Cannon Fodder Becomes A God Of Cooking Chapter 108

Chapter 103:

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At eight o'clock in the evening, the sixth round of the national game of the God of Cooking Contest was broadcast. The footage of Qin Xin's banned three ingredients was particularly irritating after editing. This made everyone who had watched the live broadcast ran up and scolded the banned group. The contestants of Qin Xin Food Ingredients have a meal.

Even if everyone knew that Qin Xin would win in the end, the scene of fasting was too irritating.

While watching TV, Wu Dandan said to Tang Xilan, "I doubt it is a star in this later period." It can especially draw people's resentment.

Tang Xilan nodded slightly, everyone was a little surprised when he fasted for the first time, but it was okay. When fasting for the second time, many people showed surprised expressions on their faces, and more nervous music was added later.

During the third fast, many people's reactions were edited in the later period, and even the judges present showed a surprised look. Qin Xin stood there calmly.

I knew that Qin Xin had scored 10 points in this competition, but when the staff announced that Qin Xin had scored 10 points again, everyone was still very excited.

On June 19th, the God of Cooking Contest kicked off. At six o'clock in the morning, the cameras in each room were turned on.

Unexpectedly, at such an early time, there were tens of millions of viewers in the live broadcast room, which exceeded the organizers' expectations.

Everyone started to brush the barrage.

"It's been a long time since I got up so early, and I was fighting for Xinxin today."

"Look at Xinxin together."

"Is the sleeping position of the goddess very elegant"

"Me too, want to see what the male **** is doing so early."


However, those who want to see Qin Xin's sleeping position are bound to be disappointed.

Qin Xin is accustomed to getting up early. This will have to get up and change clothes. Qin Xin opened the door and walked to the balcony outside. From here you can see the scenery of Xinyuan Mountain. Each floor has different scenery, and the mountain seems to be there all year round fruit.

When the camera is turned on, what everyone sees is the empty bed.

"Huh, how about people?"

"Ah, where is my home Xinxin going?"

"Did Xinxin not report yesterday?"

"How could it be!"

"Wait, look at the balcony."

Everyone looked towards the balcony and found that Qin Xin had soaked a cup of dark fragrant soup and was sitting outside.

"??? Wake up early in the morning to see the scenery?"

"To be honest, this Xin Yuanshan is really beautiful."

"This is the place where my male gods and goddesses filmed reality shows."

"When I see this, I think of the scene of the reality show, hahaha, like Xinxin can get the first place."


With the excitement of the barrage, Qin Xin looked at the scenery of Xinyuan Mountain not far away. It is indeed a blessing to live on such a mountain.

In a blink of an eye, it was seven o'clock, and a staff member came to inform everyone to go to the first floor to have a meal.

Qin Xin responded, put the teacup on the table, opened the door and went downstairs.

Qin Xin and Kang Tianhua arrived first, and they sat for a while before Ye Yan went downstairs, looking awake, mainly because he was used to going to bed late and getting up late.

The three of them sat at the table for dinner, and no one spoke at the table.

When the three of them had finished eating, the staff came over and said, "I believe the three contestants already know that the content of our competition is free. So the rules of our competition this time are that everyone enters Xinyuan Mountain and finds ingredients by themselves. At noon Make lunch before twelve oclock."

Looking for ingredients as he pleases for lunch, Qin Xin is suddenly full of expectations for the next trip to Xin Yuanshan.

Kang Tianhua and Ye Yan were not surprised, after all, everyone had heard of Xin Yuanshan's name.

The staff, "If everyone is ready, you can set off now. There are baskets, hoes, and sickles at the door."

Ye Yan asked, "Where is the cooking place for lunch?"

The staff member said, "The stove can solve it by itself."

Ye Yan was stunned, "What do you mean by yourself?"

Staff, "Literally, we don't provide stoves for this competition, and everyone finds their own way."

The corners of Ye Yan's mouth twitched visibly, Kang Tianhua was okay, he was older, and it didn't matter what caused a fire. It's just that it's a little difficult to start a fire in the wild.

