City: I Have A New Identity Weekly Chapter 1394

Chapter 1401: Kill Kill Kill Kill Everything

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Hedao is to be in harmony with the heavenly way, incarnate into the heavenly way, and enforce the law on behalf of the heavens, such as Hongjun in the world of conferred gods.

Hongjun is the heaven in the world of conferred gods.

The way of preaching is the way of attaining, transcending the way of heaven.

But this old man is trying to prove the Three Thousand Dao at the same time, and he is not willing to only transcend the Heavenly Dao, and he wants to refine and control the Three Thousand Dao. It can be said to be insatiable.

The Dao is ruthless, the Dao of heaven is wise, and the Dao of heaven is not stupid. Its fine if you detach from me, or you can be with me, but you still want to refine me while you have proven the Dao. Isnt it true that I cant carry a knife? ?

In the three thousand great worlds, the heavens in each world are the ceiling of the current world's combat power before the emergence of the strong proving Dao. The world leader, the three thousand heavens and the Dao join hands to hinder him, how can he prove the success of the Dao?

Moreover, he was put on a blacklist, so that he would not dare to go out in the Luotian God Monument, otherwise Su Xun would not be able to obtain the system, and there would be no such opportunity.

Su Xun looked at the old man: "Dare to let the seniors know that the juniors and three or five friends are trapped here. Today, the demon clan outsiders **, I hope seniors can send me away."

"It's not in a hurry." The old man looked at Su Xun with a torch-like gaze: "I failed to rebuild my soul. There is not much time, and I can't leave this monument, but I don't want my life's gains to disappear. I ask you if I am willing to continue my mantle. "

Ordinary Luo and saints can be resurrected after death, but he is not tolerated by heaven and great roads, so naturally there is no chance of resurrection, otherwise he would not hide here.

"Apprentice Su Xun sees Master!" Su Xun knelt down without hesitation, and kowtowed.

It was all given by the old man in front of him that someone who Su had today, and now the other party wants to pass on his life's gains to him, the master naturally shouted.

As for whether the old man would have a plan, he had nothing to worry about, because it was too easy to calculate with the strength of the old man.

There is no need to engage in these twists and turns.

The old man said: "Please remember, the name of this seat is Luo Tian, you should keep it in your heart, and you can't promote it."

"The disciple dare not forget all his life." Su Xun replied.

The old man sighed: "This seat contemptuously contemptuously contemptuously contempt all things in the world, thinking that from the saints to the heavens, those who are incompetent to compare with me. Then he wanted to prove the three thousand ways together, and drive away the path of the billion trillion monks in the world; Refining the three thousand realms and exterminating the three thousand heavenly ways. If you want to be the **** of the gods, the heaven of the heavens is really an undesirable way. If you end up like this, you should learn your lesson."

If he only proves one, no, even if he only proves ten avenues, he has already succeeded.

But he is greedy, he wants it all.

"The disciple should remember." Su Xun secretly said, I want to go your way and I can't go. When you were running rampant, no one has witnessed it. How many years have passed, maybe someone in other worlds has already succeeded in the testimony. Now, the Three Thousand Avenue has already been taken up.

There are only three thousand avenues in the world, and there can only be three thousand people who succeed in proving the Tao and be the master of one.

"The method of reshaping the soul is invalid. You and I met again across ten thousand realms, and passed on to the deathbed. This seat is dead without regrets. After death, this seat will turn into a soul orb, which contains my memory and remaining mana. You can refine your life's understanding of Taoism here."

"In addition, this stele is a magic weapon I refined for shelter in the past, but you can take it away when you leave, and this Fuyao Palace is also a magic weapon I refined, and I will also bring it with you. go."

"You and me are separated by the heavens and myriad worlds, but you are on the road of immortality because of me, and I can inherit the mantle because of you. The word fate is wonderful, haha..."

Amidst the laughter, Luo Tian took the initiative to sit down, his laughter diminished, leaving only one soul bead floating on the spot.

"Apprentice, respectfully send Master!"

Su Xun knelt on the ground and shouted loudly.

After that, he got up, stepped forward to hold the soul orb, then meditated cross-legged, and began to refine the soul orb.

