City: I Have A New Identity Weekly Chapter 1396

Chapter 1403: Time And Space Dao Master Eight Thousand Words

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Because the battlefield was moved from outside the territory to the Xuanyue Continent, the upper three states were the most serious, so Tianzhou, Yunzhou, and Shenzhou have been beaten to pieces.

Tens of billions of mortals were involved in the war and died.

Today, tens of thousands of miles of military fortresses have been built on the fringe of Shenzhou and Tianzhou.

One of the eight kings of the Protoss was stationed at the Shenzhou fortress, Shenyan King, who learned that the Yinsi army was coming, and brought people to greet him in advance, preparing to join forces with the Yinsi to attack.

But when Yinsi's warship arrived, it didn't mean to stop, but continued to fly outside the fortress.

"My lord, what do they mean."

"Yeah, we are here to greet them specially. They don't even show their faces, so they despise me too much!"

"Do they want to go to war directly?"

The lieutenants around Shenyan Wang talked a lot.

Shenyan King's complexion also didn't look pretty, he stepped into the air to stop the warship, and said loudly: "My king Shenyan, please see the emperor Yin Si get off the boat."

"What's the meaning of God Flame King?" Su Xun appeared.

The King of Flames swept across the battleships: "Your Majesty knows something, but now the monsters are ferocious. This king wants to join forces with your Majesty to fight against the monsters. Please don't be impulsive. You should consider the matter of marching."

"The King of God Flame is too worried. Why are you afraid of the beasts with fur and armor? The king waits, I will lead the army to go and return." Su Xunfeng said lightly.

The king of Shenyan was secretly angry when he heard the words. This cloudy emperor was so arrogant. In this case, let him first go to suffer a loss and sharpen his spirit, and send troops to rescue him in times of crisis, so that after the establishment of the alliance, the gods will be the mainstay.

Thinking of this, King Shenyan pushed aside: "Since your Majesty is sure of victory, then this king wishes your Majesty a victory and a triumph for your Majesty."

"Then use the **** flame Wang Jiyan." Su Xun's voice fell, turned back to the battleship, and the army continued to advance.

King Shenyan returned to the ground, coldly watching Yinsi's warship fly out of the fortress, watching them die.

"My lord, how is it."

"They really want to directly attack the monster race?"

Watching the Yinsi battleship leave, several lieutenants hurriedly got up and asked in a rush.

"Since the emperor of Yinsi is so confident, it is better and perfect for him. Only when he is defeated can he hear the words." Shenyan King said indifferently.

Then he added another sentence: "Arming and preparing for war, and rescue when Yin Si is defeated."

"Wang Yingming! This will not only frustrate the Yinsi's spirit, but the rescue will also get the goodwill of the Yinsi soldiers. When we talk about the army, it is natural to take our Protoss as the main and the Yinsi as the deputy!"

"Yes, I really thought that demons were so good to fight, and the people of Yinsi were used to rampant in the Central Five States, and how powerful the demons in the old nest of the demons were."

"When they are defeated, let's see if they can still be proud. If they don't fight a defeat first, even if they are combined, they will be defiant."

A group of protoss generals expressed their opinions in one word and one word, and licked the **** flame king by the way.

Well, I'm not afraid of burning my tongue when I lick.

In the Yaozu fortress, the Yaozu and Mozu's armies were stationed on the city wall as high as one hundred meters. The soldiers saw the Yinsi's warship from afar and blew the horn.

As the horn sounded, the monster army suddenly became busy, and several saints flew up the city wall.

They are King Qiongqi and King Chaos of the Demon Race, and the two Demon Kings of the Demon Race. There are a total of four saints, three of which are 9th-Rank, and only one is 8th-Rank.

"It doesn't look like an army of the Protoss."

"It's under the banner of Yinsi, Yinsi is the power of heaven, how come from the north?"

"It doesn't matter where he comes from, let's kill one, let's kill one pair, I'll kill two!"

Looking at Yinsi's battleship, the four said.

Suddenly, the Chaos Demon King frowned: "What's the matter, why are their warships not stopping, are they planning to directly penetrate our fortress defense formation?"

"Joke, unless they can take out three ninth-rank saints to attack the defensive array at the same time, what's more, are we not vegetarians again?" The Qiongqi Demon King sneered, and looked at the Yinsi battleship dismissively.

Then the four demon sages flew directly to the Yinsi warship, preparing to prevent the opponent from attacking the fortress defensive array.

