Come to The Peak Chapter 227

Chapter 223: : Vital energy sink

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Chapter 223: Vital Energy Convergence

After the monkey wine made from the mature wine heart purple jade fruit entered the belly, the monkey wine was immediately run by Luo Yu and Xuan Yuanzhen was refined into a huge and pure vitality. This vitality supported Luo Yudantian. The pain was endless, and his stomach was immediately stretched up like a ball.

"Oops! The monkey wine made from this mature wine heart Ziyu fruit turned out to be so powerful!" Luo Yu was horrified, and with the continuous refining, the vitality has an increasing trend.

Luo Yu's mind was not dare to neglect, and he immediately drew the vitality from Dantian through the exercises and directed it to the five internal organs through the meridians.

A large amount of pure vitality envelops the five internal organs, and the vitality in Dantian is still being drained continuously.

Attention to the five internal organs, the five internal organs, which had no movement at all, finally changed a bit this time. I saw Luo Yu's heart beating fast, just like a high-speed engine, the beating speed was much faster than the normal beating speed.

Uh ...!

The beating was clear and audible, and even Fu Xuanxuan could hear them clearly.

If this high-speed beating speed is replaced by our ordinary people who have died of heartache long ago, even if they are as strong as Luo Yu, they still grieve their teeth.

The heart kept absorbing the vitality beating at a high speed. After a while, it slowly slowed down the beating speed and returned to the normal beating speed. At this time, the heart emits a dim red light, which looks like a light in the dull human body. Red lanterns illuminate other internal organs.

"The heart reacted. Am I also a constitution with fire properties?" Luo Yu secretly said.

Among the five internal organs, the heart belongs to fire, the kidneys belong to water, the spleen belongs to gold, the liver belongs to wood, and the stomach belongs to soil. The heart of Luo Yu's five internal organs reacts, indicating that his five elements are leaning toward fire.

The heart keeps absorbing energy and emits red light. The red light is getting richer and denser, and it is almost condensed to the essence. Gradually, a red mist of energy around the heart is condensed around the heart.

Seeing Luo Yuxin's heart happy, condensing out the true energy is half of the success, and the rest is the converging energy of the heaven and earth to consolidate the true energy.

He thought in this way, who knew that the metamorphosis was happening at this time, and the kidney, which had no movement at all, suddenly burst into an attractive force, diverting half of the vitality flowing to the heart.

"Fuck! What the **** is this?" Luo Yu was frightened. Why did the kidneys react too?

Half of the vital energy that was shunted by the heart is slowly absorbed by the kidneys, and the kidneys gradually change. The kidneys emit a water-blue light. As the heart condenses the fire properties, the water-blue light becomes more and more abundant. A trace of blue gas condensed around the kidneys surrounds the kidneys. Water properties are so mad, condensed!

Two viscera, a red and a blue gas shine in Luo Yu's body. As two suns illuminate the Quartet.

The changes in the body naturally can't beat Luo Yu's mind perception, and his heart has become surprised.

"The fire attribute is energetic! The water attribute is energetic! How can I have two kinds of energetic, and the two attributes are incompatible!"

The oneness of the two attributes of oneness, and the two spirits of non-stop attributes, he has never heard of it before, let alone it happened to him.

"No matter whether it s a blessing or a disaster, it is a disaster that can't be avoided. After being killed, Lin Mu will go back and ask Master what's going on!" Luo Yu couldn't figure it out. Born in the body.

"There is one last step ..."

In Luo Yu's eyes, the spirits flowed, and now all that is left is to inject vitality into the body and refine it into true energy.

Luo Yu's full-scale operation of Xuanyuan Zhen definitely attracted the vitality of the world. Xuanyuan Zhen absolutely did not know what the inner strength and mentality of Hepinjie was, and the attraction under the full-power operation was amazing.

At this time, the sky over the streets also changed, a trace of vitality was pulled by a strange air machine, gathered from all directions, it was originally visible that the night sky of stars and moons was gradually covered with a layer of purple mist.

Such changes naturally did not escape the eyes of everyone present.

"Look, heaven and earth vitality! So strong heaven and earth vitality" exclaimed one person.

"Yeah, it's heaven and earth's vitality. Strange, how could heaven and earth's vitality suddenly condense?"

Everyone present was full of doubts.

"Introduce the vitality of the heavens! Six brothers have condensed their vitality! This is the last step for the vital energy to converge" Fu Xuanxuan and others were surprised, they knew that Luo Yu was breaking through the innate, so naturally they knew what the vitality of the heavens and earth All things are dragged by Luo Yu.

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"Are you going to break through?"

"Well, Zhong Bo, why did the heaven and earth vitality suddenly converge?" Wang Jianglong looked at the heaven and earth vitality above his head in surprise.

The bell tower did not speak, and his mind was looking for the answer.

"Wang Guanshi, do you think this scene is familiar?" Bell Tower asked suddenly.

"Familiar ... somewhat familiar ... wait! Is someone trying to break through the innate realm to attract vital energy?" Wang Jianglong exclaimed in a voice.

"Yes, this scene is indeed like a scene in which the warrior broke through the innate energy, but who is going to break through the innate realm?" Bell Tower said.

At this time, he saw Luo Yu sitting cross-legged again and again. If he found it carefully, he would find that the strongest place where the energy of the heavens and earth converge is just above Luo Yu's head.

"Is it that the little beast is about to break through? Not good! He wasn't treating the wound just now, but was impacting the innate realm," Bell Tower was surprised.

"What! That kid!" Wang Jianglong was also surprised when he heard that, then looked at Luo Yu and found that the strongest place was Luo Yu's head.

"Huh! You can't let him break through," Ben Luo said after jumping up.

Wang Jianglong nodded and immediately followed.

"Not good, they found it, you can't let them interrupt the sixth brother to break through!" Fu Xuanxuan Jiao yelled.

He nodded solemnly at several people, and then looked at each other. Five of them rushed towards the two at the same time, and the small bird and the Yanyan unicorn rushed up.

Five people, one bird and one beast desperately stopped the clock tower and Wang Jianglong, and at this time, Luo Yu's breakthrough also reached the last moment.

After the sky and earth s vitality over the head was so strong that it rolled around in the sky, making a whistling wind, and Luo Yu s eyes opened, a blue and red light flashed in his eyes, and a sudden burst of light burst from his body. Attraction, the purple heaven and earth vitality over the top was pulled by this Qi machine, as a purple river went straight to Luo Yu below, and penetrated into Luo Yu from the top of his head.


Luo Yu gritted his teeth and whispered a painful whistle. The vital energy pool was not as cool as sucking white powder as written in the novel. Some were pain, a pain in which the physical veins were about to be torn.

Luo Yu's face was a bit distorted, and her teeth worked. Xuanyuan's true exercises continued to flow to the heart and kidneys to nourish the water and fire generated by the growth ...

(To be continued

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