Cannon Fodder Becomes A God Of Cooking Chapter 109

Chapter 104:

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After sauting the flavor, Qin Xin poured these seasonings on the konjac silk. The original plain konjac silk immediately became shiny, especially the red pepper on the top, which was really attractive. Especially with the sizzling voice, a cameraman couldn't help swallowing.

"I seem to hear drooling."

"Me too..."

"I began to think it was my own, hahaha, but suddenly realized it wasn't."

Qin Xin stirred the konjac shreds evenly, then chopped some green onions and sprinkled on it. Qin Xin was very involved when she was cooking, completely unaware of what happened next.

Qin Xin washed the iron skin again, waited for the steam to boil dry, poured the oil, and then put the fish along the edge of the iron skin, using a bamboo spatula to continuously pour the oil on the surface of the fish until the fish became two-sided The golden color will be served out.

A part of the oil in the pot is filled, and the rest is left in it. Qin Xin cuts the garlic into slices, slices the **** into slices, cuts the red chili into circles and puts it in the pot, then adds the peppercorns, and stirs up the aroma. . Put the fish in again, then add water and boil it, Qin Xin took out some firewood.

The cameraman on the side felt that it was too hard to follow Qin Xin, especially those close to him. They couldn't help but want to eat when they smelled the smell of the pot. Someone just couldn't help swallowing their saliva, and more people would feel hungry. .

Without stopping, Qin Xin cut the white radish into round slices and placed them on the bamboo slices. Then he took out the garlic and chopped the green onions into chopped green onions and set aside.

The juice in the pot was almost collected quickly, Qin Xin filled the fish, and then washed the pot again.

Qin Xin added water to the pot, put the radishes in it and boiled. Taking advantage of this gap, Qin Xin took out the green peppers, potatoes and carrots and cut them into chunks and set them aside.

When the color of the radish in the pot became transparent, Qin Xin took the radish out, poured out the water in the iron skin, cleaned it, and then poured the remaining half of the oil from the fried fish into the pot. Then put the radish in, then add some juice of the salt wood, and then serve it out.

Qin Xin took out a little bit of the oil, then added potatoes and carrots and started to fry. When it was about to ripen, he added green peppers, then added the juice of salted wood, and finally poured out.

Qin Xin washed the blueberries, put them in a bamboo tube and pressed them into puree, then took out one of the sweet potatoes under a pit, pressed them together with the blueberries into puree, and then stirred them evenly.

Qin Xin took out the first boiled yam, put them on the rocks, crushed them with a bamboo spatula, kneaded them into rounds and placed them on the bamboo slices, and then evenly sprinkled the sweet potato and blueberry puree on top.

Qin Xin took out one eggplant at the end. Because it was a bit hot, Qin Xin put it directly on the bamboo slice, and then divided the eggplant in half with a stone.

Qin Xin chopped up all the remaining peppers and mashed them with garlic. Pour all the last oil into the pot, heat up, put the chili and garlic in the pot, fry out, and pour evenly on the eggplant.

Qin Xin hadn't finished it yet, so he put the corn stalks he brought into the bamboo tube and began to squeeze the juice until there was a glass of corn stalk juice in the last small bamboo tube.

After doing this, Qin Xin looked at the sun above her head, almost reaching the top of her head, and it seemed that it was almost time for the competition.

Qin Xin dug up all the remaining sweet potatoes, and then handed them to the cameramen, "First eat some pads."

According to the rules of the competition, they must at least wait for the judges to finish the competition before they can have lunch.

The videographers were not welcome. After fixing the camera, they sat there and started eating sweet potatoes. Watching Qin Xin cooking, they were already hungry and couldn't stand it. They would eat the sweet potatoes, and they felt like they had eaten it very well. The food is average.

"23333333 I was sympathetic to the cameraman, but now I am no longer sympathetic."

"I want to eat that sweet potato, too."

"On the way back, I bought some sweet potatoes by the way."


Qin Xin was the first to finish all the dishes, but Ye Yanna was the first to go to the seven judges, because Ye Yan was the closest to the foot of the mountain.

Ye Yan chose the location early, waiting to collect all the ingredients, and then went to the river. Ye Yan's fire couldn't rise, and finally exchanged with the cameraman. The food he made was divided into half for them, so he borrowed it. fire.

Ye Yan is also a stone stove, but what Ye Yan does is barbecue, stringing the ingredients on the branches, and Ye Yan uses the oil scraped from the trees. But no meat dishes were found, Ye Yan basically grilled vegetarian dishes.

