Bringing System To Great Tang Chapter 1575

Vol 2 Chapter 1527: The Essence Of Money Lies In The Foundation

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Li Longji and others naturally know that red corals are so big? Not found in the palace, especially so complete.

"Brother Yi, these blood corals..."

Li Longji first looked at his daughter, and found that her daughter still had nothing to do with it, a little regrettable, and turned to ask Li Yi.

"More than 50 million yuan, fishing these things can tire us out, fishing for a day."

Li Yi shook his head, giving the impression that it was not worth the money he had spent more than 50 million in a day.

"Hehehe!" Li Longji wanted to laugh, but held back.

50 million yuan, who are you going to hit? Turkic?

"Since that's the case, why doesn't Yi brother fish more?" Li Chengqi looked hot beside him.

"This thing is sold at a one-time sale, and it is not worth 50 million yuan. Issuing currency can stabilize the price.

No matter how good the coral is, its not as good as the root of the country. Seeds will be in trouble if they miss the time.

There is not enough food, more money is nothing more than depreciation, inflation. "

Li Yi doesn't want to print money hard, even if he has collateral.

When the collateral will depreciate and the whole society cannot provide enough basic survival materials, what is the use of red coral?

Currency is not issued casually, even if it is his bad luck at that time.

The mold yuan issued by others does not directly harvest the interests of other countries.

The trade surplus is used to balance the value of the currency. Its domestic employment index and non-agricultural employment index are very important.

Externally, it is because of the surplus gained by technological superiority, which is maintained by military strength.

Therefore, whoever trades with it will create a trade deficit with this country every year, and it will clean up whoever.

The foreign trade deficit will affect the credit of its own currency. Once the impact is formed, a large amount of currency returns and the currency begins to depreciate, it will be over.

The simplest explanation for the return of currency is that others sell its national debt and use the money from selling the national debt to buy its things madly.

A purchase will increase the price of its domestic commodities, which will offset part of the impact of the exchange rate.

The problem is that the people in its country also have to bear the inflation brought about by the return of currency.

If it dares to continue printing and issuing currency, inflation will become more serious and the people will have to bear it.

For example, Zimbabwe, when the currency is depreciated, in order to offset foreign exchange, it will print money hard.

At first, a currency denomination was one hundred yuan, then one million, and then ten billion.

Mingyuan can use the same method to allow others to bear the loss together, but it can't eliminate the reality that one's own people have a hard time.

Otherwise, how did the economic crisis come?

Li Yis country at that time had a trade surplus against the moldy country every year, and the moldy country had a red eye. You don't want to do everything you can to clean it up, okay? You want to ruin my foundation.

Li Yi knows these circumstances, he absolutely dare not issue currency, even if there is collateral.

The value of the collateral will depreciate, and the society will be prosperous. The people will eat and eat meat. The collateral will not depreciate. Red coral can be sold at higher prices.

The people are going to starve to death, can red coral be eaten? The country's overall planting and breeding industry cannot keep up. The currency is still depreciated if precious stones and gold are used to issue currency.

"If the skin does not exist, the hair will be attached."

Princess Yongmu didn't take a stroll along, and she had a deeper understanding of society and other aspects.

She thinks that there is more food to raise pigs, and then eat braised pork.

"Are there any pigs and chickens?" Li Longji cared about his daughter.

"I ate it all the day before yesterday and replaced it with seafood, live sea cucumbers, iced large prawns, and hairtail."

Princess Yongmu refers to the things that continue to be carried, seafood.

She didn't eat. In the last two days, she couldn't eat anything, her gastrointestinal problems were not good. Now she can eat, but she wants to eat the food in the cafeteria.

"For dinner, the entire Jingzhao Mansion will continue to be paid for by your Majesty to drink bone soup for the people tomorrow."

Li Longji still doesn't want to amnesty the world, and invites another visitor.

"Xiao Yi, Mr. Xiao Yi is here. I arrived late when I got the news, and the distance was so far." Bi Gou appeared.

He didn't complain about the person who sent the news, not to mention that the driver was slow in driving the car, he was already the fastest.

"Old Bi, are you fat?" Li Yi took a closer look at Bi Gou and discovered the situation.

"Think of what you think, what is it called? Oh, endocrine disorder, puffiness."

Bi Gou is really embarrassed to say that I always eat food in the cafeteria at your house for a period of time, and eat a lot, so I gained seven kilograms.

"Old Bi, you can study medicine with me. You can study curse forbidden. It involves psychology, so you can see if someone is lying."

Li Yisi doesn't show any face, can't I see the puffiness? Your skin is compact, why are you imaginary?

"When you lied, you also said with your mouth. Mouth, Xiao Yi, you wash my teeth. I always feel that there is something between my teeth that I can't pick out. You didn't set it properly, did you?"

Bi Gou is so knowledgeable, how could he be caught in a sentence?

"Wash your teeth first or eat first?" Li Yi was hungry.

"The old man brushes his teeth, eats, and washes tomorrow."

Bi Gou is also hungry, if he is not woken up, he will be hungry tomorrow morning.

A group of people went to the cafeteria, and the women from Pingkangfang entered the village to find a place to eat.

Other people go home. Someone has already said, Your Majesty treats guests to soup.

Then its not soup, but pig-killing vegetables, more sauerkraut, more tofu, less pork, and less blood sausage.

The key lies in the staple food, your Majesty treats guests, there is no shortage of staple food and pickles, so lets kill pig dishes for the New Year!

Habayashi Feiqi and the others who followed, went back to Zhuangzi, went straight to serve their favorite meals, and wanted to eat something at home when they were away.

"This is a child on the island, sick, I don't bring it back, she is likely to die." Li Yi introduced the female doll.

Female doll is not afraid of life, the key is that everyone she can see can pretend to be kind. UU reading www.uuknshu.cOM

There was a braised pork in braised pork in front of her, the braised pork in the Zhuangzi Canteen.

She is sitting on a high stool with chopsticks in her hand. She knows how to use it. She is quite skilled.

"Is Qing Dai okay?" Li Longji specifically asked the little girl.

"With the master, I can't have an accident." The little girl chooses a bunch of vegetables and she will take care of herself.

As a staple food, she has four mutton siu mais and eats these at night.

"The seeds are too late?" Li Longji calculated the time and found that it was later than Li Yi said.

" Outdoor planting should be topdressed, and the temperature of greenhouse planting should be maintained. Even artificial light can be used for continuous planting.

A small part is also grown in the greenhouse, mainly for us to eat, print patterns in the newspaper, and then find someone to write some praise articles.

is very delicious. Everyone has eaten potatoes, and now they are grown. The light and fertilizer are adjusted in the greenhouse. "

After Li Yi finished speaking, he threw an fennel bean in his mouth and took a sip of rice wine.

He didn't want to eat at all, he went to sleep after drinking, and got up again at noon tomorrow.

Then they took the people who went to sea with them to drink Chinese medicine. In fact, everyone was tense on their nerves along the way. When they came back, they relaxed and easily exposed to internal fire.

Put the fire out first, take a look during the day, take a calming medicine before dinner, and then sleep for more than ten hours.

It is estimated that there will be gastrointestinal discomfort, blistering in the mouth, pimple on the face, oily scalp and other symptoms.

The best way is to have a balanced nutrition, then sleep more, and use sleep to adjust myself.

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