Come to The Peak Chapter 229

Chapter 224: :To gain time

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"Look, the vitality of the world is flowing towards that demon boy?"

"His ... it's a vital energy sink, a vital energy sink! The boy is not healing, but is attacking the innate state!"

"What, it turned out to be inborn! Dare to hit innate in this case!"

"It s so strong, it s more than double the strength of the heavens and earth that I gathered when I broke through the innate realm."

The crowd also seemed to be thrown into a bomb, and various sounds of surprise were detonated. There was also a strong presence in the scene. They found that Luo Yuhui's vitality was much stronger than when they broke through.

The richer heaven and earth vitality at the time of confluence is not the thicker the better, the thicker, the greater the impact of the body's impact, the more painful, the more dangerous, but the so-called danger coexists with the opportunity, the stronger the richer heaven and earth vitality is nourished The quicker and stronger the qi is, the prerequisite is that you have to survive the impact of the energy pool.

Luo Yu endured the pain in this way, and introduced the vitality to the two internal organs. The internal organs of the two internal organs generated more and more vitality, and the vitality grew stronger and stronger. Time is also in this pain. A little bit past.


Dongfang Yueyao accidentally was shot in the chest by Wang Jianglong's palm, and he was spitting blood on the palm.



The others were shocked, especially Dongfang Yuehua, whose faces were full of worry and pain.

"Old dog, I killed you!" Bai Yutong was furious, killing Wang Jianglong with a fire-blue dagger in his hand. Today's incidents were all humiliated by his younger sister Linger. These people came to help him. Everyone was injured. He had an extra blame and guilt in his heart.

"Huh! Ignorant Child" Wang Jianglong is a true mid-term powerhouse. He is not afraid of him, who is the first bounty hunter and the first killer Shura Shura. In the face of absolute strength, they are nonsense.

The earthy yellow qi in his hand surged and punched out, and the qi formed a shadow of bangs on Bai Yutong. If Bai Yutong was severely hit, he spit out of the blood about ten meters away and fell to the ground.


"Second Brother!"

"Second Brother!"

The others were furious and desperately killed the two.

Bai Yutong and Dongfang Yueyao clenched their teeth, stood up, picked up their weapons, and rushed up. All of them fought so hard to give the boy sitting in the back and to give him more time.

"The kid dared to hit the innate realm at this time! Should I admire his guts and courage or laugh at his ignorance?"

A Fan is standing on the roof of a building, looking at Luo Yu, who sits on the bottom to receive the vital energy sink. The Red Alchemist Snake is restored to its original size, wrapped around his arm, and is constantly craving snake snakes. Apparently he was injured in the battle with Luo Yu just now.

"Little beast!" Lin Mu stood on the top of Yaochi's building and looked at Luo Yu below, with Tao Tian's hate in his eyes, and shocked. If Luo Yu could successfully break through, he may be really fragile today, although he ca nt wait The Luo Yu has a lot of swords, but he has to admit the opponent's combat ability. The talent is really amazing, and it is not worse than his brother.

"Zhong Bo, Wang Guanshi, what are you doing, you are not ready to kill Luo Yu, it will be me who will die after he successfully breaks through, I don't even want to live if you die!"

Lin Mu roared upstairs.

The bell tower below and Wang Jianglong couldn't say anything. Li Yu and Fu Xuanxuan were too entangled. The two of them didn't dare to shoot at all, and they hadn't played 30%.

The two true qi in Luo Yu's body were nourished by the vitality to the thickness of the female fingers from the original hair size, and gradually filled the small abdomen Dantian and the veins of the whole body, but the strong heaven and earth vitality continued to flow into him. Within the body, Dan Tian and tendons gradually felt pain.

Luo Yu was shocked. He didn't expect that the vitality he brought to the world was so strong. The vitality confluence had to wait for all the vitality to be consumed and refined before it could stop, otherwise there would be a danger of back-bite.

Generally speaking, how much energy is attracted is related to the level of the internal strength and mentality. Xuanyuan is definitely the Chinese style created by Emperor Xuanyuan, the top Chinese internal strength and mentality system, and the system is not like the ancient Cang mainland. There is a distinction between heaven and earth, and there are three levels of Chinese exercises: low-level, high-level, and top-level. Therefore, Luo Yu does not know that Xuanyuan really belongs to that level of heaven and earth, but at least it is Xuanjie on.

"What to do! What to do! Both Dantian and the meridians are filled with Qi and cannot be accommodated."

Luo Yu's mind was full of thoughts, and he was constantly looking for a solution. His vitality could not be instilled for such a moment, and he was about to be exploded to death.

"Yan Yan Lian Ye? No! Yi Jin Jing? Useless, Dharma meditation? It's useless, Baji is so powerful? Seems like it's useless, etc. The dual realm is condensed gas species, haha can condensate into gas species with more true energy! "

Luo Yu was overjoyed, and finally found a solution. The more true qi was condensed into gaseous species and stored in Dantian, so as to divert too much vitality and avoid the danger of exploding.

Do it as soon as you think of it, Luo Yu immediately recalls the method of eight techniques to collapse the heavenly energy to condense the gas species, using mystery techniques to continuously compress the body's pure qi, and then compress it together. Luo Yu was in the final step, and Fu Xuanxuan's battle was heated.

"Huh! County Lord, I'm sorry, General Li" Bell Tower yelled, then glanced at Wang Jianglong, and Wang Jianglong nodded in understanding.

The vitality above Luo Yu's head faded away, and he was about to complete his body and completely enter the innate state. The two of them could not delay.

Bell Tower Wang Jianglong abruptly backed up, the two of them gathered together at the same time.

"Xuanjie martial arts-Paiyun palm!" The bell tower of the bell tower was full of vitality, green light, both palms were discharged, two cloud-shaped palm prints came out, and shot to Li Yu Fu Xuan Xuan.

"Xuanjie martial arts-ground blade" Wang Jianglong came out into the palm of his hand, and the soil properties were really smashed into two light-bladed swords towards Dongfang Yueyao and Dongfang Yuehua.

"Not good! Hurry up! Earth Emperor's armor" Li Yu yelled, and the black armor was covered with a layer of Jinhui, like the same God of War.

Huh! Fu Xuanxuan kicked away and escaped, but Li Yu resisted a blow, Li Yu was photographed with a palm, and the direction in which he got to fly was in front of Dongfang Yueyao, earthy yellow Li Yu was cut on Li Yu's back, Li Yu fell in the arms of Dongfang Yueyao, who was shocked at the spot. He resisted this attack for Dongfang Yueyao, and Dongfang Yuehua did not respond slowly, and fled away. .

"Little stupid fish!"

"Li Yu!"

Several people exclaimed, and behind Li Yu, the ochre armor was cut open, and a deep wound kept bleeding.

"Little stupid fish, little stupid fish!" Dongyue Yueyao's eyes were tearful, and she kept screaming at Li Yu who stunned her. Li Yu deliberately hit the bell tower to save Dongfang Yueyao. This is also a good man who is infatuated.

$ N @ F ez \ '

"Abominable!" Bai Yutong Fu Xuanxuan, who was burning in the fury of Dongfang Yuehua, was going to work hard with the two.

"Sister! Please step down and leave it to me!"

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(To be continued

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