Immediately after they heard a sword chant, they saw the Changhong circling the sun, and then a full moon was in the sky, the sword light swept across 30,000 miles, and they lost their sight in front of them.

The three ninth-rank saints were forced to retreat by one sword, and the only eighth-rank demon king's sacred body was broken and could be reunited.

"This... how is this possible!"

"Is this the **** emperor coming in person? Or are the two gods left in the protoss taking action!"

The four demon saints were horrified, and the sword just made them feel the fear of death.

On the fortress of the Protoss, several gods and generals were also firmly holding the city wall, their eyes widened.

Immediately after the fission of the sky, the spear formed by the power of countless laws floated in the air.

The four sages of the demons are numb, fuck, so many rules, how exactly does this horse riding practice!

"Everyone shot together, one on one we really have no hope, but four on one can still resist the first fight!"

The Chaos Demon King Yaoyan let out a terrible roar.

"Okay!" The other three people responded at the same time.

Then in the next second, the four of them walked away in different directions and cursed at the same time: "Shameless!"

They both wanted to run away while the other party was attracting firepower, but they all had the same idea.

It can only be said that they are not a family, do not enter a family, the monsters have been a family since ancient times.

Su Xun did not chase the four, and the Spear of Law fell and directly smashed the defensive formation of the Yaozu fortress, and then the two million Yinsi army jumped into the fortress and rushed towards the fortress.

"Kill! Your majesty has an order! Not to seal the sword!"

"Ah! Run!"

"Don't kill me! I surrender!"

Witnessing his own Demon King was frightened back by a sword, the demon soldiers below were no resistance.

They fled or surrendered one after another, but it was a pity that Yin Si did not accept surrender, because the dead monsters could also eat.

The gods of the Protoss fortress have been dumbfounded and scared the Four Saints back with a sword. What kind of cultivation is this?

They were still waiting for the opponent to be defeated before they came forward to rescue them.

"I... I'll tell the king."

A **** dropped the voice and flew into the camp.

"How about it, is Yinsi defeated? Faster than I thought." Shenyan King asked casually.

The **** general who came to report the letter looked weird: "That... Your lord, Yinsi has not been defeated, and has already breached the monster clan fortress, do we still have to send troops?"

"Of course we have to send troops to rescue..." King Shenyan suddenly reacted and suddenly raised his head: "What did you say?"

"My lord, the emperor of Yin Si didn't show his face, he directly pushed back the two demon kings and the demon king with a single sword, and then smashed the defensive formation and entered the fortress..." The **** general excitedly told about the shocking sword just now. .

The King of Flames has begun to doubt life, so why is such a powerful person who was previously unknown?

He thought that the other party didn't know that the sky was high and the earth was great, but he didn't expect that he really had this ability.

The clown is myself _.

"My lord, do we still send troops?" the **** general asked cautiously.

King Shenyan got up: "When you come out, how can you just ignore it as a friendly army and send troops to help immediately."

He has to share such a big credit.

Then the protoss army, under the leadership of the **** flame king, issued a cry for power and slammed out of the fortress.

When they entered the demon clan fortress, they saw that the demon soldiers were slain.

They were a little bit unable to start for a while.

"The king came up just right, and my army will continue to go deeper, and you will leave the cleaning of the battlefield to you."

Su Xun flew to the front of God Flame King and said.

After leaving a sentence in the bewildering gaze of King Shenyan, Su Xun flew back to the ship: "Receive!"

Then the Yinsi soldiers returned to the ship one after another, and then the warship continued to deepen into Tianzhou.

"Quick! Quickly send the news to Yunzhou Heavenly Court and Beijing." Shenyan King said after reacting.

Because Su Xun is so stubborn, then this is a good opportunity to launch a general attack.

The rebellion of monsters has been nearly a hundred years, and it should be over.

Although the time is short, the battle conditions are miserable.

The four demon sages escaped a catastrophe and returned to the demon king's capital, and reported the matter to the demon emperor and the demon emperor.

The demon emperor and the demon emperor looked solemn.

"The Demon King on the ancient battlefield lost contact. He recently found out from Yunzhou. He was killed by this person." The Demon Emperor said in a cold voice.

When the Qiongqi Demon King heard this, the four of them felt extremely grateful. Fortunately, they ran fast.

