City: I Have A New Identity Weekly Chapter 1395

Chapter 1402: The Yinsi Army's Expedition To Tianzhou

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Kill the ninth grade saint with one sword.

Even the Jade Emperor, a strong man like the Demon Emperor couldn't do it.

Therefore, the shock brought by Su Xun's beheading of the Demon King is extremely powerful. In other words, he is now the strongest saint in Xuanyue Continent.

At least one-to-one.

Then, in the shocking eyes of everyone, Su Xun stepped out one step at a time, and the power of different laws condensed step by step to support him.

Catch the void.

Countless laws were controlled by him, turning into thousands of sword lights and flying towards the monster tribe army.

Hundreds of thousands of demon tribe army vanished.

The four great demons under the Demon King will not hesitate, and they will escape in four directions in a tacit understanding.

Su Xun waved his sleeve robe, covering the sky, and directly put the four big monsters into the cuffs, and then four screams came from the sleeves, and everything returned to calm.

"Where is the Jade Emperor."

Su Xun looked back, looking down like a burning lamp.

"Amitabha Buddha, the old monk has seen Your Majesty Yin Tianzi, the Demon Race and the Demon Race are frantic, and they have also opened up a battlefield in the Xuanyue Continent. The Jade Emperor and God Emperor of the Allied Forces have returned to Yunzhou and Shenzhou to sit in town."

"The old monk can take your majesty to Yunzhou to see the Jade Emperor. Now that the Xuanyue Continent has been plagued by monsters, the Jade Emperor is very happy to see his Majesty."

Ran Deng shot an inspector at Su Xun and said.

"I will see him, but not now."

Su Xun faintly dropped a word, and then stepped out and disappeared.

The demons and demons broke their jars and opened up battlefields on Xuanyue Continent regardless of the risk of the world being shattered. Then the Five Central States must have also been affected.

He hasn't been back for so many years, and he hasn't sent any news back. Of course, he went back to the Central Five States first. After all, that's where his foundation lies.

"This cloudy son, it doesn't seem to be good-for-nothing."

Lan Deng Buddha said with a sigh, because he could feel the other side's contempt for the Jade Emperor, and he must be unwilling to be under the Jade Emperor.

"Yin Tianzi and Jade Emperor, one governs the immortal world and the other underworld, they are supposed to sit on an equal footing, but before the Heavenly Court was strong, they pressed the Yin Division everywhere. Now that the master of Yin Division has such a high level of cultivation, he will naturally not put the Jade Emperor in his eyes. "Yang Jian said casually.

This seems to him to be a very normal thing.

The white light fell, and Chang'e floated.

"Xingjun Taiyin, you have disappeared with Yin Tianzi for a hundred years. What happened during these hundred years?"

Seeing Chang'e, Burning Lamp Buddha quickly asked.

Chang'e looked cold, and the jade hand subconsciously pushed the jade rabbit in his arms, and calmly said: "Landing Buddha, forgive me, Xiaoxian will report this matter to the Jade Emperor."

At the same time, Shenying also reunited with the father and daughter of the King of Kagura. Now King of Kagura is the deputy commander of the immortal coalition on the ancient battlefield, and the coach is the king of Tota, Li Jing.

"Ying'er, where have you been in these hundred years, Su Changsheng? Why didn't he come back?"

I thought that my daughter would be so bad, but I didn't expect to come back alive again. Kagura was very happy.

After all, he only has this daughter.

"Father, let me tell you slowly, Su Lang has returned to the five states..." Shenying held her father's arm.

"Wait!" King Kagura interrupted Shenying's words with a trembling voice: "You...what do you call him?"

"Su Lang, father, I already have a husband and wife relationship with Su Lang." Shen Ying's face was shy.

Don't look at her so shy, she is also a female knight galloping and galloping on the bed.

King Kagura burst into tears, and rushed into the crown with anger: "What a Su Changsheng! He is worthy of my Protoss prince and daughter. He had better not come back again when he returned to the five states, otherwise the king would kill him himself! "

He didn't expect that he was so good to Su Xun. He regarded him as a comrade-in-arms from birth to death, and he actually regarded himself as father-in-law and slept with his daughter.

The biggest mistake in his life was to hand over his baby girl to Su Xun and send the sheep to the tiger's mouth!