Although Luo Tian only has the remnant soul, the remaining mana is still terrifying. Su Xun is now a sixth-rank sage. If all these mana and his perception of the avenue are absorbed and refined, his cultivation level will surely be connected to several steps.

Luo Tian's understanding of the Three Thousand Great Dao Principle was all to the extreme, and Su Xun's time and Dao were also in it.

Time goes by, and there are no years in the mountains. There are thousands of years in the world, one month, one year, ten years...

Ten years later in the blink of an eye, Su Xun sat in the pavilion as quietly as a stone statue.

The soul orb floating on his chest was already dimmed.

His cultivation base has been advancing continuously for ten years, and he was almost abruptly pushed up by Luo Tian's inheritance. He has been promoted to two ranks in ten years, and he is directly on the eighth rank of saints.


The soul orb exploded and turned into ashes.

At the same time, Su Xun opened his eyes, which seemed to see through the galaxy, containing millions of years of vicissitudes.

"I finally understand what it feels like to be a rich second generation."

Su Xun muttered to himself.

The rich generation passes all their accumulated life to the rich second generation before they die, and then the rich second generation takes off instantly. This feeling is simply wonderful.

Afterwards, he will break the realm Dan Tun.

This pill was originally intended to be taken when he stayed at the ninth grade of the sage, and stepped into the realm of Zhengdao.

However, the system was created by Luo Tian. Although Luo Tian was very strong, he did not prove the truth in the end.

Although Luo Tian is infinitely close to the Proving Dao, he does not have the strength of a Proving Dao strong after all, so how can this pill allow him to enter the Proving Dao in one fell swoop? If you don't use it now, you won't need it in the future.

After taking Po Boundary Pill, Su Xun's still unstable eighth-rank cultivation base broke through again and stepped into the ninth-rank.

After entering the Ninth Stage, he felt that proving the Dao was a step forward. Because he also inherited Luo Tians understanding of the law of the Three Thousand Dao, so his understanding of the Time Dao was naturally complete. Only when the time comes, he can cross. Enter the realm of the path.

He is not as greedy as Luo Tian, but now he is not reconciled to just prove the way of time.

Because Luo Tian's sentiment is readily available, as long as he is willing, he can almost fully prove the Tao that others have not yet proven. Of course, greed will die.

So he plans to prove only two Dao, control two laws, time and space, time is respect, space is king, mastering these two laws, then he can be invincible among three thousand Dao masters.

"Sage Ninth Grade, who can beat me in the world?"

Su Xun felt himself swelled.

Then he refined the Luotian God Stele, after all, this is a treasure that can suppress a world.

As Luo Tianshen stele was refined by him, the outside world also changed.

Because Su Xun hadn't come out in the stele, Zhou Baobao and others bought a suite directly in Haiyan City in order to wait for him, and they flew to see him every day.

On this day, Zhou Baobao, Tang Seng, Yue Ling, Nuwa, Chang'e, and Shenying came to the Qinglong Canyon again, looking at the Luotian God Stele in a little melancholy.

Suddenly, there was a rumbling, the earth moved and the mountains shook, the Luotian **** monument began to shrink, and countless tourists were shocked.

"This...what's going on!"

"Is there really a **** who is about to be born?"

"How did the stele shrink! Look at it..."

Countless tourists took crazy pictures with their phones.

Then the stele disappeared, and then a long-haired man in a white robe walked through the air.

"God! Damn! There are gods!"

"May the gods bless me to make a fortune!"

"I want to kill my physics teacher! He has been deceiving me! Who said that people can't fly!"

All the tourists were shocked and crazy because they witnessed the miracles and gods with their own eyes.

"It's Su Xun!"

"My cultivation base is restored!"

Below the gorge, Tang Seng and the others were also extremely excited, because their cultivation base had recovered, and all the marks left on their faces over the past ten years had disappeared.

Su Xun fell next to Bao Bao Zhou and looked at her dull-eyed: "Why, can't you recognize her?"

At this time, Bao Bao Zhou is in her thirties, but she is not only not old, but also more charming.

"You...I..." Baby Zhou wanted to say something, but couldn't say it, so she threw herself into Su Xun's arms.

Su Xun patted her fragrant shoulder lightly: "Baby, come with me, get out of here, this world is just a magic weapon, I will soon collect it."

