Containment Control Starts With The Umbrella Chapter 1001

Chapter 996: Only 4 gods left

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North Star Time: 12:30.

Location: Northwest China.

The northwestern part of China is mostly sand dune landforms, and most of them are uninhabited areas.

At this moment, a large number of space-distorting wormholes appeared over the desert and sand dunes.

Immediately afterwards.

The remaining male angels and demons came into the atmosphere from the cosmic space through the wormhole, and the only remaining Demon No. 1 in the castle also came to the sky above this desert.

But because of the loss of the wings of the devil, the castle fell uncontrollably.

In the end, with a "boom--~!", it hit the desert with no one, and the dust spread and flew around.

But it didn't take long for the desert to return to calm, and the scum and the devil also flapped their wings behind them, and slowly landed around the castle to guard.

The ground at this time.

Hua Ye, Ruoning and Morgana stood in front of the ruins of the castle.

The sword demon Ato, who was tall, with a bone-like crown, and dark red wings, stood blankly behind Morgana to ensure the safety of the Demon Queen.

What makes people incredibly unbelievable is that Rose, wearing the unique black armor of the Hero Company, actually stood on Morgana's left hand side.

Aside from the stereotyped Atto, the rest...

In other words, the rest of the gods looked embarrassed, as if they couldn't believe that their tens of millions of troops were actually defeated by the Seventh Fleet in a short time.

Qiangwei is even more complicated to discourage Morgana, telling her to give up the so-called extreme freedom concept, and then immediately leave the earth and the galaxy with her to avoid direct conflict with Umbrella.

It seems that in less than two months, Morgana took advantage of her queen's charm and tenderness to'conquer' Qiangwei, who has the hatred of the country and the family.

I don't know whether Lily is infinitely good, or Qiangwei can easily give up his father's hatred, or whether the country's territory is invaded and the people are slaughtered by demons, Qiangwei has completely fallen under Morgana's pomegranate skirt anyway.

"Escape?" Ruoning, who was a little bit ashamed, immediately retorted after hearing Qiangwei's words to discourage Morgana:

"Where can we escape? When we came to this desert, our wormhole technology had been blocked and we couldn't go anywhere.


Having said that, Ruoning glanced around, her tone became more serious and said: "We are already surrounded."

The voice fell.

Astart, the terminator with a total of four thousand, instantly teleported to the surroundings of the scum and demons.

Among them, the number of the Terminator of the Forbidden Army was one thousand, and the number of the Terminator of the Dark Crow was three thousand, and Myron and Corax, who led the Terminator, also teleported to this desert.

Of course, more than a hundred angels such as Leng, Zhixin, Fanxing, and Lingxi, and Liu Chuang, Ge Xiaolun, Xin Zhao and others of the Xiongbing Company also teleported to this area with the Terminator.

Standing at the forefront of the angels such as Myron, Colacs, and Leng, is Horus wearing an invisible helmet and armor of Hades, holding a spear in his right hand.

As Ruoning said before, the moment they opened the wormhole and arrived in the northwestern region of China, the wormhole technology was blocked by Umbrella.

Tens of thousands of artificial intelligence in the Seventh Fleet, under the joint efforts of Artemis and Zhixin, unilaterally contained the wormhole technology of Morgana and Huaye.

Hua Ye was also targeted by Zhixin, Ge Xiaolun and Wanming artificial intelligence to block the black hole engine in Hua Ye's body.

In fact, Ge Xiaolun began to receive the heart-warming teaching in mid-August, and now he can use the male core engine in his body.

At present, Xiongxin's frame rate is 12, while Hua Ye's frame rate has reached 48, which is completely unilaterally crushing Ge Xiaolun's existence.


Heads-up, then use the quantity to make up the gap between Ge Xiaolun and Hua Ye. The truth is that in the world before William's journey, a large number of miners bought graphics cards frantically to increase the efficiency of mining.

In this way, Hua Ye couldn't threaten, saying that the creation of black holes and the earth would end up together, so he had to use purely physical means to fight.


Ge Xiaolun looked at the Qiangwei standing beside Morgana and couldn't help but mutter. If no one stopped it, he would be guilty of unrequited love.


"Qianni Ma Wei." Liu Chuang gave Ge Xiaolun directly on top of his head, and in the tone of a big brother, he sternly told Ge Xiaolun:

"Xiao Lun! You have heard clearly to Lao Tzu. From now on, Qiangwei is no longer a member of our company. Your mission is to block the black hole engine of that lustful god!"

If you make a mistake here, you are sorry for the country! Sorry people! Sorry to my comrades too! "

"This...Yes, I see, Chuangzi."