He would never accept a human son-in-law, because this would pollute the pure blood of their protoss!

Shenying snorted unwillingly: "It's all a question whether you can beat him or not. Su Lang is now a ninth-rank saint, so he is not afraid of you!"

"You...what did you say? He is at the 9th rank? You don't want to be a husband, this is absolutely impossible!" King Kagura sneered at this, thinking that Shenying made up her marriage with Su Changsheng to make herself the same .

Shenying pursed her mouth: "How could it be impossible? Su Lang is a man of heaven, with unparalleled luck. We have entered a secret realm called Fuyao Palace this time..."

After the Kagura King listened to the whole process, he became surprised and uncertain: "He is really a 9th grade?"

"Father, it's so easy to confirm, does my daughter lie to you when using it?" Shenying was not happy.

King Kagura's face sank: "It's not like it! It's not like it! Since you and your son-in-law are married, why don't you bring him to visit my father-in-law first!"

"Father..." Shenying's beautiful eyes widened as she looked at her father who was turning a hundred and eighty degrees.

King Kagura said frankly, "What are you looking at me for! If it weren't for the father, I know people, would you have a chance to marry such a good man?"

Shen Ying: "..............."

Dad, you are a fickle man, and what you are best at is changing faces.

And Su Lang is a man transformed into an eel. What he is best at is drilling holes and getting a taste of it.

Shen Ying has a deep understanding of this!

A man transformed into an eel is a natural enemy of a woman!

"What do you think? Why is your face blushing?" King Kagura looked at his baby girl strangely.

Shenying's pretty face turned red, and she quickly changed the subject: "Father, your virtuous son-in-law still has something to ask you to help, let you develop the teleportation formation of the link between Shenzhou and Lingzhou, and his army will be teleported over..."

The ninth rank of the saint, and it is also the extreme state of the ninth rank of the saint. It does not need a teleportation array, and can quickly cross the boundless sea to reach the middle five states by himself.

Along the way, Su Xun saw that monsters were raging everywhere, wars were flying, countless villages were ruined, the city was empty, and the bones were lying on the ground.

Countless mountains have been razed to the ground, and half of the Lingzhou has been reduced to ruins. This is where the Yinsi headquarters is located. The other four states are probably even more terrible.

His spiritual consciousness overwhelmed the world, directly covering Taizhou, Lingzhou, Qinzhou, Yuzhou, and Xiazhou.

Afterwards, he stuck out his hand blankly.

At the same time, thousands of miles away, a big city is being besieged by demons, and the Yinsi soldiers and local monks are fighting to death with the demons. The fighting is fierce.

"Humble human ants go to death! You lowly creatures don't deserve this world!"

A big Luojing leader of the Mozu laughed wildly.

But at this moment, a big hand fell from the sky and wiped out the army of tens of thousands of monsters with ease.

The Yinsi soldiers and local monks who were already mortal were directly dumbfounded, looking at each other.

And the same scene was staged in every corner of the five states. The army of monsters that had been raging in the noon state for decades, today, were all slapped into ashes by a big hand that fell from the sky and easily erased.

In the next moment, a black seal phantom appeared in the sky above each state, and the mighty voice spread throughout the five states: "Yin Si soldiers, quickly return to the underworld."

There was a dead silence between the world and the earth, and then the sounds of mountains and tsunamis erupted from all over the five states.

"Yes... Your Majesty! Your Majesty!"

"Your Majesty is back! Your Majesty is back!"

"We are saved! Your Majesty is back!"

All the Yinsi soldiers, local monks, and even the common people rushed to tell each other, and the family reveled.

For decades, the shadow over the Central Five States disappeared instantly.

Outside the Guimen Pass, Gu Jian Nuwa, Tongtian Hierarch and others have already led hundreds of officials to greet them here.

Su Xun took Tang Seng, and Xiao Wa arrived in no time.

Looking at Su Xun, everyone's eyes were filled with excitement, especially the tears of his women.

Su Xun glanced at it. When he left, there were more than 70 saints in Yinsi, and now only less than half are left.

"I, I'm back." Su Xun said.

"Welcome your Majesty back to the court!"

The civil and military officials and soldiers all knelt down.

Su Xun waved, everyone got up.

Afterwards, the North Korean meeting was held, allowing Su Xun to understand the overall situation of the five states in the past few decades.