"Yeah." Baby Zhou nodded repeatedly.

At the same time, the five demon saints who had been sweeping the toilet for ten consecutive years also resumed their cultivation, roaring and manifesting their body, and five giant beasts rampaged the city.

"A group of ants, lowly human reptiles, dare to let us sweep the toilet for ten years. Let's all die and sleep with our shame!"

"Humble reptiles, your end is here!"

Thinking of the humiliation they have suffered over the past ten years, the five demon saints are full of anger and trembling.

Let alone cleaning the toilet, they have never even used the toilet before. It is a shame! What a shame!

This is their dark history, so all people in this world must die.

"Monster! There are monsters! Run!"

"The monster is coming! Run!"


The entire Yongan City was in chaos, and countless people screamed for their lives, but were crushed to ashes.

Five demon saints can easily destroy the world at will, but they have to slowly slaughter in this way to vent the anger in their hearts.

And the few human juniors who came in with them will die without a place to bury them!

Su Xun sensed the police in Yong'an City, and immediately waved his hand, and everyone disappeared from where they were.

In the next moment, it was already over Yong'an City.


Seeing the five-headed monster beast easily stepped on his company building, Zhou Baobao was scared to look at Huarong.

"She left it to you. I'll kill those beasts." Su Xun turned into a rainbow and galloped away.

"It's you! I didn't expect you to dare to take the lead!"

"It's true that there is a way in heaven, you don't go, and there is no way to hell, you can vote for yourself! Today, you will definitely make your life worse than death!"

"Ten years! Ten years! Do you know how we came here in these ten years? You damn!"

After seeing Su Xun, the five demon saints were extremely jealous when they met, and roared hysterically.

"I guess, have you been playing Lan Yue for the past ten years?" Su Xun said with a grin.

"Playing with your mother! Go to hell!"

The seventh-rank Monster Beast yelled angrily, and then the huge mountain-like body was thrown into his arms and pressed towards Su Xun.

"I don't like people, beasts, or males."

Su Xun's voice fell, and he stepped on it.

The seventh-rank demon saint only felt that his entire body was imprisoned, and he could only watch the giant feet downstairs, and roared in his heart: "This is impossible! Impossible! Why has his cultivation reached a higher level!" "


The seventh-rank demon saint was directly stepped into a pit of ten thousand meters wide, shaking the mountain in a radius of thousands of miles.

With the power of a kick, a seventh-rank demon saint died away, and even failed to whine before he died.

The 7th and 9th products are worlds apart.

"How could this happen! Your cultivation base..."

The other four demon saints were shocked and unbelievable. Why did the other party actually break through after being sealed for the same cultivation base? Why! why!

The enthusiasm for revenge cooled down suddenly, and they suddenly woke up, when it was time to repay their grievances, they should be more generous and not care about Su Xun.

All mortals are dumbfounded.

"This is a god! The **** has come to save us!"

"What happened in this world?"

"Why do monsters suddenly appear, gods suddenly appear! The sky changes as soon as I wake up!"

Everyone feels that the three views that they have created since childhood have been subverted to pieces.

"Today, everyone will die here!"

Su Xun's palm fell, as if countless layers of time and space were pressed down, and the remaining four demon saints were enveloped in it.


The Four Saints roared, trying hard to escape, but no matter how they run, the hand is always above.

"Can't run away! Fight with him!"

The Four Saints finally realized that escape was useless.

They used their own life-saving trump cards and sacrificed magic weapons in an attempt to resist Su Xun's palm.

"The ant shakes the tree and is overpowered."

Su Xun smiled contemptuously, and the giant palm suddenly fell. At this moment, the universe shattered, the world shattered, and the entire White Feather Kingdom was turned into ashes. The Four Sages of the Demon Race were directly shattered by this palm, leaving only the soul.


The Four Holy Spirits were still there, trying to reunite their bodies, but how could Su Xun give them this opportunity.

"The person you are going to kill can't be saved by the sky, let alone the ants who saved themselves. Give up the struggle."

Su Xun's wind was light and the clouds were light, and he grabbed the void, and the long and ethereal river of time was directly torn down by him, and then turned into the sword of time and cut down, turning the world around.

Under the interference of the law of time, the lives of the Four Demon Saints regressed and turned into four babies, then vanished into nothing, disappearing completely between heaven and earth.

