Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2942

Chapter 2942: The Legacy Appears

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In a certain space within the Burial Zone, Fang Jing and the four brothers silently emerged from a crack in space.

"The vestiges will emerge before long. You should go. Travel as far away as possible and find a secretive place to hide, but don't leave the Burial Zone. The Burial Zone is dangerous, but the special environment interferes very much with the senses of Primordial realm experts, so youll instead be a little safer if you remain here." After her final instructions, Fang Jing bade farewell to the four brothers, and they each went off on their own path.

Fang Jing flew through the Burial Zone at high speed alone. She concealed all of her presence and became completely silent. Even Grand Primes would struggle to notice her existence.

After speeding along for a while, Fang Jing had already travelled far away from the location of the Grand Exalts vestiges. In the end, she stopped on the fragment of a planet that drifted through space.

"With their lowly strength, itll probably be very difficult for them to hide from so many Primordial realm experts. Looks like Ill still have to draw attention away from them and cover for them." Fang Jing sighed gently. In the next moment, she changed completely. It was not merely in presence, but in size as well. She even became a completely different person in terms of appearance.

In a split second, she went from a woman of great beauty and valiance to a hunch-backed old woman with peppered hair.

Apart from that, the power of her cultivation pulsed too, stabilising at the First Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime in the end.

Afterwards, Fang Jing quickly cast down a formation on the planetary fragment. She simply hid in the formation like that. Very soon, slivers of the Origin of Ways presence began to seep out of the formation.

In a certain region of the Burial Zone, the ancestor of the Lightning God clan, Lei Yun, was currently searching around carefully. Suddenly, he shuddered, and joy immediately flooded his face.

"The presence of the Origin of Ways. This is the presence of the Origin of Ways. Hahaha, Ive finally found it." With that, Lei Yun suddenly vanished, having turned into a bolt of lightning that shot off into the distance.

In a mere few seconds, Lei Yun appeared outside the formation that Fang Jing had cast down. He stared at the Origin of Ways that seeped out of the formation and could not help but sneer. "Youre dreaming if you think you can hide yourself with the formation and refine the Origin of Ways in complete secrecy. With how wondrous the Origin of Ways is, how can a regular formation trap it?"

Lei Yun extended his right hand and directly reached towards the formation below.

The grasp seemed to contain endless power, making the space completely collapse. As for the formation below, it exploded with a rumble. Sparks flickered inside as electricity danced madly, destroying everything.

In the next moment, a figure in an extremely sorry shape burst out of the formation filled with lightning, giving off the presence of a First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.

She was Fang Jing in disguise.

But at this moment, Fang Jing's presence was a mess. Her complexion was extremely pale, and blood oozed out from the corner of her lips.

Lei Yun saw through the old womans strength with a single glance. With his cultivation as a Fifth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, he obviously would not take a First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime seriously. He said coldly, "Sure enough, someone did get to the Origin of Ways first. In consideration for how difficult it has been for you to reach your current realm, I really dont want to harm you, so just hand over the Origin of Ways. Our Lightning God clan is determined to obtain the Origin of Ways."

"The Lightning God clan? Youre from one of the archaean clans, the Lightning God clan?" Fang Jing was filled with surprise.

"Thats right!"

"Hahahaha, I never thought that one of the mighty archaean clans, the Lightning God clan, would actually stoop as low as stealing a great fortune Ive obtained after so much difficulty. Your Lightning God clan requires the Origin of Ways, but I require it even more than you. So what if youre an archaean clan? You can quit dreaming about stealing my fortune! Im not giving it to you!"

Lei Yun was expressionless, but his gaze did become much colder. "If thats the case, Ill have to collect it in person then." Sure enough, Lei Yun took action. The Laws of Lightning immediately descended, turning into a sword of judgement. He became embroiled in a battle against the old woman.

The difference between the First Heavenly Layer and the Fifth Heavenly Layer could be described as an untraversable chasm. From the get-go, the old woman was heavily injured as if she stood no chance at all.

"Hahahahaha, even your Lightning God clan wont be able to steal a fortune that belongs to me! The Origin of Ways has already all ended up in my hands. If you want the Origin of Ways, thatll depend on whether your people of the Lightning God clan can find me or not! Hahahahahahaha!"

The old woman let out a horse laugh. In the end, within her great laughter, she seemed to use a secret technique that ignited her essence blood. She completely vanished without a trace, having fled already.

Lei Yuns expression immediately changed slightly. In the next moment, powerful senses of the soul flooded out in the surroundings. At the same time, he formed seals with both hands and began peering about, using a multitude of techniques to search for the old womans traces.

A while later, Lei Yun gave up on the search with a darkened expression. He said resentfully, "What an impressive escape technique, and what a powerful hiding ability. Even I cant find a single trace of her."

"What happened?" A bolt of lightning shot over from the distance. Lei Huaji arrived beside Lei Yun.

Lei Yuns face was very ugly. He said sternly, "Ive already found the traces of the Origin of Ways. An old woman has completely taken it away."

"Whats her strength?" Lei Huajis expression changed slightly as well. At the end of the day, someone had still gotten here before them.

"The First Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime. Her strength is nothing special, but her ability to escape is extremely impressive. She just slipped between my fingers."

"Alright. We havent gotten our hands on the Origin of Ways, but we have a target at the very least, and the searching range is smaller. Thats much better than looking around aimlessly. We only need to focus on searching for Grand Primes next," said Lei Huaji.

"Yeah, thats reasonable. Fortunately, we have the ancestral elder watching the other side this time, so we dont have to worry about her escaping. No matter how she hides, shell still be in this world at the end of the day." Lei Yun rejoiced over this fact.

Lei Huaji sneered with that. "Now that you mention it, I really do hope she leaves this world sooner. The Spirits World is far too damaged. I really dont want to stay here for too long."


At this moment, a great rumble rang out in the distance. A powerful pulse of energy basically spread through the entire Burial Zone.

An inconspicuous spatial crack in the Burial Zone suddenly exploded. With the explosion of the spatial crack, a ruined continental fragment hidden in there suddenly appeared.

This incident immediately drew over the experts in the Burial Zone. Very soon, Primordial realm experts set foot on the ruined continent.

"The vestiges of a Grand Exalt. There are vestiges left behind by a Grand Exalt here."

"Theres definitely a Grand Exalts legacy inside. Thats a great fortune, enough for a person to instantly rise up to great heights!"

The appearance of a Grand Exalts legacy was a great temptation to any expert. In particular, to the various experts who were searching for fortunes and opportunities in the ruins of the Spirits World, no one could resist such a great temptation.

There were people who tried to lock down the information immediately so that they could claim the legacy for themselves, but the disturbance when the continent emerged from the spatial crack was far too great. It had alarmed the entire Burial Zone already, so how was it possible to lock down the information?

Immediately, the news of a Grand Exalts legacy spread like wildfire, immediately sucking in the attention of all experts. They all stopped searching for the Origin of Ways and rushed off in the direction of the vestiges of the Grand Exalt.

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