Roasted corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, greens, etc., taste fresh and very good. Ye Yan also specially brewed lemonade, which can be used to relieve the greasy taste.

This time there are seven judges in total, and everyone only said it was good, but they didn't say anything else.

Ye Yan knew that God of Cooking definitely didn't count on it. Who knew that the difficulty of this competition was so abnormal, he had already tried his best.

The seven judges came to Kang Tianhua's place again. Kang Tianhua made more than Ye Yan. A plate made of leaves was fried with some side dishes and a green vegetable soup was also cooked.

The plate has a special charm, and the seven judges couldn't help but admire, but they didn't say too much.

The seven judges walked along the river to Qin Xin's place.

Lets talk about that time Qin Xin finished eating sweet potatoes. Seeing that it was not until noon, he set up a table with stones, and put all the vegetables on it. The middle was mushroom soup, and the braised fish and ground were next to it. Three fresh products, garlic eggplant, blueberry yam, radish, cold konjac shreds, and a cup of corn stalk juice. On the outside are seven bowls made of small bamboo tubes and chopsticks.

After doing this, Qin Xin saw that the judges hadn't come, and ran not far away, picked up some fallen flowers and placed them on the stone table. The appetite on the table changed instantly.

"Beside the river, on a stone table, bamboo bowls filled with food, occasionally decorated with scattered flowers, this kind of artistic conception."

"It's over, I want to eat it, but I want to eat it even more when I see these."

"Good look, I want to buy a bamboo plate."

Six dishes and one soup, the key is there is a fish in it, which is the only one with meat dishes among the three contestants.

After Ye Yans comment, he turned on his phone and started to look at the dishes of the other two contestants. When he saw the fish made by Qin Xin, he was very surprised. In fact, when he came to the stream, Ye Yan also saw the fish, but The fish in the river was so slippery that he couldn't catch it at all. After half an hour of catching it, he didn't even have a hair, and finally Ye Yan gave up.

Everyone tasted the fish first. The fish is already fresh. In addition to the sweetness of the stream, all the fish also have a hint of sweetness. The juice of the salted wood removes the fishy smell and adds the flavoring of peppers. This dish is tasted. Can't help but admire.

Then I started to eat mushroom soup. The taste of mushrooms has a mountain feel. If I felt like swimming in the water when I ate fish just now, it would seem to have come to the mountain stream.

Some judges can't wait to taste other dishes. Let me talk about this carrot. It is a vegetable, but it tastes a bit of meat inside.

The ground sanxian, the ingredients are all good, and they are matched together. I can't wait to eat several bowls of rice noodles. It's a pity that there is no rice here.

And that eggplant is obviously a vegetable, and I dont know why it tastes like seafood.

Finally, I have a small bite of the juice from the fried corn stalks, and I feel comfortable.

The person at the far side said, "Lets talk about the basics first, with all the colors, fragrances, and flavors, especially for the plate. The cyan bamboo and pink flowers are good in color."

"This fish tastes good, fresh and delicious." Mainly the only one caught the fish among the three.

"With so much time, seven dishes are made, and they taste very good."

After you finish the comment, it is Wang Li's turn.

Wang Lixing took a bite of everything, then put down his chopsticks. When others commented, he was silent. When others finished speaking and looked at Wang Lixing, he realized that Wang Lixing's expression was a bit wrong.

Wang Lixing, "The last time I ate the little girl's food was a year ago. This time passed so fast."

Everyone immediately held their breath and listened to Wang Lixing's words. As a senior veteran, Wang Lixing's words weighed quite a bit.

When the barrage saw Wang Lixing's silence for a long time, he was a little anxious.

"and then?"

"I feel so nervous to say something important."

"Yes, last year, Xinxin and Jiang's chef compared their culinary skills, and Wang Lao was still a judge."


Wang Lixing said, "In one year, this little girl's cooking skills can't be overstated."

Wang Lixings apprentice was also in front of the camera. Hearing these words, he wanted to try Qin Xins dishes. When he ate Qin Xins fish last year, he found it delicious. This kind of skyrocketing must be even more delicious. .

"The rules of this competition are harsh. The ingredients are easy to say. This Xin Yuanshan has everything, but the kitchen utensils, ordinary chefs have their own accustomed kitchen utensils, but let's take a look at this chef's cooking." Wang Lixing pointed to the konjac silk," This is done. Everyone cut the stone just now."

