Bringing System To Great Tang Chapter 1577

Vol 2 Chapter 1529: Uncommon And Parting

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The officials held a court meeting, and the girls from Pingkangfang checked their bodies.

The left-behind nurses are in charge, mainly to see if there is any disease in that area, and if so, take notes.

They also talked to female nurses about ways to suppress pregnancy, and now they all make physical tools for sheep intestines.

Those who take the pill will not take it, like Princess Yuzhen and Princess Jinxian, who have high status and take the pill to solve it.

People with low status take medicine directly, and everything that can destroy pregnancy is taken. Generally, it is heavy metal poisoning.

was accidentally struck, and then took medicine to fight.

Its not good for your health. From Yuzhen and Jinxian, Li Yi provides small pills, but he can't afford to provide others.

Jingzhao Mansion eats a lot of sheep, specializing in keeping the intestines, and the maw of sea fish that Li Chengqi got. This one is big.

The maw of the yellow-lipped fish is expensive.

Li Yi had a lot of hype at that time, mainly because the output was low, and all of them were caught quickly.

If it doesnt work, its against your will.

is like a horse dung bag, it can really stop bleeding, and it can also inhibit Staphylococcus aureus.

The maw of yellow-lipped fish is reserved for medicinal purposes. Li Chengqi of other fish is not willing to eat more. Most of them are wholesaled to the women in Goulan, and the women take care of them by themselves.

The girls in Pingyaangfang have an excuse to rest, and they can also raise their bodies when they come over.

Beiqus most need physical isolation tools. Everyone in Zhongqu and Nanqu, they count their lives. It happens to be safe for a few days.

They usually go to other places to see a doctor. They are embarrassed and usually go to the temple.

There are monks in the monastery who help to see the sick, and they can also discuss the sutras, and some do not reboot...

Now they dont look for a monk anymore, what are they talking about? Now all pay attention to the way of governing the country.

Lijiazhuang has advanced equipment and female doctors to help. Both theory and practice are strong.

If it doesn't work, he begged Li Dongzhu to take action. He can't just watch others die of illness on his Zhuangzi and remain indifferent, right?

The girl from Ping Kangfang had such an idea, and the officials who participated in the North Korean meeting also actively spoke.

Li Longji didn't plan to hold a great dynasty meeting. He had to wait for the seed to be understood, so he talked about it in Hanyuan Hall.

How did it turn out to be a posture for a great meeting? There were envoys from Fanbang who wanted to participate on the bridge and were stopped.

All the ministers said they were all trivial things, and there were also special praises.

Li Longji yawned and heard ten forty-five, and it was time for lunch in a while.

The officials did not say it tacitly. They stood there looking at the sky. Todays wind is small, it can be said that there is no wind. In the morning, the few clouds feel that they are still floating there.

"Hehe!" Li Longji was angrily smiled, he had an epiphany, a large group of people ran over and waited for lunch?

"Luxury, go and ask, are there braised saury and sea cucumber?"

Li Longji regretted it, but he was slow to react. I knew it was some seafood. Say in advance, I can rest a little longer.

Gao Lishi whispered back: "Your Majesty, the minister has ordered you to go down, and there are prawns and kelp shreds. Pack them, and officials below grade five must eat."

Li Longji wants to ask you why dont you tell me in advance? And hold back, who knows that a group of people are so shameless, just to eat something.

He didn't need others to speak, and took the microphone in front of him: "It's almost noon, and the people are toiling. I have ordered Li Jiazhuang to prepare a seafood meal, pack the food box and return to the imperial city to eat, and bring other future officials."

"Your Majesty, thank you!" The voice was getting neat and tidy, and I waited for Li Longji's sentence after a long time.

Sea cucumbers, large prawns, and hairtails are all fresh.

As for the seeds? Don't dare to ask, you will lose your head.

Seeing people from Sixteen Guards put a bamboo food box on the car, the officials said goodbye.