The Heavenly Demon Sovereign said: "How should we deal with this person? If we make a move, the Jade Emperor of the Heavenly Court and the gods of the **** race will also make a move when they sense the breath, but if we don't make a move, who among the demons can compete with him?"

The four great ancestors of the heavenly demon and the demon emperor and the demon emperor were all stared to death by the Jade Emperor Sanqing, the God Emperor and the remaining two gods, and they had no chance to take action.

"I have a plan. The information I found from Yunzhou said that this person is from Lingzhou. Now he has taken away the main force of Lingzhou, his lair is empty. We attack his lair, and he will definitely come back to help." There was a wise and sinister light on Zhang's wretched face.

"Wonderful!" The Heavenly Demon Emperor's eyes lit up, and then looked at the Greedy Demon: "I will leave this to you."

There were originally seven great demon kings under the Heavenly Demon Emperor, but four of the original demon kings fell, and now there are still the greedy demon king, the jealous demon king, and the rage demon king.

The two demon kings of greed and rage who escaped from the fortress with the Qiongqi Demon King and Chaos Demon King before.

Greedy Demon King smiled: "My emperor, don't worry, I must stir him upside down in Lingzhou!"

He was smashed to pieces by Su Xun's sword before, and he held back the fire, just in time to retaliate.

I can't beat you, and can't beat your men?

"Qingqi, Chaos, Gourmet, the three of you go to support the emperor Yinsi, as long as the three of you are not separated, he can't kill you." The demon emperor said to the remaining three demon kings.


Qiongqi, chaos, gluttonous gluttons stepped forward to lead.

"For the sake of safety, the Envy Demon King and the Rage Demon King also went to help. The five Ninth-Rank Saints joined forces. If he can cut one of them, the emperor will simply wait for his death." The Heavenly Demon Sovereign is very confident, because the five Ninth-Rank saints. The saints joined forces, and even he retreated.

Then the eighth-rank sage greedy demon king went to Lingzhou to attack the Yinsi base camp, Qiongqi, gluttonous, chaos, jealousy, and anger led his troops to intercept Su Xun.

"That guy must be good-looking this time!"

Qiongqi Demon King gritted his teeth and said.

Five ninth-rank saints, he is very swollen and fluttering now, he must be ashamed!

The rain stopped, the sky cleared, and he felt like he was doing it again.

Tianzhou, City of Ten Thousand Demons.

Su Xun had just taken the troops to take down this city and slaughtered all the monsters and demons soldiers in the city.

The dead monster clan corpse is rations.

The flesh and blood of the monster race is also beneficial to the monks. It has high nutritional value and is an essential nutrient for the home.

Feeling the breath of the five sages approaching, Su Xun stepped into the air, and the five demon sages stopped opposite him.

"Unexpectedly, you dare to take the initiative to deliver it to your door."

Looking at the five Qiongqi, Su Xun showed a playful smile, his eyes a little contemptuous and bloodthirsty.

"Humph! Five Ninth-Rank saints joined forces, just don't know you can't stop them!" Qiong Qi snorted coldly.

Su Xun smiled: "I want to know too."

"Then try it!" The gluttonous demon king's voice fell and turned into the monster body and rushed towards Su Xun.

Qiongqi and Chaos also followed closely, and the two demon kings, jealous and rage, offered magic weapons to besiege Su Xun.

Su Xun was surrounded by five Ninth-Rank saints, but he seemed calm and comfortable.

The six played tens of thousands of miles, the mountains and rivers collapsed, the city collapsed, the earth was torn, the sky shattered, magma flowed back, and the waves surged, and the battle became fiercer.

The two sides fought for seven days and seven nights, and no one could do anything about it. The small half of Tianzhou was almost reduced to ashes, and countless demonic civilians were taken away by the aftermath of the battle.

"A battle outside the sky!" Qiongqi Demon King roared.

Because if they continue to fight like this, their monster race will soon be extinct, and the Tianzhou will be broken.

And the more they beat them, the more frightened they became. Although Su Xun couldn't kill them, none of their five Ninth-Rank saints could hurt Su Xun, which was too exaggerated.

Su Xun stepped into the air and stood with his hands holding hands: "You took the initiative to transfer the battlefield to Xuanyue Continent. Now you want me to accompany you to a battle outside the sky, I, refuse!"

"Well, well, in that case, Tianzhou is broken, then go grab your Shenzhou and Yunzhou!" After the Chaos Demon King finished speaking, he attacked Su Xun again.

