Coming Of The Villain Boss Chapter 1183

Chapter 1193 All The Careerists 23

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Shen Yan didn’t know that since she left the capital, so many things had happened.


What did it mean that the prime minister had become the traitor minister?

The prime minister mansion had always been the empress’s right hand and had no second thoughts. Her mother also told her that if nobody could be trusted, she could trust the prime minister

How come she became the traitor minister now?!

It was three days later when Shen Yan saw Ming Shu again. The prime minister mansion used everything good on her and her wound had almost healed.

“Prime Minister, I want to ask” Shen Yan paused. “How’s A-Shu now?”

This was her chief concern these days.

But she couldn’t ask anyone else. Ming Shu was always out of sight; even if she was in the mansion, she couldn’t see her.

“Shen Yu hasn’t been in court for a few days, so perhaps he’s very well,” Ming Shu said. “It’s said that the empress’s list has been posted to invite world famous doctors.”

“It’s all my fault.”

If she got him out that day

“You want to save him?”

Shen Yan clenched her fists. “I came back this time to save him.”

She could do without revenge. This was what a royal family was. She knew why Shen Yu hunted her down. But Duanmu Shu She couldn’t give up on him.

Ming Shu leaned over. “Do you want to rebel?”

Shen Yan’s slightly reddened gaze jerked to look at Ming Shu.

“It’s not rebellion, actually.” Ming Shu put it another way. “It’s to inherit the throne that originally belongs to you.”

Shen Yan: “But mother passed the throne to Shen Yu”

Ming Shu asked smilingly, “Do you think so?”

“Wasn’t it? It’s all recorded in the imperial decree.”

“The late empress died suspiciously, you don’t know if the imperial decree is real or not.”

“Suspiciously?” Shen Yan was startled. “Didn’t Mother die of overwork?”

Ming Shu: “That’s just Shen Yu’s words. The late empress was well before, how could she suddenly die of overwork?”

Shen Yu was the last person to see the late Empress. The imperial physician was her witness, but what if the imperial physician had been bought off by Shen Yu?

Shen Yan hesitated. “But the imperial decree The two Elders both confirmed it was given by mother.”

Ming Shu: “Elder Feng is on Shen Yu’s side, as for Elder Zhang The late empress had been gone back then, and in her way, she wouldn’t stand out rashly. But she didn’t insist, either. Even if the situation changes later, she will have something else to say.”

Shen Yan raised her hand to hold her own forehead, her thoughts a little confused.

Although she thought Shen Yu had done something a little inhumane, she never thought that her mother’s death was suspicious.

If Shen Yu did something really bad for the throne

Shen Yan didn’t dare to think about it further. How could Shen Yu do such things?

Ming Shu continued, “Shen Yu is not a wise empress. You’ve heard a lot of rumors these days, haven’t you? Right, I’ve been cursed in a lot in rumors lately”

Shen Yan: “”You knew that!

Everyone was cursing and scolding you now.

But there were also some rumors about Shen Yu cracking down on recalcitrant ministers.

“Prime Minister, I want to be alone for a while.”

Ming Shu made a hand gesture and let her be.

Shen Yan stood up and swayed slightly. “Can you do me a favor? Prime Minister?”

“What favor?”

Shen Yan said, “Send a verbal message to A-Shu for me. Tell him, he must stay alive, I’ll definitely save him.”

Shen Yan returned to her room, but she did not know where to gather her thoughts.

She felt restless in the room.

The figures of Shen Yu and her mother empress kept shaking in front of her.

Did she hate Shen Yu?

If she said no, it seemed impossible. After all, it was she who had driven her to such a state.

She had already gotten the throne, but still wanted to kill them all.

But things like this were very common in history, so she didn’t really hate her very much.

What she had done was all for the throne.

But Duanmu Shu

Shen Yan closed her eyes. She would never give up on him.

Just as Shen Yan was thinking, the door was suddenly pushed open.

Only then did Shen Yan realize that it was already late at night.

And the person coming in

“Prime Minister, you”What are you holding on your shoulder?

Ming Shu stuffed the person into Shen Yan’s arms.

The cotton quilt slid open a little. Shen Yan saw a familiar face and her heartbeat quickened. “A-Shu?”

She She she just wanted her to send a message to him, why did she bring him here?

What would they do if Shen Yu came for him?

Shen Yan looked at the prime minister, who was pouring herself a cup of tea.

Here was the thing

Ming Shu was an outside minister and not allowed to go in and out of the harem palace casually. So she could only climb over the palace wall at night and get inside.

Yuhua Palace was brightly lit.

Ming Shu avoided the guards and let Little Beastie draw the people in the room away, then jumped in herself.

Duanmu Shu seemed to have fallen asleep, or was in a coma.

Ming Shu shook him several times but couldn’t wake him up.

So she was a little worried.

Ming Shu sat beside him and ate her preserved fruits, thinking. She could leave a note for him, but what if others discovered it?

Besides, Duanmu Shu would probably not believe it.

There were footsteps coming from outside.

The palace attendants on night watch, drawn away by Little Beastie, seemed to have returned.

Ming Shu put away her fruit preserves and pulled the quilt to wrap up Duanmu Shu, then carried him away directly.


It could get her Hatred Points anyway. Kill two birds with one stone, perfect!

After listening to Ming Shu’s speech, Shen Yan’s expression was very complicated. She didn’t know how to face the prime minister.

She risked her life but couldn’t save him, now this one just brought him here so easily?

“Lady? Why are you here?” Jing Yu happened to be passing by outside. She walked in curiously as she saw the door was open and Ming Shu sat in here.

“I think I saw Her Majesty looking for you just now, are you What’s that?”

After learning what happened here, Jing Yu only wanted to pretend that she never saw Ming Shu and never came in the room.

Everyone knew how much Shen Yu cared about this formal imperial husband from the imperial list she posted!

Her lady had actually stolen him out!

Did Princess Seven know she stole another man?

Jing Yu opened her mouth several times yet failed to say anything.

No words could express her f**king mood now.

“Lady, next time you do something like this, can you talk it over with me?” She was afraid her heart wouldn’t take it anymore.

“I didn’t intend to take him out, really.”

The person involved was like “I didn’t do anything big, I just did it out of hand.”

“But he didn’t wake up. What could I do? I could only take him out.”I haven’t complained about the waste of snacks.

“Okay!” Jing Yu stopped her. “Now we won’t talk about that. The question is, if Her Majesty learns of this, what should we do?”

She had already stolen the person. The palace attendants must have found they lost the imperial husband and perhaps were looking for him throughout the royal palace.

It seemed unrealistic to send him back, so the question washow to solve the coming problems.

“Lady, did anyone notice you?”

“No.” Ming Shu was very confident.How would I let anyone notice me.

“But I left a message.”


Jing Yu breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the former words, but then was struck by Ming Shu’s following words.

Her entire person was stunned stiff.

What did she mean that she left a message?

Left what message?

Why did she leave a message?

Jing Yu looked at Shen Yan who was just as stunned as her.

The two looked at each other with fear. They were too scared to react.

But soon Jing Yu learned what message Ming Shu had left. The imperial guards came to surround the prime minister mansion with grand force.

Jing Yu: “”

Why didn’t Lady and Princess Seven do something in the room, why did she have to go out!

Was the land of warmth and tenderness not good enough?

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