Containment Control Starts With The Umbrella Chapter 1000

Chapter 995: 7th Fleet vs 0 million

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"Super Seminary" universe.

North Star Time: September 27, 2015, 12:00

The lunar universe.

Since the revolution and rotation of the moon are at the same speed, its front is always facing the earth. Without the assistance of aerospace technology, human beings would not be able to look at the back of the moon at all.

at this time.

Suddenly millions of space-distorting wormholes appeared within the gravitational range on the back of the moon.

Immediately afterwards, millions of male angels with white wings on their backs, Roman armor and helmets passed through the wormhole to reach the upper side of the back of the moon.

Followed by the dark red demon soldiers with dark red wings, but the number of these demon soldiers is smaller, less than one-twentieth of the male angels.

The rest are densely packed warships of civilizations of different sizes and forms.

These battleships belonged to the civilization that believed in the devil queen Morgana, or the **** of death Karl, and even the ancient evil **** Hua Ye.

It's just that the specifications of these warships are mostly 100 meters long, and a few are more than 500 meters long, far inferior to Umbrella's Paris class and Roger Young class.

However, in terms of quantity alone, it does seem quite ridiculous, after all, it is almost reaching the number of tens of millions.

In the center of such a large-scale combat group is the former Hua Yes Wooden Ship fleet and the Demon One that was expelled to the outer galaxy by Umbrella.

It can be seen that the demon queen in the play who treated her subordinates boldly was also frightened by Umbrella's halo array. She would rather join forces with the male angel she hated the most to destroy Umbrella.


Under the command of Morgana, Hua Ye and Carl, this battle group with a scale of tens of millions left the back of the moon, preparing to march towards the earth.

When you leave the lunar universe and come to the center between the earth and the moon, about 0.5 ETM away from the earth.

The smaller but larger Seventh Fleet, using a warp engine, suddenly appeared in front of this battle group.

The Athena-class battleship located in the center of the fleet alone is sufficient to fight against the trilateral battle group of demons, gods of death, and scum.

Ri~! (XN)

At the end of the warp speed, all warships equipped with electromagnetic acceleration guns in the Seventh Fleet began to accumulate energy.

The faint blue energy-storing light filled this universe, and then...

Shoo~! (XN)

Hundreds of electromagnetic ballistics appeared straight in front of the Seventh Fleet, and the projectiles pierced through the battle group of the three forces at an extremely fast speed.

In an instant, tens of millions of battle groups were stunned by this round of electromagnetic gun salvo, and nearly a quarter of the number was wiped out.

Fortunately, the Seventh Fleet deliberately appeared in front of the battle group, avoiding the moon behind 0.5ETM, otherwise the moon that suffered a salvo of electromagnetic guns would only end up being bombed with no dregs left.

It's not over yet.

The battleship's Yamato guns have also been charged up, aiming at the remaining dense areas of the battle group, and directly releasing beams no less than neutron star pulses.

The thick, thick, and strong orange beam took away a large number of battleships, demons and scum.

Originally possessing a number of tens of millions of battle groups, after being ambushed by the Seventh Fleet, which was not considered an ambush, nearly half of the number of warships and soldiers was lost, and the commanders of each department were beaten completely ignorant.

What the **** is this?

How to fight this?

How to escape?

In an instant, the above three questions emerged in the minds of the commanders of the various ministries.

The two volleys of artillery fire from the Seventh Fleet extinguished the war arrogance of the three forces and brought the morale of the demons, scum and death to the lowest point.

But the Seventh Fleet will not let go of this excellent opportunity.

After the fleet carried out two rounds of artillery fire, tens of thousands of carrier-based aircraft and mobile suits were released.

In addition, the flexible Paris-class also assisted carrier-based aircraft and MS formations, and began to rush toward the battle group, preparing to start the single-to-hand battle.

The remaining warships of all levels in the fleet use Gauss cannons, plasma cannons and beam particle cannons of various calibers for long-range support.

The carrier-based aircraft and mobile suit formations that broke into the battle group quickly engaged in a space dog fight with the scum and demons, while the Paris-class battleship was...


Use the Gauss near-defense gun array to carry out an absolute bullet-net attack on the scum and demons.

The bodies of the scum and the devil are mostly the first or second generation. Faced with the penetrating nail cannonball, only the body is torn to pieces.

At the same time, the Paris-class warships also used various calibers and artillery to continuously output firepower to those low-end civilized warships.



In just a few minutes.

Between the earth and the moon, a dazzling space firework was staged, the bright blue of the Gauss cannon, the faint purple of the plasma cannon, the orange red of the beam particle cannon, and the emerald green of the energy shield.

The battle group of the tripartite forces lost more than two-thirds in a few minutes.

The Seventh Fleet also suffered some losses, that is, the carrier-based aircraft responsible for the dogfight was besieged by several demons and scum, which caused the shield to fail and was forced to withdraw from the battle.

As for MS...

It is completely the existence of crushing demons and scum.

Before long, the battle formation composed of Paris class, carrier-based aircraft, and mobile suits will tear apart the battle group of the three forces and directly attack Huaye's Wooden Ship fleet and Morganas Demon One.