When I went back to work, my subordinates also had food. The food box was unwilling to eat it, so I asked people to send it home.

There are too many food boxes at home, and they are delivered to the street of Lijiazhuangzi in the south of the city.

The people of Jingzhao Mansion are also preparing to eat. Today, including 20 counties outside, all have pork soup.

There is little meat, but the oily water is bleached, some with sauerkraut and some with tofu.

The people themselves helped dig wild vegetables, washed them and threw them in a big iron pot, so that they could eat more.

Like some big households, they will cooperate with the court and provide things.

Sun Xin, the elder of Lantian County, killed two pigs and vermicelli by himself.

First blanch the vermicelli in another pot with boiling water. Whoever wants to eat it, put a chopstick head in the bowl.

Plates of tofu are always ready, and there are free brown bread, three slices at a time.

His wife's belly is up, and the medicine Li Yi gave works.

Li Yi returned from overseas with seeds, your Majesty treats you, dont you show yourself?

also expects to take his wife to live in Lijiazhuang when giving birth. In case of a difficult delivery, it depends on Li Yi's method.

The people of Jingzhao Mansion dont care about a bite of broth, and their lives are getting better.

They just showed a lot of excitement and were happy, and waited for Li Dongzhu to quickly plant a lot of seeds.

Li Yi woke up, cleaned up, at half past eleven, it was time to eat.

The girl woke up early, was taken to the toilet, bathed by the little girl, had a boiled egg, and waited for dinner.

She likes to eat eggs, dipped in soy sauce.

Unlike many children of Li Yi's time, they didn't eat yellow but salty ones.

In the case of insufficient nutrition, children eat instinctively. They live with salty and sweet tastes, one to provide calories and the other to assist electrolytes.

Look at the monkey, give a boiled egg, eat both white and yellow, and give a bag of large grains of salt, just pick it up and stuff it into your mouth.

If you give an orange, eat the orange petals, and eat the orange peel, just like a person eating kumquats, with the peel.

Li Jia Zhuangzis children are a little bit resistant to boiled eggs. Li Yi did not criticize, indicating that the childrens nutritional intake in this regard is sufficient.

still want your child to eat? Just fry, put vinegar, salt, sugar, and soy sauce.

I want to ask my children to eat boiled, boiled tea eggs, the yolks are full of flavor.

Li Yi finds other seventy people, plus a female doll, and everyone still has a meal together.

The girl carefully carried the dinner plate by herself, and the largest grid in it was filled with braised pork.

In fact, the grid is large on one side, but the shape is different~wuxiaworld.online~ It gives a different feeling.

If you hold water, including the rice grid, there is more water on one side.

For dishes, because the grid shapes are different, the angles of stacking vegetables are different, the amount of vegetables is different, and some can stack very high.

The grid of normal rice should be large. Li Yi doesnt make it like that. If its not enough, then serve it. Why eat so much carbohydrate?

"After today, everyone will be busy again, especially the six of you. It's not certain whether you can find you next time."

Li Yi is not hypocritical, and directly stated that unless he is going to sea again, six officials can follow.

He taught six people a lot of knowledge, and the six should be assigned to important positions.

"Proprietor, next time we go to sea, we will still look for us. No matter where we are, we will arrange for others to work first, and we will go out with you."

"Proprietor, I promise not to be greedy for ink and harm the people. I only know when I go outside that it is the leader's responsibility only to lead a group to live a good life."

"That's what I mean. Their leader is powerless, we have the means, and we have the resources."

"There are people in my family. I will continue to be an official in Jingzhao Mansion. If there are any, I will ask you."

"There is no one in my house, but I know I must stay in Jingzhao Mansion, the proprietor, ask you for advice."

"Can we still be put outside? Don't work in Chang'an first? I have to learn more from the proprietor."

Six people expressed their opinions one after another, they were reluctant to leave.

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