Even the resurrection methods they left behind could not resurrect them, because Su Xun directly erased them from the long river of time, which is equivalent to their past, present, and future never existed.

How can people who have never existed be resurrected?

Afterwards, Su Xun looked at the devastation, with a flick of his finger, the space was distorted, the rubble was reunited, and the collapsed tall buildings rose on the ground, the sunken ground was restored to level, and the dead were resurrected...

One thought overwhelms the common people, one thought overwhelms the common people.

Don't talk about Bao Bao Zhou, even Tang Seng and others have been dumbfounded. What kind of cultivation is this?

"What is your cultivation level now? What happened in the stele." Tang Seng reacted first.

The others also looked at Su Xun curiously.

Su Xun smiled slightly: "I met a big man who was about to sit in the stone tablet. He accepted me as my mantle and let me break through the Ninth-Rank Saint in one fell swoop."

"It turns out that you are the protagonist in the novel, so sour!" Tang Sanzang felt like a lemon, because this riding a horse was completely treated by the protagonist.

Su Xun only smiled when he heard this. He and Luo Tian had formed a fate a long time ago, otherwise it would be impossible for Luo Tian to accept him as a disciple. He could only say that it was fate.

"Fuyao Palace is a magic weapon. When I refine this release, we will leave."

Then, with a thought, everyone disappeared.

In Baiyu Kingdom, the legends about today are forever circulated, and countless people have begun their journey of seeking immortals, but from now on, no one has seen immortals again.

After countless years, the immortal was reduced to legend again, and the wind of science blew across the earth again.

Ancient battlefield outside the territory.

In the past ten years in the Fuyao Palace, a hundred years have passed on the Xuanyue Continent, and the battle between the monster race, the demons, the **** race, and the heaven has also been going on for a hundred years.

Many saints have fallen on both sides in a hundred years.

Three of the remaining seven **** kings of the Protoss died, and one of the three three gods died. Four of the eight demon kings of the demon race died, one of the four great ancestors was seriously injured, and three saints of the demon race died. Emperor Ziwei fell successively.

The deaths and injuries of Daluo and Taiyi were countless.

The main battlefield is still the ancient battlefield outside the territory, but there has been a lot of smoke on the Xuanyue Continent.

The lower six states and the middle five states have been invaded by the demons, and the Yinsi has been fighting the demons for decades.

On this day, the Yaozu army and the heavenly army were facing each other far away, and the two sides had 500,000 soldiers.

There are five saints in total, including the Demon King and the four major demon generals under the leader of the demon clan.

The leaders of the Heavenly Court are Burning Lantern Buddha, Yang Jian, and Nezha. They defeated the Four Sages of the Buddha. They were slightly inferior in strength, but the war was not evenly matched.

"Is there no one in the heaven? Even the bald donkey can come out to lead soldiers, hahahaha..."

The Demon King said with a few laughs.

"You **** is crazy! Look great!"

Fighting defeat Buddha Sun Wukong roared, stepped into the air, and instantly hit the golden hoop in his hand. When he landed, he turned into a thousand-zhang Tianzhu, fierce and mighty.

"You call me a beast? Are you also a man with fur? This stick is almost the same for my king."

The Demon King sneered, Qing Tianyi grasped the golden hoop, and then burst into force, slamming, a black cobweb-like crack appeared on the golden hoop.

"Amitabha, the benefactor, put down the butcher knife and become a Buddha, or put down his head."

The lamp-burning Buddha puts his hands together, the light of the Buddha is a masterpiece, a hundred thousand phantom of the Buddha emerges behind him, and he sends it out with one palm. The 33rd heaven appears, and the sky shatters in an instant.

"The old bald donkey's tone is not small!"

The demon king smashed the golden cudgel with a punch, then roared, his body appeared, and he opened his mouth and swallowed one hundred thousand Buddhas: "But so! Hahahaha, looking around, who can be against me! Who!"

"Wan Sheng! Wan Sheng! Wan Sheng!"

The morale of the monster army is like a rainbow.

Yang Jian and the others didn't look good, because they were indeed inferior to each other here.

Burning Lamp Buddha had been injured before, so how could he be the opponent of the Demon King in his heyday.