Two giant'devil claws' appeared in the warring universe, which created a lot of obstacles to the battle formation in the rush.

The physical attacks of these two claws can easily destroy the energy shields of carrier-based aircraft and mobile suits, making them forced to return home.

As for the Paris-class with stronger shield power, even if it is agile, it still has to directly withstand the attack of the'devil's claw', so it also chose to evade temporarily.

These two devil claws are actually the god-killing weapons in Morganas arsenal, and the devils claws correspond to the star life, silver wings, and kings life of the sacred Keishas arsenal.

No matter what, the Paris-class, carrier-based aircraft and MS mecha all belong to the role of small soldiers, and it is indeed impossible to solve the Queens Morgana.


Huh~! (X11)

Eleven divine bodies suddenly appeared around Devil One and the Wooden Ship fleet.

The pilots of the eleven divine bodies are all Spartan Phase I, and they all have intelligent artificial intelligence assistance. After neural connections, they attack the Devil One and the'Wooden Ship' fleet at an attack speed that is difficult for ordinary people to capture.

The devil's claws attack fast, strong and fierce.

But this side of the **** body is also equipped with various hundred-meter-class weapons such as giant ship-cutting knives, large-caliber Gauss cannons, floating cannon beam particle cannons, and floating swords.

Moreover, the command of the Divine Body Formation is Jerome who is no less than John in every respect.

Under the siege of eleven divine bodies, the wings of Demon One were the first to be destroyed, and the main castle between the wings was about to be destroyed. The wormhole was opened in time to escape.

Looking at Hua Yes fleet of "Wooden Ships" again...

Well, after half a minute of failing to persist, he was directly destroyed by the **** body, and even the male angels with a hundred guard-level men died under the **** body's large-caliber weapons.

However, Hua Ye and Ruoning, the two evil gods with wormhole technology, carried out tactical transfer (flee) as soon as the divine body appeared.

at the same time.

The bridge of the Victory.

"Captain, the loss rate of enemy warships has reached 70%. It is estimated that the enemy will be wiped out in four minutes."

"Okay, notify the ships to maintain the current attack frequency, pay attention to the distance between each other, to avoid accidental injury."


"Captain, the carrier-based aircraft and MS mecha formation responsible for the assault have returned, and the 24 Paris-class ships have been reorganized with the fleet."

"Got it."

"Captain, the enemy's remaining high-threat human targets are less than 10%. At present, they have no deterrent effect on the fleet. The scorpion formation is ready to assist the fleet in encircling and attacking human targets."

"Dispatch the remaining MS mecha formations on standby to solve these high-risk targets as much as possible."


Just look at the fleet personnel on the first floor of the bridge, cooperating with Jingnan sitting on the second floor of the bridge, and command the fleet efficiently.

"Captain!" At this moment, a crew member turned to Jingnan and reported loudly:

"The remaining humanoid targets have disappeared. It is presumed that the enemy opened a wormhole for transfer."

"Got it." Jingnan said without changing his face:

"Don't worry about the human targets, they will be solved by the ground forces led by Major General Russell. We only need to concentrate on solving the enemy in front of us."

"Yes." After receiving Jingnan's instructions, the crew members continued to focus on annihilating the trilateral battle group.

Jingnan, who was sitting on the second floor of the bridge, opened the holographic screen next to her seat to communicate with Arthur.


The screen showed Arthur in a tight-fitting combat uniform, and the major general smiled and said to Jing Nan: "What's the matter? My Captain Jing."

"The male angels and demons who fought with us have disappeared. I think... they should be teleported to the surface of the earth. Please pay attention to safety." Jingnan whispered.

"Don't worry, we are already ready." Arthur chuckled again:

"I don't worry about you. After all, this is the first time you command a large-scale battle in the universe. I didn't expect you to do a good job. Hehe, you deserve to be my future wife."

A blush flashed across Jingnan's cheeks, but he quickly returned to a serious expression:

"It's mainly the technology of the company's warships that crushes the opponents. I just do my own job, and...you should pay attention, don't be killed by Morgana or Hua Ye because of carelessness, otherwise I will become a widow before I get married. Up."

"Haha~www.wuxiaworld~ The Arthur on the screen laughed loudly: "With you, the reverse flag, I'll specify that it's okay, okay, let's not talk about it, I will be dispatched soon. "

After speaking, Arthur ended the communication with Jingnan.

Looking at the holographic screen on the left hand side, Jing Nan could only smile and shook his head, and then stopped thinking about little girls, but focused on cleaning up the enemy's remaining combat power.

Outside the bridge.

The Seventh Fleet is approaching an enemy battle group whose combat power is less than one-sixth of the initial battle group, and the main guns of the warships of the fleet have been charged.

Immediately, another salvo of electromagnetic guns and a salvo of Yamato guns instantly destroyed all the remaining enemy warships.

As for the remaining small combat units, they are handed over to carrier-based aircraft, mobile suits, and near-defense guns.

If there is no Umbrella's Seventh Fleet, then this level of interstellar warfare, the earth and the undeveloped male company will only end in annihilation.

Even the sun will die out early due to interstellar warfare.

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