The battle between the two sides was watched by countless people, and everyone was shocked by Su Xun's strength.

"How could this person be so tough?" The hand of the Heavenly Demon Emperor holding the arm of the chair was faintly white.

The Demon Emperor is not much better: "If this person does not die, we have no chance of winning!"

At present, the strength of the two sides of the Protoss and the Heavenly Court was stronger than theirs, but there was another Su Xun, and their hope of winning was even more slim.

The Jade Emperor, God Emperor and others had to admit that Su Xun's strength had surpassed them.

What makes them even more puzzled is how could Su Xun practice so many laws? There are hundreds of them, and each of them has been cultivated to the extreme.

When Su Xun fought with the five demon saints to the heat, a huge red fist mark fell from the sky, only forcing Su Xun who was fully engaged in the battle.

Sneak attack!

A sage of the Ninth Stage Extreme Realm attacked Su Xun.

"So courageous!"

Several shouts of anger sounded, the **** emperor and the two great gods, and the Heavenly Jade Emperor Sanqing shot almost at the same time, smashing the red fist print into the air.

"It seems that your demons have exhausted their skills. If that's the case, then you can go to death!"

The two great gods, the **** emperor, the jade emperor, and Sanqing, etc. appeared one after another in the sky above the demon king.

The demon emperor, the demon emperor, and the four ancestors of the demon race flew into the void to oppose the seven people.

At the same time, the Lantern Buddha and others in the Heavenly Court of Yunzhou led the heavenly soldiers to attack Tianzhou, and the three kings of the Protoss also led their troops to attack Tianzhou.

But now, the Demon Emperor and others have no time to take care of the battle on the ground. After all, whether the battle is won or won, the final decision is still in their hands.

As long as the Five Saints of Qiongqi can hold Su Xun, they still have the hope of winning in six beating seven. If Su Xun is allowed to participate in this battle, they will lose.

Then the two sides flew into the sky in a tacit understanding, because their battle is really possible to destroy the world.

Thousands of miles around Ten Thousand Demons City have been reduced to ruins.

Su Xun and the Five Sages of Qiongqi have yet to decide the outcome.

This is the most difficult battle he has encountered since his debut. Even if he tried his best by the law, he couldn't immediately turn the tide of the battle with the opening axe and the East Emperor Bell.

If it's just a one-on-three, or even a one-on-four, he is sure, but a one-on-five is really difficult.

He finds it difficult, but the Qiongqi Demon King Five Sages find it even more difficult, because they only tied for five to one!

"Boy, let me tell you the news. Didn't you find that the Greedy Demon King who appeared in the fortress before is gone? Let me tell you that he has gone to Lingzhou. The base camp of your Yin Division is in Lingzhou, haha..."

Chaos Demon King laughed and said, trying to influence Su Xun's thinking and distract him.

Su Xun's eyes were cold, full of murderous intent, because his woman and son were in Lingzhou, and now the power of Lingzhou absolutely couldn't stop an 8-Rank saint.

"They are dead, and we will resurrect them by exhausting all the methods, but you will definitely die today!"

Su Xun's voice was as cold as ice.


The Greedy Demon King has already smashed the ghost gate, and is killing the soldiers in the Yin Division wildly.

"His Royal Highness, take the ladies away!"

Bai Wuchang looked at Su Xian anxiously.

Su Xian was dressed in a python robe, his face remained unchanged, and the wind said calmly: "Bai Wuchang, quickly arrange for my mother and concubine to immediately, but lonely, will never leave."

Isn't he afraid of death?

He fears!

But he was even more afraid of losing Su Xun's face.

After death, there is hope of resurrection, but if you lose your face, you may not have any hope to get it back.

"Hahahaha, since I'm not leaving, just stay here! I just happened to take you to see your father!"

The next moment, the Demon King of Greed appeared in the main hall, killed Bai Wuchang casually, grabbed Su Xian, and prepared to use Su Xian to threaten Su Xun. The higher the level of life, the more difficult it is to give birth to offspring, so this trick generally works.

At the same time, Taizhou, Yunxia Sword Sect, a beautiful woman opened her phoenix eyes. There was a moment of confusion in her eyes, and she gradually recovered her clarity. Her red lips opened slightly and murmured two words: "Su Xun. "

After that, he stepped out and disappeared.

The next moment, she appeared in front of Su Xian, the jade hairpin on her head turned into a long sword and slashed towards the greedy demon king.