"If you surrender to my monster clan, you may still see a dog's life, otherwise, there will be a dead end!"

The Demon King of Tanglu returned to his human form, flying high in the air and looking down at the people below, his eyes were full of contempt, and his expression on his face made no secret of it.

The next second, a finger fell from the sky.

Everyone is too much at the same time.

"Those who hide their heads and show their tails! Give me a break!"

The Demon King dismissed it, and directly punched his fists upwards, and suddenly the thunder roared and the wind roared.

However, the Demon King was stunned soon.

Because that finger actually penetrated his defense easily, and the speed fell unabated. At this moment, he seemed to be below him, and the ghosts roared.

Cold and sad, countless negative emotions have wrapped up everyone, unknowingly affecting their thoughts.

Not only him, but everyone in the Yaozu or Heavenly Court felt that they were being dragged into hell, with countless ghosts roaring and roaring around.

"Huangquan pointed." Ran Deng's complexion changed slightly.

This is the Yinsi's spell, and now only Po Meng can do this trick, but Po Meng does not have such a strong cultivation base, the Huang Quan she used does not have this power.

He suddenly thought of the descendant of the cloudy sky that Chang'e said last time... but soon he threw this idea out of his mind again, it could not be him.

His cultivation level could not be that high.

"A mere illusion! How can you scare me!"

The Demon King quickly reacted and turned into a demon body with a long roar up to the sky, opening his mouth and biting his huge finger.


The Demon King was directly pushed into the ground by a towering giant finger, but he was also a ninth-rank sage, so he was only injured a little, not his origin.

But this is already shocking enough.

After all, that was a Ninth-Rank Saint who was actually pushed into the ground without any resistance.

"Who is it! Who is it! What a good guy to hide the head and show the tail! Someone who came out and did a fair job!"

The Demon King flew out of the ground and roared with a hideous face. The move just now didn't hurt him much, but it was extremely insulting, and he was angry.

"So, I will grant you a death."

A voice echoed in the sky and the earth.

The next moment, the void split open, and a young man wearing a black dragon robe slowly walked out.

Behind him was a sword floating.

"Yintian Zijian!" Lan Deng Buddha exclaimed!

"It's him! How could he..."

Yang Jian and the others also reacted, this is the descendant of the cloudy sky that Chang'e said last time.

How could his cultivation base be so high! ! !

At least two or three stories high!

And Nezha was even more shocked, because he had seen Su Xun's vest of Su Changsheng. He remembered that Su Xun was clearly a sixth-rank saint before. Could it be that he had hidden his cultivation level before? It must be so! After all, no one can go from the sixth rank to the ninth rank in just a hundred years.

Moreover, such a powerful Ninth-Rank can easily defeat a Ninth-Rank Saint of the same rank.

"Who are you!" asked the Demon King.

Su Xun said, "Yin Tianzi, Su Xun."

"I haven't heard of it, dare to attack me and die!" A spear flew out of the Demon King's body to stab Su Xun.

Su Xun just smiled, and the Yin Tianzi sword behind him groaned with a sword, the sword glowed like thunder, and the spear was immediately forced back. Then Su Xun held the sword and cut it down with a single sword.


This sword contains the power of more than one hundred laws such as the law of death, the law of space, and the law of curse.

He inherited Luo Tian's perception of the Three Thousand Avenues. He didn't need to prove the Three Thousand Avenues at the same time, but he could use the Three Thousand Avenues.

This was the most precious thing Luo Tian left him, and it was simply an indispensable weapon for the saint slaughter.

"how is this possible!"

All the saints present were stunned, and Su Xun's sword cut out the power of more than a hundred laws.

This horse riding is completely impossible!

Because no one has the energy to practice so many kinds of laws at the same time.

But now, they really saw that Su Xun's sword contained more than one hundred laws, and their knowledge of the laws had been completely subverted.

"Idiot, who gave you the courage to make you think that you can be my opponent in front of you?"


With a sword falling, the space around the Demon King began to twist and shatter, and his body was broken into pieces and torn apart with the space. He wanted to resist and want to run, but time had frozen for him.

Finally, the heaven and the earth returned to calm, a gust of wind blew, and the figure of the Demon King no longer existed.

The entire battlefield was silent.

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