Bringing System To Great Tang Chapter 1576

Vol 2 Chapter 1528: How Good Things Are Stolen

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The dealers were too excited to fall asleep, and those who needed to change shifts forced themselves to lie down and self-hypnotize: relax, I am very sleepy, fell asleep...

Li Longji and others ate slowly, sip the rice wine soaked in **** slices to eat seafood, and each put about 30 peanuts in the plate.

On the way back, the boat bumped and the peanut bag was squeezed.

Some peanut shells were broken, and the peanuts inside were found to be in bad condition, so I took them out and salted them.

"Will you take out other things for me to eat?" Li Chengqi just heard Li Yi say a small portion to eat, and he felt distressed.

"Plant it out and eat it slowly, tell the people that good things can only be eaten by dignitaries and nobles, and they will be promoted at that time. There will be little resistance."

Li Yi started from the perspective of the people, and the people were unwilling to change new things.

No change, guaranteed output.

I changed it. If it cant be planted, drink northwest wind for a year?

"Brother Yi, you write in the newspaper, and Li Jiazhuang says that you can plant and the people are obedient." Li Chengqi also envied Li Yi.

Looking at Li Yiyi's return, all the girls in Pingkangfang...No, the people are very happy.

"I will give you a taste. Going to sea is not easy, and the wind and waves are high. If you go to sea again, you need to bring a big iron pot, an enamel basin, an enamel jar, and tea."

Li Yi concluded that the natives overseas lacked utensils.

The little girl guarded the female doll and said: "Teach them to drink boiled water, they will be infected with a bunch of illnesses all their lives, and I will go again next time and find that everyone is dead, no one will prepare food and fresh water for us.

"Water!" The female doll swallowed the braised pork in her mouth, learning to say a word.

Don't look at her at the age of four, she knows a lot of things, and see how many people there are to save herself and bring herself back.

Standing on the deck, one after another, the flames were full of people.

"Don't drink water, let's drink cabbage tofu soup." The little girl feeds the female doll soup.

"The hairtail is fresh and easy to use. Your boat will consume its life. Don't set sail again."

Dou Lu Guifei took a bite of steamed octopus, which was quite unpleasant. I felt that I was eating the life of Li Yi.

"Looking back, I thought about it, and deep-processed the refined oil, which can be used on yachts. The oil consumption is relatively small. I can't exchange it. I can't make this."

Li Yi admitted that gasoline, diesel, and kerosene can be refined by improving equipment and some additives, but engine oil is not good.

Like the lubricating oil and motor oil in a steam engine, he just deals with it and cannot be used in a yacht.

"If you lack a craftsman, just look for it." Doulu Guifei was relieved.

Li Yi considers how to use yachts to earn life, such as navigating on the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, sonar detection, mapping, and providing convenience for other ships.

Look at the underwater situation in places such as the seashore, including the patterns of fish and shrimps.

The people get convenience and take their own life.

Half an hour, Li Yi went to bed and stopped talking. I'll talk about it when I wake up at noon tomorrow.

Li Longji and the others do not sleep, they are too excited to sleep for a short time after getting up.

They continue to eat seafood, and live sea cucumbers are taken out and made into slices.

Everyone looked at each other and smiled.

"The currency layout of the court has been made, only printing is needed." Song Jing remembered the red coral, which was worth more than 50 million yuan.

plus other things collected by the imperial court, 60 million yuan can be thrown out at a time and can bear it.

Bi Gou glanced at Song Jing: "No hurry, after the exchange coupons circulate in all parts of the Tang Dynasty, then consider court currency."

"The credibility of the imperial court is slightly worse than that of Lijiazhuangzi in the hearts of the people." Li Dan told the fact that everyone is least willing to admit it.

He is eating prawns, he is afraid of eating raw prawns, unless Li Yi cooks them for him.

Li Longji was depressed: "It's not just a bit worse? When I leave the two capitals, the people elsewhere don't have an emperor in their hearts, the emperor is too far away from them."

"Yes, when people in other places work with new tools, they first think that they were taught by Lijiazhuangzi.

If you listen to people reading newspapers, you are also Lijiazhuangzi. As long as there is something good, it is Lijiazhuangzi. "

Su Ting complained that no one mentioned him as the prime minister.

He came back from a long trip by himself, who would greet him in the middle of the night? My family will.

Wei Zhigu looked at Yao Chong suddenly: "Who is it strange? Why doesn't the court not want those good things?"

Yao Chong took a bowl and drank, ignored it, and had nothing to say.

If Li Yi can't get a lot of good things, does he have his current position?

"How can all the girls in Pingkangfang come out?"

Song Jing didn't want to mention this, he was puzzled, but Li Yi couldn't do anything with them when a large group came.

Yao Chong said at this time: "The old man knows that stealing children and persecuting good families are no longer seen in the Goulan area of Jingzhao Mansion, and the treatment of Pingkangfang women is better.

There are women who were deceived into being sold, and they are full of life experiences and are happy for other girls.

There are women who used to be oppressed, beaten, and sick, but no one is beaten now. The oppression is based on ability, and sickness can be healed. "

Yao Chong has been there too, and he is still going now, not ashamed, Datang is like this.

Like Meng Haoran, he used to write poems for people and stay overnight. He has a wife and a son, but his wife didn't think so.

"Ah! Since that's the case, how can he...oh...um...right!"

Song Jing was just about to say why Li Yi didnt go? Suddenly reacted, Princess Yongmu's father was beside her.

The queen hugged the beep and turned to listen to the sound, and turned off the topic: "From tomorrow, the envoys of foreigners should take care of them to avoid stealing the seeds."

"When it comes to large-scale planting, I can't stop it. I can only grab it for two to three years." Li Chengqi shook his head, unable to think of a way.

was cultivated in Lijiazhuangzi, and then cultivated in several places in Jingzhao Mansion, and put in the entire Datang species.

When the one-year planting is finished and the harvest is finished, people elsewhere take the seeds and go back.

There are few seeds, so it needs to be bred~wuxiaworld.online~ and then planted on a large scale.

Everyone is helpless, others learn everything, as long as the people of Datang can use it, they promise to learn it.

I heard that some southwestern areas have begun to raise bean worms, and I was looking for coal mines everywhere.

Including what kind of stone can be turned into fertilizer, and buying local officials to get test papers.

is simply impossible to guard against, they are shameless, they have the ability to study on their own!

"Ask brother Yi tomorrow, if you can stop it." Li Longji feels distressed, it is not easy to go overseas to find seeds.

When the food is almost complete, everyone rests, and the officials live in Lijiazhuangzi.

Tomorrows morning, you can go or not. Its really impossible. Ask someone to send me the memorials and documents, and hold a meeting in Lijiazhuangzi.

Li Yi is willing to participate, so he and others will have a meeting in the form of discussion.

When he was in Huazhou, he handled the official documents very neatly. He understood all the rules, including the official language.

The sun rises, shining brightly.

The blue sky is only dotted with a few white clouds, and it will be blown away soon if you see that.

The early dynasty really opened in Lijiazhuang, right on the square, except for Yushitai, all officials from the fifth rank and above arrived.

The dealers helped pack up their things, put on the dragon chair, and took the initiative to retreat, and the meeting began.

When several kings saw the situation, they didn't rush to leave, and stayed for a few more days.

The officials were not used to it. Without the guard of honor, Jinwuwei, Qianniuwei and so on did not come, and Yu Lin Fei rode on.

Let's make do with a meeting.

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