Caught off guard, the hand of the Demon King of Greed was directly cut off by the jade sword, and dark red blood spewed out.

"Who are you!" The Greedy Demon King wondered why there would still be an 8-Rank Saint in Lingzhou.

Moreover, his cultivation is deeper than him. He wanted to cast a spell to regenerate his limbs, but he found that the blood could not stop. The jade sword was obviously not an ordinary soldier.

The woman said calmly: "This seat is the Queen Mother of the West."

Yes, this girl is the Queen Mother of the West who was seriously injured and fell asleep, brought back from the fairy tale world by Su Xun.

After more than a hundred years of self-healing in the aura-rich world of Xuanyue Continent, he finally woke up today, just in time for this incident.

"Mother West." The Greedy Demon King repeated, and then he turned and fled without hesitation. Instead of escaping to Tianzhou, he flew into the sky without where he was.

Queen Mother Xi did not chase, but looked at Su Xian: "What happened, where is your father?"

"My father led the troops to the upper three states..." Su Xian obediently betrayed his father's whereabouts, secretly saying, this is probably the number of mothers he doesn't know.

So you have to be well-behaved. After all, it is well known that his father loves his wife more than his son.

Su Xun: My wife can do it, but my son can't.

So is there something wrong with this?

No problem at all, iron juice!

Tianzhou Ten Thousand Demons City.

Su Xun, who devoted himself to the battle, had no time to be distracted. She didn't know that the Queen Mother she picked up saved her son and solved the crisis in Lingzhou.

"You are really ruthless. Your woman should be in Lingzhou, right? The Greed Demon is a lustful man. He will love your woman very much!"

"Your woman must be very beautiful..."

The Chaos Demon King kept provoking Su Xun and wanted to divide his heart, but he didn't know that this would only make Su Xun calmer and try to kill him.

"Your words are too much!"

Su Xun defended his body with the emperor bell on the east, resisting the attacks of the other four sages, and dealt with the Chaos Demon King with all his strength.

The Chaos Demon King was crying, fuck, he wouldn't be mean if he knew it, and yelled, "Hurry up and stop him!"

"Dead!" Su Xun punched out.


The Chaos Demon King was directly smashed into pieces, and at the same time he opened the sky axe and smashed it with an axe. The Chaos Demon King's soul suddenly turned into fragments and dissipated.

Of course, killing the Chaos Demon King also had to pay a price. The Eastern Emperor Bell was directly forcibly broken by Qiongqi and the Four Saints, and Su Xun himself was also injured.

But he found that he didn't feel bad after being injured. Instead, he entered a mysterious state that could not be described in words, and his body and mind were empty.

He closed his eyes and realized it.

His body was wrapped in the laws of time and space, making Qiongqi Demon King and the Four Saints unable to enter at all.

The two Dao seeds of time and space took root and sprouted in his body, the rhizomes were full of limbs and hundreds of skeletons, blooming, bearing fruit, and finally dissipating in the body to merge with them.

The aura of the entire Xuanyue Continent crazily gathered around him, the sky roared, the earth trembled, and the sky seemed to collapse.

"How is this going!"

"what's happening!"

The Qiongqi Demon King, the Gourmet Demon King, the Jealous Demon King, and the Rage Demon King were all frightened. Although they couldn't understand them, they seemed to be very powerful.

In the next moment, all the visions disappeared. Su Xun stood in place and opened his eyes. In his eyes, there were stars full of stars, all living beings, and great roads.

At the same time, all cultivators from the heavens and myriad worlds, from the ninth-rank saints to the refined qi, all cultivators had a message out of thin air.

Time and Space Daoist-Su Xun.

"Tao... Dao Master!"

The voice of Qiongqi Demon King trembled, and the faces of the Demon King and others were also pale, and their faces were unbelievable.

At this moment, all the heavens and all realms, everyone who knew Su Xun raised their heads and looked at the vast sky at the same time.

Outside the sky, the Jade Emperor and the Heavenly Demon Emperor who were fighting fiercely also stopped, they were all horrified, and couldn't bear the shocked expressions on their faces.

Protest the strong!

Su Xun!

The first proving Dao powerhouse in Xuanyue Continent!

And it proves time and space at the same time.

"Please spare your life!"

Qiongqi Demon King knelt down on the spot.

Su Xun's face was expressionless, and he stepped out in one step, banging, and the Qiongqi Demon King suddenly turned to ashes along with his soul.