Ye Yan was still making the final struggle, "Can you borrow a lighter?"

The staff, "No, except for the items we provide, all items on everyone's body must be handed in."

"What?" Ye Yan collapsed a little. How could this be a match? This is a whole person, but Ye Yan didn't dare to say this. He originally wanted to use his mobile phone to Baidu, how to make a fire in the wild, but this time there is nothing wrong.

Although Kang Tianhua was a little surprised, he said he could accept it. As for Qin Xin, he looked forward to the next game even more.

"If you are ready, let's go." The staff member said.

Qin Xin got up and Ye Yan next to him asked, "Aren't you worried?"

Qin Xin, "What are you worried about?"

Ye Yan:...

When I did not ask.

This time, the three people were followed by several cameramen.

Everyone walked to the door and put on their backs. Inside were **** and sickle.

Qin Xin tried it, very light, and walked towards Xin Yuanshan. The cameramen walked up the mountain with their competitors.

Seeing Qin Xin's ease on his back, Ye Yan put it on his back and found that it was not easy at all, let alone digging for ingredients later.

Looking at the Xin Yuan Mountain at the foot of the mountain, I think its very big. I walked in and found that it was even bigger. There seemed to be no road for cars to travel on the mountain. They were all mountain trails. Qin Xin didnt have to walk hard. There were many fruit trees at the foot of the mountain. Eye, didn't think there was anything to do, so he continued to walk up the mountain.

Since the game was free, Qin Xin walked at will, but found a piece of konjac, Qin Xin ran over, squatted down, picked up a hoe, and dug out the konjac.

The barrage has already begun here.

"Xinxin took a cheerful step just now."

"Who can tell me what Xinxin dug up?"

"The same question."

"This is konjac. Although it is delicious, it is very troublesome to make by myself. I don't know why Xinxin dug these."


Qin Xin dug three, put them in the back basket, and then continued to move forward. Qin Xin was not slow. As he walked and looked around, he quickly found a lot of fresh mushrooms under a tree. Qin Xin picked two round mushrooms and walked to the tree next to him. A variety of mushrooms.

Qin Xin picked a few of them and put them in the back basket, and then went on.

"Are these mushrooms poisonous?"

"I just checked it and it was not poisonous."

"It feels like mushroom soup is there."

"There is a fart, the host does not provide a pot, how to stew."



Although Qin Xin walked out quickly, she paid attention to her feet and would not step on the things planted by the roadside. When she went out, Qin Xin saw a stone that was ten centimeters wide, round, and quite thin. Qin Xin picked it up and looked at it. For a while, and then throw it into the back basket. The barrage that had just calmed down became lively again.

"What is Xinxin doing?"

"I don't know, how come I even pick up rocks."

"Hahaha, it may be that Xin Yuanshan is too good, so I think the stones are all good."

"I think Xinxin wants to take it back as a souvenir."

"The memorial is not such a big stone."

"I just want to ask, Xinxin, is your bag heavy?"


But Qin Xin couldn't see the barrage, and didn't answer these questions. She picked up as she walked, picking a lot of green onions and garlic on the side of the road, and digging some ginger. After walking for a while, Qin Xin saw another prickly ash tree and picked a lot of prickly ash.

Everyone is sighing that Qin Xin's back basket is already a half.

Qin Xin himself became more and more surprised as he walked. This mountain is really a treasure. It has everything, including lemon trees. Qin Xin went up and picked a few. There were a lot of fruits beside the lemon trees. Qin Xin picked them. I took some blueberries, afraid that the blueberries would be crushed, Qin Xin wrapped them with leaves and placed them on the top layer.

"Xinxin, why are you picking lemons?"

"The organizer does not provide anything. Xinxin picking lemons is probably used as vinegar."

"It feels like there are a lot of things in the back basket, and I don't know if it's heavy or not."

"I hope this silly girl will stop picking such heavy food."

"As a star, I am not worried about weight at all. Do you still remember Xinxin's move to live broadcast?"

"Fuck it, I remembered, it's no wonder Xinxin doesn't feel anything for a jar of several hundred jin."