Su Xun then directly ordered that after all the Yinsi soldiers were assembled, they would drive to the upper three states to participate in the war.

Yunzhou Tianting.

"You mean that this generation of Yin Tianzi has broken through the Ninth-Rank Saint? And it is stronger than the average Ninth-Rank Saint?" The Jade Emperor looked at Chang'e incredulously.

"Master Lunar Star, could it be that you made a mistake."

"Yes, how can anyone directly break through the ninth rank from the sixth rank, unless he has the inheritance of the proving Dao expert, but there is no proving Dao expert in Xuanyue Continent!"

"Yeah, this matter is very important, and I hope that Lord Taiyin must be absolutely sure, otherwise you can't talk nonsense."

Not only the Jade Emperor, but other people dare not believe it, because this is completely impossible.

Chang'e looked coldly: "That's the way it is. If you don't believe it, you can ask the Buddha."

"Xuanran Lantern Buddha," said the Jade Emperor.

Soon, under the gaze of everyone, the burning lamp Buddha walked in: "Old monk burns the lamp and joins the Jade Emperor."

"Let me ask you a question, but Yin Tianzi has already broken through the Ninth-Rank Saint?" The Jade Emperor asked directly.

Burning lantern nodded: "Exactly, and the old monk has seen it with his own eyes, Your Majesty the Yin Tianzi cuts the Demon King with the sword."


Everyone took a breath of surprise again.

Su Xun's jump from the sixth rank to the ninth rank was shocking enough, and he even slashed a saint of the same rank with a single sword, which would be too terrifying.

Burning Lantern Buddha continued: "Moreover, Your Majesty Yin Tian has at least cultivated the power of the Hundred Laws to the extreme. He showed it when he killed the Demon King Banglu."

The immortals and Buddhas are already numb, what kind of lunatic is this generation of cloudy heavenly sons!

Taibai Jinxing went out: "I'm overjoyed, I'm overjoyed, your Majesty, now it's at the time of the monster's chaos, the minister suggested that your Majesty the Yin Tianzi should be recalled quickly to help him reorganize the Yin Division."

They only care about the three states, and have not paid attention to the middle five states, so they don't know that Yinsi has been rebuilt by Su Xun a long time ago.

"Yes, with Yin Tianzi, we are a little bit more sure of our victory in this battle, Taibai, you quickly go to Lingzhou and call Yin Tianzi to come." Yudi said with a smile, this is not only to win over and appease Su Xun, but also Determine the affiliation, he helped to rebuild the Yin Division, isn't all the Yin Division people from their heavenly courts?

Lan Deng Buddha sighed secretly and said: "Jade Emperor, Your Majesty Yin Tian has something to say, he will come to see you, but not now, maybe he has his own ideas."

When the Jade Emperor heard this, his heart suddenly sank, because Su Xun had already placed himself in the same position as him. It was impossible for him to suppress Su Xun nominally, which made him a little unhappy.

However, he quickly understood. The enemy is thinking about what he is doing now, and he said: "Since Yin Tian Zi has a plan, let him set up the Yin Division, but Taibai still has to go to the Central Five States to spread the word Yin. Son of heaven, war is important, come to Yunzhou quickly."

This time he used a message, which meant that he and Su Xun were equal, rather than "calling".

"Your Majesty, why don't I go." Before Taibai Venus came down, a woman in white walked out, looks very similar to Qin Zhu, like twin sisters.

It is the only survivor of the ancient Yinsi, the insane Mengpo.

Insufficient, she only left the customs a hundred years ago, and felt that she was reincarnated in the middle five states of a ray of remnant soul, but she was busy with war and couldn't go away for a while.

This time just to collect the wisp of remnant soul.

By the way, she would also like to see the Yin Tianzi of this generation, whether she is qualified to be the master of Yinsi.

In Po Meng's heart, no one in this world can replace the master of the Yin Division in her heart.

Even if Su Xun's strength is stronger.

The Jade Emperor looked at Po Meng: "Yes."

Po Meng then retreated.

Lingzhou Yin Division.

The five states of Yinsi army has been assembled.

Three million Yin soldiers, lined up in an army, covered the entire open space outside the Guimen Pass, boundless.

The black armor covers the whole body, and the ghost horse under the seat can walk in the air, also wearing armor, burning ghost fire on all fours, and black flames are lingering when breathing.