Upon seeing this, the demon king and the envy demon king and the envy demon king turned around in horror to burn their blood and fled.


Su Xun spit out two words faintly.

Afterwards, the three found out that they were running forward, but they were getting closer and closer to Su Xun.

Su Xun then swept across the void, erasing the traces of the three in all parallel time and space in the heavens and ten thousand realms.

The three Ninth Stage Saints immediately disappeared without a trace, completely disappearing in various senses.

Then Su Xun came to Tianwai.

"I'll see Dao Master Time and Space."

The Jade Emperor saluted with a complicated complexion.

He never expected that Su Xun was the first to succeed in preaching among all of them.

Sanqing, the **** emperor, and the gods followed one after another to pay homage, even the Heavenly Devil Emperor and others were no exception.

"Please be kind to the Taoist Lord."

The Heavenly Demon Emperor and the Demon Emperor begged for mercy.

Because this horse is no longer able to fight.

Su Xun didn't talk nonsense, he was even too lazy to look at them, and with a wave of his hand, the Heavenly Demon Emperor, the Demon Emperor, and the ancestor of the four great demon races all died.

The Jade Emperor and the others couldn't help trembling when they saw this scene. They were terrified, because they were as weak as small ants in front of Su Xun.

Su Xun's ability to kill the Heavenly Demon Sovereign and the others so easily meant that he could also kill them as well.

Once they were the strongest people in the world, and no one could threaten their lives.

But now, they have a sharp sword hanging over their heads.

"Stop it."

Su Xun dropped the three words, then returned to the sky above Xuanyue Continent, and then with a flick of his finger, all the mountains, rivers and seas destroyed in the war were restored to their original state.

Except for a few fewer people, Xuanyue Continent did not seem to be any different from a hundred years ago.

The most indispensable thing in this world is people.

"Thirty days later, I will preach in Tianzhou."

Su Xun's voice spread across the world mightily.

"Congratulations to the Taoist Master!"

All the monks all leaned over and knelt to worship.

A demon chaos ended. After this battle, the remaining demons returned to the Demon Realm to linger, and they did not dare to step into the Xuanyue Continent for their entire lives, while the demons were reduced to the bottom of the Xuanyue Continent, and the Human Race was prosperous.

Immortals and gods became the main theme of Xuanyue Continent.

Tianzhou became the territory of Yinsi.

Su Xun saw Queen Mother Xi in Yinsi.

"Thank you Dao Master for your rescue." Queen Mother Xi respectfully bowed to Su Xun.

Su Xun raised his hand and held her up: "It's nothing to do with it. You have saved this son of this seat and have already repaid your favor. Would you like to serve in the Heavenly Dao Palace?"

"Tiandao Palace?" Queen Mother West was taken aback.

Su Xun explained: "This congregation wants to gather sages above the seventh rank of Xuanyue Continent to create Heavenly Dao Palace and formulate rules to manage the trillions of trillions of holy spirits on Xuanyue Continent."

"Xiaoxian is honored." Queen Mother Xi immediately agreed, with an excited smile on her face.

Su Xun motioned her to retreat, and then took out a jade card: "Daoist Hongjun, come out."

The next moment, a clone of Hongjun flew out of the jade card, and when he saw Su Xun's current cultivation base, he was shocked: "Why are you..."

"If I didn't prove the Dao, how could I think of you in the jade medallion?" Su Xun asked.

In the world of Conferred Gods, Hongjun gave him a jade card with Hongjuns clone hidden inside. He wanted to sneak into Xuanyue Continent through Su Xun, but he didnt expect Su Xun to keep the jade card in the system space, so Hongjun Jun couldn't get out at all, and it was considered a failure to smuggle.

It wasn't until Su Xun proving the Dao a few days ago that he felt the clone of Hongjun in the jade card.

"But... this is coming soon."

Hongjun is a bit bitter, how long has it passed?

When he first met Su Xun, the opponent was only a fourth-rank saint, but now he has successfully preached.

He has cultivated several times before he can be in harmony!

"I don't know which way you have verified?" Hongjun took a deep breath and sorted out his feelings.

Su Xun smiled slightly: "Your body knows."

In the next moment, Hongjun's ontological consciousness replaced the consciousness of the clone, and he shot Su Xun as an inspector: "Congratulations to Fellow Su Dao for his success in proving Dao. It is gratifying."

Hongjun's ontology had long received the message of Su Xun's success in the Conferred God World, and he was also shocked at the time and doubted his life.

