Ceo Of My Heart Book 1 Chapter 280

Volume 1 Chapter 280 280

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"I'm not going to be alone. I'll have Michael and that shy little maid who blushed when she saw you have a six pack. Maybe I'll show her mine." Henry winked as he mock removed his shirt. "On a more serious tone, I do have Michael who'll set me right if I have the wrong thoughts. I have too much to lose now that ending is such a far off concept to me. I lost one family and now I have another. If you'll have me as a surrogate son."

Nadius chuckled as he tied the bathrobe closed with a double knot. "I did want a daughter and a son you know. But those things are left to gods. I always hoped one of mine would turn out half as well as you half. You make me more proud than my own son. I'm glad I don't have one to compare you to because you would outshine all of them."

Emotions throbbed between them as there were some good progress in their relationship, but the door flopped open as the modified maid returned. She looked to Henry straightening his shirt and Nadius tying his bathrobe was her eyes bulging out of her head. Henry wanted to open his mouth and explain, but he knew that nothing he said would make her change her mind that the sheets immediately needed to be changed. Henry exchanged a look with Nadius of barely stifled laughter before heading out. He was happy to hear his own thoughts now that his mind had been cleared of all the question he had about his childhood. His mission now was to make sure that this type of past didn't taint his future.

As emails poured in on his laptop, Henry ignored them as he got a steaming pot of freshly brewed tea and enjoyed it into the night on the balcony where he could watch the New York City skyline dip from dusk to dawn. Over time he was reflective about his past struggles and memories that had been made in this dear spot. He knew his father's memory would always be stained with rage as he thought of all the ways he had tried to disable his mother. However, the rage would dissipate as he remembered Nadius's perspective of events. It humanized the machine he had always considered the great Conrad Wong to be. Henry had kept his emotions out of his relationship with his father with the sinking feeling that no matter what he did, it never seemed to please his father. He had eventually given up and just tried his minimal effort to appease the man. Now he knew all the effort his father had gone into to solidify his standing, Henry understood that this laziness long term would come to haunt him.

It was like a harsh lash was being applied to his back as now he could admit that yes he even agreed with that arcane backwards final testament of his. Conrad, Henry knew for sure, had ascertained that his heir would be reluctant to continue the Wong legacy. His son would not procreate if left without a need to. Conrad had thought so ahead and known his offspring so well that Henry knew his father wasn't anything short of genius to leave his affairs in such a way.

In fact, Henry had constantly felt that the tangent of his life was making him into a much younger Nadius Prime. Although they had grown close by working out together and duly their body mass was similar. He could not deny that Mingxia whispered into his ear too. When Nadius spoke about her spirit to get physical. Henry had to choke back a laugh as he could imagine the aggression contained in such a slight body. But he too held that fire in the forge of his heart. Henry had always known that it was dangerous so he had avoided touching that side of himself. Now he understood that if he was to accept his parents, he had to accept the parts of them which were influenced by them.

He couldn't keep running away.

These revelations were only just the beginning. Making peace with the past was one thing. Even just trying to use his own experiences to accept himself had been difficult as he had not thought of it for so long. But having these types of discussions with people who were around and taking care of it wasn't even starting on the problem he had with giving his heart to another. Having such unconditional love from his dad and uncle, had always felt lacking. He had always wanted more and feared constantly that he wasn't good enough to deserve a stout robust love. Anyone who truly saw his idleness would become disgusted and look away.

It was such a useless chase to try and pursue someone for true affection. He had seen too many men become slaves to it. He knew the opposite was the answer where he had to look within to find security within himself. It was daunting at his age. But he knew from others opinions of him, that he was an alright person to begin with. He was no saint by any means who was going to be canonized. Henry tried to see what was lacking and give it to those who deserved it. He didn't like to waste his money, but he did often wish to pursue charity at the source then have it all dried up in bureaucracy. Henry did try too to treat his workers well, instead of scoffing at people who were not born into a money minded family. Poverty was not unattractive to him, he tried to understand it and mitigate it where he saw it. He made the effort, but he often felt others didn't see or maybe they pretended not to. It would take a while for him to feel the satisfaction of his own efforts, where they did not bear fruit. This was after all the essence of what love often turned out to be.

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