"Chao Huayun, Pei Jian, Meng Ling, Xie Lingyun, Yin and Yang ancestor, your majesty has a purpose, ordered you to rate the First Army of Yin Division to Xia Liuzhou to quell the Demon Rebellion."

"The ministers will follow the order!"

The demons are also looking at people's dishes. The demons who invaded Xia Liuzhou are the weakest. Chao Huayun and others led a million Yin Soldiers, which is enough to squeeze the rubbish.

Subsequently, five people led the 1st Army with a million people to land on the warship, and took the teleportation array to the Lower Six States.

Two million people remain in place.

The garrison made up of native monks was not among them, and the main force of the Yinsi was on the march this time.

"Your Majesty is here"

A loud shout spread all over the world.

The next moment, Long Yin Jiu Xiao.


Nine black dragons flew up from the sky with a simple and solemn dragon blade, and then Su Xun, wearing a dragon robe and an emperor crown on his head, walked down from the dragon blade.

No cheers, no worship.

All the soldiers were just hot, quietly looking up at the man above the sky.

That is their king.

The only king who rules the destiny of the five states.

Destroy the king of the five states of monsters with just one hand.

At this time, Po Meng arrived in Lingzhou by the teleportation array.

This is her first time in Lingzhou. She was not in a hurry to find her remnant soul, but planned to find Su Xun first. People like Su Xun are by no means unknown in the Central Five States, so she thinks it sounds like hitting. It's very simple.

Suddenly, she saw the cloudy sky in the distance, turning into a rainbow of light and leaving, just in time to see the First Army of Yinsi led by Chao Huayun and others, she was completely stunned.

She saw the banner of this army.

The army went out with mixed banners.

The ghost emperor of Qinzhou, the king of runners, the king of Yama...

Po Meng's thoughts were flying, and she had an illusion, as if she had seen the army of the former Kyushu Yinsi army.

"This Qinzhou ghost emperor Pei Jian, who is preventing my Yinsi from marching, the military situation is urgent, please retreat quickly!"

Pei Jian was riding his mount, looking at Po Meng in the distance.

Yin Division!

Two words like thunder hit Po Meng.

He flew to Pei Jian in an instant: "You said Yinsi, your emperor's name is Su Xun?"

"Presumptuous! Er'an dare to call my lord's name!" Pei Jian glared, after all, he needs to know that the lord has insulted his officials.

His answer undoubtedly confirmed Po Meng's guess. She was full of shock and ridicule. Yunzhou Tianting was only thinking about forming the Yin Division, but Su Xun had long been reorganized in Lingzhou.

Po Meng looked at Pei Jian: "I and the emperor Yinsi are old friends, tell me how can I see him."

"What evidence do you have?" Pei Jian asked rhetorically.

Po Meng smiled: "I am a sixth-rank saint, can I still murder the Yinsi emperor who reaches the 9th rank?"

At the same time, she pointed to the distance and pointed out, which was Huang Quanzhi, one of the great spells of Yinsi.

"This is a token. Injecting mana can be transmitted to the outside of the ghost gate." Seeing Po Meng's display of Huang Quan's finger, Pei Jian believed her and handed her a token.

Meng Po received the token, and then directly injected mana on the spot, and the figure was immediately sucked into the underworld.

The next moment, Po Meng's figure appeared above the two million army outside Guimen Pass.

Looking at the endless army of Yinsi, feeling dozens of holy breaths, Po Meng was fascinated, and she was so excited that she did not expect that Su Xun's reconstruction of Yinsi had actually developed to this point.

and so on!

Why is that wisp of remnant soul also here?

The Master Tongtian and others are also a little confused, isn't Meng Po here? Who is that woman?

"Meng Po." Su Xun looked at Meng Po from a distance.

Mrs. Meng walked up to him, looked at the man in front of him, and her lips lightly opened: "See Your Majesty."

She was convinced by Su Xun now.

Su Xun himself is stronger than the Jade Emperor, and he has already laid such a foundation. Not only can he reproduce the glory of the ancient British style, but he can also go to the next level.

"Come up." Su Xunfei went to Long Nian.

Po Meng also followed.

"The army is out."

Su Xun's voice came from Long Nian.

Immediately after two million Yin soldiers boarded the ship, and then flew out of the Yinsi Difu and flew towards the teleportation formation.