"The new stars, I don't understand what everyone said. Does anyone come to popular science?"

"After reading the live broadcast of Xinxin, the secret of the backyard jar was revealed, and you would know it at a glance."


During the discussion, Qin Xin saw potatoes and sweet potatoes again. Qin Xin dug some of them and put them in the back basket. There were many things. Qin Xin paid special attention when putting them out, putting the ingredients that were not afraid of pressure on the bottom.

Because of the system blessing, Qin Xin didnt feel the weight on his back at all, but the cameramen behind were different. They walked with the camera on their backs, and they walked well at the beginning. After walking for a long time, they felt heavier, but Seeing that Qin Xin seemed to be the same as just entering the mountain, she didn't feel tired at all.

Kang Tianhua also walked for a while, and found that the back basket was a little heavy, so he changed his mind and looked for some lighter ingredients.

After Ye Yan picked the ingredients he wanted, he fixed it at a certain spot, and had to make a few more trips.

Qin Xin found another piece of chili, red chili, green chili, hot chili, and bell pepper. Qin Xin picked some of them and put them in the back basket to move on.

The cameramen who followed had already begun to doubt their lives. Some of them had already begun to pant. Why did Qin Xin feel nothing at all, so he could continue to add ingredients to his back basket?

At this moment, Qin Xin ran into the radish field again and dug a white radish and a carrot.


Qin Xin didn't find the cameraman behind at all. She saw the iron rod yam in the mountain. To be honest, the quality of these ingredients was not worse than in her own space. A happy one, Qin Xin dug up all this.

The cameraman almost fell to his knees. They could take a break only when Qin Xin was digging for ingredients. The key point was that Qin Xin was digging for ingredients very fast. Maybe Qin Xin finished processing as soon as they stood up, and then continued to move forward.

When Qin Xin was walking, she found someone behind him fell. When she went over, it was a cameraman who fell. She walked over and said, "It's okay."

This person shook his head, it was very hot in June, and Qin Xin was walking too fast, they really couldn't keep up.

Qin Xin took a look at the cameraman's condition. It was obviously not very good. The other cameramen were also sweating profusely, and the sun was getting worse and worse. If it continues like this, it will definitely cause heat stroke.

Qin Xin, "You will wait for me again." Qin Xin put the back basket on the spot, and then ran in the cornfield not far away, found some corn stalks, broke it off, and returned to the spot.

Qin Xin quickly broke the corn stalk and handed it to the cameraman, "The juice in the corn stalk is sweet, so eat some first."

These cameramen simply sat on the spot and began to nibble on the corn stalks.

Everyone also started to brush the barrage.

"?? Xinxin, you are tired of the cameraman."

"Mom, I'm going to die of laughter, Xinxin, don't you feel tired yet?"

"No, it's a good game, why are you going to eat cornstalks."


Qin Xin ate a corn stalk, and then said, "You are waiting for me here, I will come back after a round in front."

A cameraman wanted to follow, Qin Xin took the camera, "Leave this to me, you guys will take a break."

Qin Xin carried the basket on his back, and then walked forward carrying the camera.

The audience watching the live broadcast was momentarily stunned.

"No, I originally wanted to watch Xinxin, but now how can I become Xinxin from the first point of view?"

"Is this called Xinxin to take you to Xinyuan Mountain?"

"These cameramen are too weak."

"23333 This perspective is very curious."


If the cameraman sees these words, he will definitely vomit blood, what is too weak, let these audiences try, carrying the camera, and climbing the mountain at such a fast speed with Qin Xin, still in such a hot day. I don't know why Qin Xin is so powerful, running so fast, carrying such heavy things on his back, and not tired.

Qin Xin carried the camera, looking for ingredients, and said, "Hello everyone, now your guide Qin will take you to visit Xinyuan Mountain."

"??? What the hell?"

"Xinxin, are you trying to laugh at me?"

"You wake up, this is a game!"

"No, Xinxin doesn't feel any tension in the game at all."