It took quite a few days to get over. This is a shop around, and people are more popular than others.

"I want to preach in January, Daoist Hongjun might as well come and listen." Su Xun said lightly.

Hongjun nodded: "It's a great honor."

One month later, Su Xun preached, benefiting all ethnic groups.

From then on, Su Xun was no longer called Dao Master in Xuanyue Continent, but was honored as Dao Ancestor.

Half a year later, Daozu Su found Queen Mother Naxi, Shenying, Taiyin Star Monarch Chang'e as his concubine, An Ziyu, Qin Zhu and all other women held day marriages with him.

Su Xun gave them a complete wedding that attracted worldwide attention.

At the wedding, Su Xun saw the Lord God who had been cursed twice by himself and had been rectified twice, the son of God Emperor Shen Chao, and he was also his eldest brother. He really didn't know him.

One year after the wedding, Tiandao Palace was established, and Tiandao Palace is located outside the sky, which means detachment from the Xuanyue Continent.

Su Xun is the first palace lord.

Su Xian is a Taoist son.

Tiandao Palace.

The Jade Emperor, the Sanqing, the God Emperor, the two great gods, Lan Deng, the Queen Mother of the West...and so on are on both sides.

"See Daozu!"

All the saints bowed down and worshiped Su Xun.

Su Xun was sitting high in the dragon chair, he looked into the distance, saw through the galaxy, and his sight was all over the heavens and all realms.

He saw the evergreen earth immortal Dao.

Saw R Star Technology went further.

Saw the Taixu Realm Su Ming worked hard.

Saw Su Qing and Chu Fan swam with their arms.

I saw my daughter Su Wan wandering around the heavens.

I saw a tree in the world of Xianzong that he had enlightened and turned into a human being.

Seeing the great emperor Zhu Yuanzhang in the Zongwu world vigorously promote martial arts, Zhang Sanfeng was broken into the void.

I saw Jiu Shu Chengxian get Dao...

He has seen the world he has experienced.

In the days that followed, Su Xun proficiently entered the faint monarch mode, staying with his wives every day.

In particular, Xinna's Chang'e and Queen Mother of the West follow him to learn new knowledge every day to fill themselves, and they can gain slowly every night.

In this way, time passed. Five thousand years later, the Slaughter Daoist passed by Xuanyue Continent, Su Xun discussed Dao with him for a thousand years, and then left Xuanyue Continent with him to search for the legendary Dao Realm.

The realm of the Dao, the realm of the origin of the Dao.

"End of the Book"!

My first book with more than 3 million words!

At the end, I felt a little inexplicable. I seemed to have created a world and created many personal lives, and you are the witnesses of all this.

This book has been written for eleven months, basically 10,000 words per day, and 6,000 words in the last few days. Thank you for your support!

On April 9th, a new book will be released next Friday to start a new journey. The new book will be linked to the book of the new identity, and the people and places in the old book will appear.

The foreshadowing of the old book is specially reserved for the new book. I hope everyone can support my new book by then! After the new book is released on Friday, I will inform the group: 693642818, all the gold tickets are saved!

Some readers said that they dont want me to end it, but I only set up so many outlines, and Im not going to write it down anymore, so I can only write a few things at will. That will ruin your goodwill. So if you have regrets and good feelings, leave it to the new book to continue.

What happened after Su Xun went to Dao Realm will be written later in the new book. The new book has the same style as the old book, and the type is a bit similar, but the plot is definitely not the same. Those who like this type can continue to support Fanxing! Fanxing produces, it must be a boutique!

In addition, please dont delete the book. Ill take the time to update it. Also, I wanted to have one million silver tickets at the end, but I didnt expect the difference to be more than 30,000. Can Brother Meng help me make it up?

the most important! Friday! New book will be released on April 9th! On Friday night, everyone searched for my pen name: Thousands of Stars on the Tadu Literature APP, or you can just click on my author homepage to see the new book.

Basically, this book has been in the top ten, and it has also been number one. Wait for us to achieve another glories on Friday!

Eight chapters will be updated on the first day of the new book release, and five chapters will continue every day thereafter. My volume can be guaranteed! make a wish! Hope the new book will be on the list on the first day!

Finally, thank you, I love you!

See you again on Friday~()/~

I like the city: I have a new identity every week. Please collect it: (Wuxiaworld) City: I have the fastest literary updates under a new identity every week.

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