In the middle of the dragon, Po Meng looked at Su Xun: "I really didn't expect that I could see the hope of Yinsi's resurrection."

"Rise again?" Su Xun shook his head, and said in a calm tone: "What I want is supreme splendor. Whether it is a fairy or a monster, it is under my Yin Division."

"Your Majesty's ambition, I admire you, and I have something to ask for..."

Before Meng's words were finished, she was interrupted by Su Xun: "Your remnant soul is now my concubine. I can't give her to you, so don't mention it."

"This... Your Majesty! Absurd!"

Po Meng was shocked, and then a little embarrassed. A ray of her remnant soul was lucky enough by Su Xun, isn't it that she herself was lucky enough by Su Xun?

Su Xun said blankly: "Why, I'm lucky that a woman still needs your consent?"

"I didn't mean that...but." Po Meng stopped struggling with this, and changed her mind: "But if my soul is not complete, I will never have the hope of proving."

"Speaking as if the soul is complete, you have the hope of success in the preaching." Su Xun said indifferently.

Po Meng: "......"

Ahhhhhhh! She feels like she's going to explode

Such a new emperor Yinsi was completely different from what she had imagined, and it was really annoying.

She held back her irritation: "Your Majesty, it's a big grievance to prevent others from enlightenment. You are too selfish."

"So what? A big grievance is a big grievance. You want to find me revenge for obstructing the road. I welcome it at any time." Su Xun said here after a pause, and then said word by word: "But I protect my woman, that's right. ."

Seeing Su Xun, who was such a strong guardian, Po Meng suddenly envied her remnant soul.


Akabane City Teleportation Array.

Modernization is called intercontinental teleportation array.

Today, thousands of miles around here were emptied, and the King of Kagura came back here to greet him with Shen Ying.

Not long after, the first Yinsi warship came out of the teleportation formation, and then the second and third...

Soon, the army of two million Yinsi all came to China, and the huge battlefield was floating in the sky.

Su Xun finally left the teleportation array.

"King Laobo is on." Su Xun said with his hands folded.

King Kagura smiled and said: "Now it's time for me to call your majesty, your status is higher than this king."

"My father-in-law is joking." Su Xun glanced at Shenying, Lao Zhangren, your family status is higher than mine!

King Kagura smiled even more happily: "Hahahaha, I will marry you and Yinger when the battle is over."

Su Xun: "-()"

Do you know that this sentence is very unlucky?

He looked at King Kagura like an old general on the stage, with flags all over his body.

"What's wrong, is there anything wrong with this king today?" King Kagura asked somewhat puzzled.

Su Xun said haha: "No no."

"The banquet is ready. It's all the meat cooked by the monsters, let's go." King Kagura invited.

After arriving at the palace, Su Xun discovered that all the dishes were indeed cooked by the monsters.

Well, don't get me wrong, it's not that the chef is a monster, but the ingredients are all monsters.

The demons eat people, and people still eat demons.

Su Xun is going to write a book "One Hundred Cooking Styles of the Monster Race" to promote it on a large scale. As long as it is used as a food material by humans, the Monster Race will not be far from extinction.

In the evening, Su Xun was writing his book "One Hundred Styles of Monster Cooking" at the desk in the room.

Soon, the door was pushed open, and Shen Ying ran in and hugged him: "Hehe, do you miss me?"

"Baby, my brother wants to see you tonight," Su Xun said, looking back at Shen Ying.

Shenying was startled: "Ah, do you want to see your family? I didn't even prepare, is it your brother?"

"Yes, it was born to a mother." Su Xun nodded.

Shenying hurriedly got up and ran out: "Then I will change my clothes and dress up first, wait for me."

Su Xun pulled her back, and then pulled her belt straight away: "My brother is not an outsider, and he likes to see his sister-in-law not wearing clothes."

When Shenying met Su Xun's brother, she realized that she had already met, and she was still an old acquaintance.

Brother Su Xun can be said to be rich in learning, rich in posture, grand and profound, which made her admire.

The two had an in-depth academic discussion, and it was not until dawn that Shenying left contentedly. Last night she had gained a lot and her knowledge increased.

But Su Xun led his troops on the expedition, and the army of two million Yinsi directly marched towards Tianzhou where the demon clan was located.

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