Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2943

Chapter 2943: Exhausting The Essence Blood One

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At this moment, Fang Jing hovered in a certain part of the Burial Zone, gazing in the direction of the vestiges of the Grand Exalt. She murmured, "The Lightning God clan has already locked onto a Grand Prime now, so theyre not going to search the entire Burial Zone and suspect everybody. As for the Infinite Primes and the Chaotic Primes, the vestiges have drawn all of them over, so the four of you should be much safer now."

"The Saints World restricts me. My priority right now is to recover my strength as quickly as possible. Then I can summon the Dominions Brush from the space beyond the worlds. As long as I have Dominions Brush, Ill be free to go to any of the six worlds."


In the vast space of the Saints World, a divine hall currently sat on a nameless star hidden under formations upon formations. Jian Chen, who had been eating God Tier pills to recover his chaotic essence blood, suddenly opened his eyes slowly.

He had ingested five God Pills of Condensing Blood recently. He had completely absorbed their effects, so Jian Chen had replenished a total of ten droplets of essence blood.

"Ive already used up all the God Pills of Condensing Blood that senior Wind gave me." Jian Chen checked the Space Ring and sighed inside.

God Pills of Condensing Blood were mid grade God Tier pills, as well as the variety he had received the most of from senior Wind. There were a total of twelve bottles, or a hundred and twenty pills.

Now, the hundred and twenty God Pills of Condensing Blood had all been converted into over two hundred droplets of chaotic essence blood, all of which he had offered to the Wind Venerable.

However, Jian Chen felt like he was still nowhere close to fulfilling senior Winds requirements even after over two hundred droplets of chaotic essence blood.

However, the essence blood had not gone to waste either. Jian Chen had no idea how the Wind Venerable had used his essence blood, whether it was directly absorbing the chaotic presence within or using it for something else, but he clearly noticed that the Wind Venerable remained sane for much longer with each time.

That was not all. He lost his mind and sank into insanity for shorter periods of time too.

Of course, there was still a very long road ahead of him before complete recovery.

"The pill toxins in my body are building up. I need to refine them away again, or not only will it influence my body, but itll even make me develop resistance to the pills too, making the effects weaker. Sigh, the higher a pills grade, the more vicious the pill toxins become. There probably haven't been a lot of people who are bold enough to consume God Tier pills as frequently and vigorously as me." Jian Chen checked his body silently. To experts with other constitutions, purging the pill toxins from their bodies would definitely be a time and energy consuming matter.

But to the Chaotic Body, purging pill toxins was nothing difficult at all. As he circulated his Chaotic Force and the brutal and destructive presence rampaged through his body, the pill toxins accumulated in his body all vanished, having been completely eliminated.

Purging the pill toxins only took him three days. After those three days, all the pill toxins in Jian Chens body had been removed.

After all, there were very few energies in the world that could compare to Jian Chens impure Chaotic Force, much less possess the same destructiveness as Chaotic Force. As a result, there obviously were not any experts in the world who could purge the pill toxins from their bodies as easily as Jian Chen.

"Only the God Pills of Condensing Blood, Divine Blood Pills of Eternity, and the Heaven Surpassing Pills of Revival can assist me in recovering my essence blood out of all the pills that senior Wind has given me. Divine Blood Pills of Eternity and the Heaven Surpassing Pills of Revival are both high grade God Tier pills. I wonder how much chaotic essence blood I can recover with each pill." With a flip of his hand, two jade bottles appeared. He poured out a pill from each bottle and ingested the Divine Blood Pill of Eternity rather eagerly.

After all, when it came to their effects, a qualitative difference existed between mid and high grade God Tier pills. If a mid grade God Tier pill could allow him to recover two droplets of chaotic essence blood, then what about a high grade God Tier pill?

Jian Chen was filled with anticipation.

Very soon, he completely refined the Divine Blood Pill of Eternity, but Jian Chen was utterly disappointed. The high grade God Tier pill only allowed him to recover four droplets of chaotic essence blood, which was worlds apart from what he had been expecting.

Afterwards, Jian Chen ingested a Heaven Surpassing Pill of Revival and recovered five droplets in the end.

"A Divine Blood Pill of Eternity can recover four droplets, while a Heaven Surpassing Pill of Revival can recover five" Jian Chen was rather troubled. Both of them were high grade God Tier pills and nowhere near as numerous as the God Pills of Condensing Blood. They would probably be nowhere near enough according to the rate at which they recovered chaotic essence blood.

"Recovering essence blood is a secondary effect of the Divine Blood Pills of Eternity and Heaven Surpassing Pills of Revival. These are two pills that focus on recovery. Theyre primarily for healing, so their effects for recovering essence blood is nowhere close to my expectations. Whatever, so be it. Ill use them for now"

Jian Chen took out a jade bottle and removed forty droplets of chaotic essence blood at once, storing it in the bottle. He immediately paled and became haggard.

However, he was not too worried about this. Instead, he looked at the jade bottle in his hand. "With this, the chaotic essence blood in this bottle had reached a hundred droplets. Ill hand this over to senior Wind first."

In the next moment, Jian Chens figure appeared outside the divine hall.

Senior Wind happened to be in a sane state right now. He was guiding Shen Jian and Sacredfeather with their cultivation nearby, explaining the various problems they encountered.

"Jian Chen, youve emerged. Sigh, look at you. Youve made yourself so feeble again. How many times do I have to tell you? You can take it slowly. You mustnt rush. You cant let something happen to your body, or how will I find any peace of mind?"

The Wind Venerable immediately let Shen Jian and Sacredfeather be, arriving before Jian Chen in a flash when he emerged. The Wind Venerables face was filled with self-guilt and self-blame, but he was also extremely concerned about Jian Chens condition.

"Senior Wind, theres no need to worry about me. With your God Tier pills, Ill recover extremely quickly. Here, this is the essence blood Ive collected recently," Jian Chen said in an unconcerned manner before passing the jade bottle to the Wind Venerable.

The Wind Venerable immediately sensed the quantity of essence blood inside and was touched. His self-guilt grew heavier. He let out a sigh and said, "Oh you. I really have no idea what I can say about you. Youve completely brushed aside my words of advice. With how frequently youve been extracting chaotic essence blood, the God Tier pills will only serve as sources of temporary relief. Once something happens to the source of your life, itll affect you quite a lot in the future."

"As long as senior Wind can recover sooner, its nothing if it costs me a little," Jian Chen said seriously. He was not feigning sincerity. He truly hoped that senior Wind could merge with the god artifact sooner and rise up to the position of a Grand Exalt.

With his unsparing efforts to assist senior Wind, his chances at successfully merging with the god artifact had gone from thirty percent directly to ninety percent. This was no longer as simple as senior Wind owing him a favour for his kindness anymore.

As a result, once senior Wind became a sovereign of the world, that would be equivalent to having a Grand Exalt standing right behind him and protecting him.

Of course, this was only one of Jian Chens objectives. He had another important reason, which was to leave here sooner.

"You- sigh" Senior Wind faltered, but in the end, he only sighed gently and said nothing.

He could see Jian Chens resolve. He knew it would be useless no matter what he said.

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