Coming Of The Villain Boss Chapter 1181

Chapter 1191 All The Careerists 21

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“Do I look so idle?” She only wanted to be a careerist who didn’t need to attend the morning session.

Ming Shu suddenly turned her head. “Do you want the throne?”

Shen Pin shook his head without thinking. “No. I just want to be with you, Lady.”

Ming Shu: “”

He had no ambition at all!

Before Ming Shu appeared, probably Shen Pin once thought about the throne.

But now

It didn’t matter.

They were only married for a few days, but the prime minister’s mansion’s servants all knew that their prime minister and Princess Seven were always together and in very good relationship.

Although they also didn’t understand why the two could have such a good relationship.

At nightfall

It was curfew. The long street was silent and empty.

Right then, a figure jumped down from the high wall. The person seemed to be leaning on another person, getting ready to pass through the long street.

Right then, disjointed footsteps sounded from behind. The armor and weapons rubbed against each other, making clear noises.

The firelight approached.

The figure seemed to be a little panicked. But with a person on their shoulder, they could only move forward with difficulty.

“She’s right ahead, go take her!”

“Don’t let her run away!”

“Chase her!”


The noise came, and the imperial guards in the back held torches and soon overtook the two, surrounding them in the middle.

The person standing there was a woman in a nightdress, revealing only her eyes.

The person she was carrying appeared unconscious and in a coma.

The imperial guards scolded, “How dare you kidnap the imperial husband! Let go of His Highness!”

The woman looked at the people around her with cold eyes, weighing the possibility of her rushing out.

“Culprit, fold your hands for capture. You will not get away today!”

The imperial guards were not just talking. They began to narrow the circle and the woman was a little anxious.

Finally she gritted her teeth and decided to take the risk to break out of the circle.

The knife splashed blood on her, but the woman had no time to care about that. She only wanted to get rid of these guards as soon as possible.


The woman aimed at a weak point and tried to kill her way out. But who knew that Duanmu Shu was suddenly pulled by someone from behind, and the hidden weapons attacked her from above.

The woman fell to kneel on the ground.

“Protect His Highness!”

The imperial guards took Duanmu Shu back. The woman struggled, but in the end she gave up Duanmu Shu and ran as fast as she could to another street with her injured body.

“Go catch her!”

The imperial guards kept up with her.

When they arrived at a crossroads, they suddenly lost the woman’s trail.

“Chase her separately!” The head of the imperial guards waved her hand. “You go that way, and the rest follow me.”

The troop branched out into two columns. Not going too far, the team that went to right side saw a person come from the other end casually.

“Who is that?”

This person was different from the one they were chasing, so the imperial guard shouted the question.

But the person over there didn’t seem to hear anyone, only continued walk in their direction. With hesitation, the imperial guards ran over.

“It’s curfew. Why are you still out here? Did you see a wounded woman just now Prime Minister?”

“Yoh, are you chasing thieves this late in the evening?”

The imperial guards were beaten up miserably before when they were ordered to catch Ming Shu. Now seeing her, they somehow felt the pain all over again.

“Prime Minister, it’s this late in the What are you doing here?”Why are you coming out and scaring people.

“Can’t I take a walk?”


The imperial guards wiped their sweat. “Prime Minister, did you see anyone suspicious just now?”

Ming Shu reached out and pointed at them.

The imperial guards: “”

They were the imperial guards of the palace. How could they be suspicious?

“Prime Minister, it’s not safe at night. You’d better hurry back to your mansion. We’ll leave first.” The head of the imperial guards finished the sentence and then ran forward hurriedly with his people without waiting for Ming Shu’s response.

Ming Shu turned and watched them leave. When the firelight faded and the street plunged back into darkness, she looked the other way. “They’re gone.”

From somewhere hidden, Luo Yan supported Shen Pin and came out. Ming Shu walked over and put her arms around her little demon. “Go check if that one’s dead.”

Luo Yan formed a fake smile. “Now you are ordering me?”

“Do you want to go back or not?”

Luo Yan: “”

Luo Yan turned back.

Ming Shu reached out and touched Shen Pin’s face, which was a little cold. She untied her coat and wrapped it around Shen Pin, then held him up in her arms directly.

Luo Yan came out with a woman, exactly the one the imperial guards were chasing.

“Is she dead? If she’s dead, throw her away.”

Luo Yan said, “Not yet, she’s still breathing. Do we need to give her a final strike?”

“Okay? Go ahead, you?”

“If I get caught killing people here, I would be considered ill-intentioned.” Luo Yan looked at Ming Shu. “You are the prime minister, you should do it.”

“The pillar of the country will not kill people.”

Luo Yan seemed to be extremely amused by something. In the silence of the night, his laughter appeared very peculiar. “I didn’t know you have such a principle. But what for?”

A person who only knew to make sense with her fists should say that she wouldn’t kill people.

He would have thought it a joke if he didn’t witness that she would at most beat up people and make them unable to move.

“For peace.”


The woman who listened to their discussion also felt she might have run into a psycho.

She was too weak to run away now.

She seemed to hear those people call her

Prime Minister!

There was only one prime minister in Fengqi State!

The woman looked up with difficulty and glranced in Ming Shu’s direction. “Prime Minister Are you Jing Se?”


“I’m Shen Yan.” The woman suddenly got excited. “I’m Shen Yan, Prime Minister”

Probably she had used much of her strength, she passed out directly.

Luo Yan was startled and retreated sideways, and the woman fell straight to the ground.

If Ming Shu hadn’t had the little demon in her arms, she would probably have run over.

Luo Yan bought a residence in the imperial capital.

When Shen Yan woke up again, she was lying on a bed. Ming Shu sat in the chair nearby and was throwing and catching a fruit for fun.

Seeing she woke up, Ming Shu caught the fruit in one go and stuffed it into her mouth, taking a bite. “How do you feel now?”

Shen Yan felt she had been cleaned up and even her clothes had been changed.

“Prime Minister”

Shen Yan’s voice was hoarse. Her throat was dry.

Ming Shu poured her a glass of water and passed it to her. Shen Yan wanted to take it but had no strength.

Ming Shu bit into her fruits and helped her up, making her hold the glass.

Shen Yan drank up the water in one go and her whole person seemed to be redeemed.

“Thank you, Prime Minister.” Shen Yan looked upset. “If I didn’t meet you tonight, I’m afraid I might have been caught by now.”

Ming Shu sized her up for several seconds. “Why did the imperial guards chase you?”

Judging from the way the imperial guards behaved, it was not like they had found out she was Shen Yan. So they shouldn’t have chased her because of her identity.

Shen Yan pursed her dry lips and didn’t answer.

She impulsively revealed herself before, but actually she was a little regretful now. She had no idea who else she could trust in the imperial city.

She had left the imperial city so long ago, had the prime minister and Shen Yu become associated with each other?

Where was she now? Was she safe here? What happened to Duanmu Shu then?

She was so close to saving Duanmu Shu.

So close but

All sorts of questions filled Shen Yan’s mind and kept her nerves aching. She felt the pain radiating all over her body again.

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