Someone really picked it up and cut it and found that it could be cut, but it couldn't make the cross section so neat.

Wang Lixing said again, "Although there is an arc in the middle, the thickness of this iron sheet is inconsistent. Let's try it out." This iron sheet was actually put by the organizer. In addition to the iron sheet, there are many various tools, but Qin Xin Just saw an iron sheet.

Speaking of this, everyone has already discovered how difficult it is.

"I'm talking about making a fire. This is the wooden stick used by the players just now. Try it." Wang Lao said, everyone took turns to try, but after drilling for a long time, let alone no fire, not even a spark appeared. .

Wang Lixing, "And this bamboo, you cut it with a stone."


No, I don't want to try again.

Wang Lixing, "Before coming, Shen Tingshuang said that the only one among the three contestants was the one who walked without stepping on the plants on the side of the road."

Even if he picks it, Qin Xin will not encounter other plants.

Another person suddenly said, "And this contestant has no leftover food." All the food is taken according to the portion size.

Wang Lixing nodded, "Well, after talking so much, I just want to express that for so many years, we have always felt that there is no suitable person for the chef. This time, I think this Qin Xin contestant deserves this name. head."

As soon as these words came out, the other six judges were taken aback for a while, and then they began to taste Qin Xin's food again, this time everyone did it very carefully.

The name of the God of Kitchen in the God of Kitchen Contest cannot be recognized by one judge. It must be recognized by seven judges at the same time to count.

"Mom, why no one speaks, so nervous."

"Can I witness the birth of a God of Cooking."


In addition to the audience, Ye Yan and Kang Tianhua also stared at the screen very nervously. They knew they were hopeless, so they prayed that Qin Xin could be the God of Cooking this year.

After a long time, a second judge said, "I agree with Wang Lixing's view."

Many viewers sitting in front of the live broadcast began to applaud and cheer.

Soon, the next four judges all agreed, leaving only the last judge.

He put down his chopsticks and sighed, "The front wave of the Yangtze River pushed the back wave, and I agree."

All seven judges agreed!

Tang Manying, Wei Shuran, Yuan Yi, etc., these people who are familiar with Qin Xin directly screamed.

Gu Wuyu's eyes turned a little red, he stood up, drove the car, and ran towards Xin Yuanshan.

In the city of T that Qin Xin couldn't see, fireworks were set off. Although it was daytime, everyone was happy and wanted to celebrate it all in this way.

Seeing that the rest of the people agreed, Wang Lixing said, "I announce that the 18th God of Cooking Competition is born. Congratulations to Qin Xin!"

Qin Xin looked at the blue sky and she did it!

Author: Ow, I write to you, this Chefs will end it.

Next is a little fan.

Well, after I finished this article, I started to write "After Rebirth and Idol" This article is very short, the fan of the hero is also called Xingxing~

The next step is the story of Traverse Medical Girl and ancestor 00007, "Crossing the Medical Road with Flowers"

Then there is the heroine of Xin Yuanshan, Shen Tingshuang, "I Make a Fortune by Farming [Rebirth]"

Thanks to the little angels who have supported me along the way, and love you all. .

Thank you, Mingyuexi, the little angel for throwing a lot of thunder.

Thanks also to Hezao, Jiuwei, Dudu Aimei and so on, these little angels who often sprinkle flowers and bubbling comments.

With you here, Ah Qi is not lonely when he writes.


See you next time.

Finally, Amway wrote a friend's article "The Master Xiu is the God of Cooking" by Xue Tang

Ning Moran, an entertainment tycoon, saw Chu Luo for the first time. She was hit by her and fainted at the start-up ceremony. The reason why he was so impressed was that he saw her falling from the sky! ! Later, she cleaned up the unidentified objects around him one by one, and he decided that God had sent them to help him!

Chu Luo is a cultivator who wears to the realm of cultivation in the modern world. Unexpectedly, by chance, she wears it again. She has the space to walk around and becomes the God of Cooking in seconds. Moreover, she discovered that the jade in this world can enhance spiritual power and allow her to practice. Her spiritual power is not smooth, and the most important thing is that the legendary big brother male **** regards her as a god. This kind of feeling should not be too cool. You must work hard and thoroughly do the great god!

small theater:

Chu Luo: "Ning Moran, where are so many little demons by your side!"

Ning Moran: "Maybe it's because I was born to provoke demon love?"

Chu Luo: ...

The beautiful chef with big golden fingers VS the hidden big boss

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