"I was watching the video of my male god, and I felt so nervous when I watched it, but I cut to Xinxin's side, me???"


Qin Xin said as he walked, "Xin Yuanshan is really a treasure house. There are all kinds of ingredients in it, and the most amazing thing is that these ingredients do not distinguish between seasons!"

Qin Xin walked and said, "My God, there is still cinnamon here, no, I have to pick some."

The barrage swept wildly, "You wake up, you are playing, how come you have never seen the world before."

"Now it's Qin Never seen the world Xin is online."


Speaking, Qin Xin found a place to put the camera down, and then went to pick a small piece of cinnamon. When he was about to leave, he found that there was a piece of iron on the side of the road with some bends in the middle, and Qin Xin immediately put it in the bag.

"Sister, why don't we even pick up iron sheets?"

"No way, is this picking up tattered Xinxin?"

"I'm going to die, Xinxin, what are you going to do?"

"Iron sheet, there is a slight curve in the middle, you are not stupid, you must be used as a pot."

Qin Xin felt that the ingredients were almost there, and then he needed to find something that could refine oil.

The first thing Qin Xin saw was a piece of rapeseed. Qin Xin happily picked the rapeseed, wrapped it in leaves, and placed it in the pot. When I was about to go back, I saw the salt tree not far away.

This is a kind of Chinese medicinal material, but the point is that this kind of food has some salty taste and can be used as a salt substitute. Qin Xin picked some and put it in the back basket.

Qin Xin carried the camera, "The next step is to find a stream. It is better to catch a fish, otherwise there will be no meat dishes for lunch today."

Qin Xin quickly returned to the place, and then handed the camera to the cameraman.

The cameraman was almost resting, and followed Qin Xin to continue.

Qin Xin pulled the soil on the ground and then walked in one direction.

"What is this doing?"

"Didn't Xinxin just say that, look for the stream."

"Mom, Xinxin feels so amazing. If I were in the wild, I would never find it."

"Me too, can't survive."


After walking along the camera for about five minutes, everyone saw a river. The river was crystal clear, and it felt like spring water. Qin Xin took a sip, and it turned out that the water quality was good, sweet and delicious.

It is said that there will be no fish in such a clear river, but Qin Xin saw the fish, but Qin Xin was not in a hurry to catch it. Instead, he put down his back basket and picked up rocks by the river.

Soon Qin Xin built a stove with stones, Qin Xin picked up some dead branches around and placed them next to the stove, and finally moved the big stone and placed it by the stream near the stove.

With the experience just now, everyone will see that Qin Xin moved such a heavy stone, and it seems that he can accept it very calmly.

Qin Xin washed the big rock with stream water, then took out the cobblestone in the basket, and polished it on the rock. Soon, one side of the rock became very thin.

"My God, it turns out that Xinxin picks up stones to use as a knife."

"Awesome, admire and admire it."

"The big rock below always feels that there are other uses."


Qin Xin picked up the stone and went straight to the bamboo forest below the river. Qin Xin chose a thick bamboo. Before cutting it, Qin Xin asked the cameraman, "If I cut such a thick bamboo, Does the owner of this mountain feel distressed?"

The cameraman shook his head.

Qin Xin boldly cut the bamboo. Everyone thought it would take a long time to cut the bamboo, but Qin Xin cut one minute on one side of the bamboo and another minute on the other side.

Then everyone saw Qin Xin lift a foot, and the bamboo broke.


"I don't know if it is my illusion, I feel the camera shakes a bit!"

"Stop in front, you have no illusion, the camera really shakes!"

"Xinxin, let's be a little lady, don't scare the little friends who just came!"

"The cameraman kid was scared, hahahaha."

"I wonder if this was arranged in advance."


This bamboo was very heavy by visual inspection. When a cameraman moved it, he couldn't lift it up with one hand. Qin Xin carried the bamboo on his shoulder and left so easily.


Qin Xin placed the bamboo next to the stove and began to process the bamboo. First, he chopped down a larger cylinder, then cut a few smaller cylinders, and then cut a few longer ones, and Qin Xin took them out. These longer bamboo tubes are split in the middle so that they can be made into plates.

