure whose cheeks started to blush slightly, "Glad you like it, maybe it's time for you to do a little update too." He said with a teasing voice, pointing out that apart from her bow she still hadn't acquired another piece of her set.

Instead of being offended, Amandla played along, "My lord, it's not very noble to make fun of a peasant like me who, unlike you, has no money to buy garments." She answered him with a big smile and an exaggerated medieval accent...

Lazar smiled back at her, "Oh but don't worry my dear, you'll have enough for a shopping spree very soon." He answered her with an increasingly serious and intense tone as he neared the end of his sentence.


15 minutes later


Amandla and Lazar were sitting on the roof of a high rise hotel several hundred meters away from the TD Garden, they had been trying for almost 5 minutes to determine with binoculars and Amandla's sensory abilities whether or not the Ganipotes and Garaches were still there...

Amandla couldn't feel any presence standing out and having a range that wasn't large enough to cover the TD Garden she wasn't really focused on her task as she knew she was useless and would remain so unless, like the last time her talents proved crucial, monsters started rushing in their direction, 'If we do find something, it will most likely come from him.' She concluded while staring at Lazar who was scanning the area with his binoculars...

After a moment she saw him flinch and deduced that he must have seen something significant, "Anything relevant?" She then asked him, speaking in a low voice more by habit than by precaution or necessity.

Instead of answering her, Lazar handed her the binoculars and pointed a direction...

Amandla then used the binoculars, pointing them in the approximate direction that Lazar had indicated, and just as she was about to ask where exactly she should be looking, she noticed something or rather someone, 'F.u.c.k.i.n.g jackpot.' She told herself with a grim smirk, excited to have in front of her an opportunity to return the courtesy to a person who had far exceeded her threshold of forgiveness.

Lazar patted Amandla on the shoulder and waited for her to lower the binoculars before speaking, "We discuss with them and then we'll see what we do." He told her, thus calming a bit the enthusiasm of her partner.

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