Qin Xin also cut a pair of chopsticks and something like a spatula.

Qin Xin processed the bamboo, washed it, and put it aside to dry. Fortunately, it was summer and it was easy to dry.

Qin Xin took out the iron sheet to clean it again, and put it on the stove after washing it. Qin Xin dug two holes under the stove, one with sweet potatoes and one with eggplant.

After it was buried, Qin Xin spread a layer of branches on it.

Then, Qin Xin planned to start a fire. First, he picked up a wooden stick and placed a slightly thicker piece of wood underneath. It was the first time Qin Xin did it. Qin Xin didn't know whether it would succeed.

Qin Xin's subordinates revolved very fast. After a while, some sparks appeared in the wood below. Qin Xin hurriedly placed some debris on the rotating place and turned the stick again. After a while, the fire rose.

Qin Xin breathed a sigh of relief.


"I have witnessed a miracle."

"I always thought it would only appear in books."

"I want to know now, what else Xinxin won't do."


Qin Xin put the thin branches on top and put them under the stove after lighting. After the fire started to burn, Qin Xin began to clean up the ingredients and put all the condiments on the iron plates and set them aside.

After all the ingredients were cleaned up, Qin Xin picked up the stones, scraped the outer layer of the yam, and washed it in the river again, then put it in a bamboo tube, filled it with water, and Weng was next to the stove.

Qin Xin tore up all the mushrooms by hand and put them in a bamboo tube, then took the ginger, cut the **** into slices, added water, and squeezed some juice of salt-skin wood. After the treatment, Ye Weng next to.

"Look, I said this big stone is useful."

"233333 is used as a cutting board, I admire it too."

"This is so versatile to get to this point. I really admire the organizer's ideas."

"I feel like this is a survival show."


Qin Xinweng took out these two things, took out the rapeseed, mashed it with a stone, put it on the patch, fry it, put it in the slightly larger bamboo tube, crushed it with the stone, and filtered the oil juice out. In another bamboo tube.

This oil refining method is a bit simple, but the taste is still pure. Qin Xin put the oil aside and poured a spoon of water on the iron sheet with a bamboo tube. When the iron sheet was not so hot, Qin Xin took the iron sheet to the river to clean it, and then continued to place it on the stone stove. .

After the oil was finished, Qin Xin took out the konjac, then peeled off the skin with a stone, scraped the remaining konjac layer by layer, then chopped it, and finally rolled it again. If there is a juicer It's done in minutes, but at present, Qin Xin has to do this.

Qin Xin put the konjac juice in the pot, added water and started cooking.

Taking advantage of this time, Qin Xin took off his shoes and went down to the river to catch a fish. Qin Xin killed the fish very fast, and he cleaned it up after a while. Qin Xin picked up the stone and scored five knives on each side of the fish, and then squeezed it. The lemon juice and the juice of the salt wood were on it, and Qin Xin massaged the fish body, fully incorporating these seasonings into the fish.

Soon the konjac in the pot boiled into a solid shape.

Qin Xin took the konjac out and placed it in the stream, then put it on a rock and cut it into silk. This is a stone after all. Although it has been polished, it still doesn't cut it with my own knife.

But even so, the audience watching the live broadcast was still amazed.

"I'll go, Xinxin's skill is awesome."

"It cuts so fast, it makes me think it's really a knife."

"Don't forget, the first round of the Elimination of the God of Cooking Contest is the sword skill, can you go to the hegemony without the sword function?"


Picking up a bamboo slice, Qin Xin put the konjac shreds in it, and squeezed a few drops of juice into the salty wood and lemon, and set them aside.

Qin Xin washed the pot, put it on the stove, chopped the garlic, then took out the red hot pepper and chopped it up, waited until the steam in the pot boiled dry, Qin Xin poured the oil into it, heated it, and added the minced garlic , Hot pepper and Chinese prickly ash.

Author: wailing woo, silently waiting for the hand-wringing our small Showtime win. .

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