Ge Xiaolun, who was scolded by Liu Chuang, immediately activated Xiongxin, focusing on cooperating with Zhixin and artificial intelligence to completely seal Hua Ye's black hole engine.

Artemis and the other half of the artificial intelligence focused on the wormhole technology that blocked Morgana, Roning and Qiangwei.

At this point, the scum and demons were completely trapped in this desert.

Melan drew out the kinetic energy sword hung on his left waist, charged it, and waved his hand and shouted to the Forbidden Army Terminator:

"Boys! Adjust the warhead equivalent to one ton for you, and annihilate those scum and demons!"


"Die! Crap!"

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Dead! Deadly!"


Myron's voice fell, and thousands of Forbidden Army Terminators raised their left hands and used the chimeric double-barreled arrow gun to strike the scum and demons like a lock.

Corax was a special energy claw spreading out his hands, and said in a low voice: "Dark Crow supports and controls the target on the ground."


"Hey! Hey!"

The three thousand dark crows were as taciturn as their original fathers, and did not roar like Melon's sons.

Four thousand Terminators, tens of thousands of explosive bullets per second, attacked the remaining scum and demons like raindrops.

"Boom~! Boom~!"

"Hoo~! Hoo~!"

The blast of tons of TNT and the shock waves from the explosion swept all around, making this no-mans land completely lively.

Most of the minions such as the scum and the devil are first-generation or second-generation bodies, unable to withstand such a dense bombardment attack. In the end, they will only be bombarded to death.

Some of the scum and demons who had been frightened immediately spread their wings and took off quickly, preparing to take advantage of the shortcomings of the Terminators that they could not fly.

With three generations of body cold, he led more than a hundred angels such as Fanxing, Lingxi, and Luoluan, completely blocking the escape route from the sky.

at this time.

Behind the wreckage of Demon One's castle suddenly appeared a portal with a diameter of up to two hundred meters.

And a divine body with a height of one hundred and sixty meters, a slender body, and a dark armor on key parts, quickly drove out of the portal.

The manipulator of this divine body is Arthur who spoke with Jingnan before.

Arthur didn't know that he possessed the characteristics of [immortal]. For the sake of protection, he deliberately transported his exclusive divine body to this universe, and used the situation of crushing to solve the scum and the demons.

Xin Zhao, Rui Mengmeng, Azure, and Lena cooperate with Myron and Colacs to meet the dregs and demons who are still capable of fighting.

Colacs meets Atto.

After the fight, Atuo was killed.

In fact, Atuo did not support the big.

The sword demon used the sword of flame captured by Morgana to fight against Corax for a while, and then immediately used his flying ability to open the distance, waiting for the opportunity to make a fatal blow to Corax.


The strength gap between the two sides is relatively large.

Although the body of Corax, according to the angels' speculation, only the second-generation body.

But before Colacs became the Gene Primarch, he made a record of beheading the 100-meter Titan by one person, not to mention that Colacs now has Primal Power Armor.

Cooperating with Halsey's special energy claws, Atuo's two flame swords were directly cut off, and Corax continued to follow his strength and directly cut Atuo into several pieces.

Although Atuo is still alive, he has lost his combat capability. As a result, there is only one dead end.

As a super long-range sniper, Qilin uses Umbrella's special Gauss sniper rifle to accurately strike the second-generation scum and demons.

In the desert in the melee, Liu Chuang wandered through the battlefield with a double-edged axe in his hand and came to the ruins of Devil One Castle.

Raising the double-edged axe and pointing at Hua Ye, Morgana, Ruoning and Qiangwei, with the most rascal attitude, he said the hardest words:

"Are you guys playing together, or are you going heads-up? Anyway, the results are all the same."

The voice fell, and the surrounding battle had come to an end.

Thousands of scum and demons were killed by angels, terminators, and a company of male soldiers.

The sound of the blasting gun stopped abruptly.

The smoke and dust that obstructed the line of sight was also directly dissipated by Horus with a wave of his hand.


There were originally tens of millions of Little Soldiers, but now there are only Hua Ye, Ruoning, Morgana and Qiangwei remaining.

And Liu Chuang is standing alone not far in front of these four, with an aura that he won't lose in 1v4.

"Liu Chuang..." At this moment, Qiangwei looked at Liu Chuang with a complicated expression: "Can we not do it this way? After all... we were once comrades-in-arms."

"Hey." Liu Chuang looked at Qiang Wei with a disdainful face and said: "You have said that we were once comrades-in-arms. Now we are enemies. Don't the enemy understand?"

When Liu Chuang returned to the room, Horus used the ability to move fast, quickly came to Liu Chuang's left hand, and used the tip of a spear to compare Xiang Hua Ye, saying indifferently:

"Hey, you, yes, don't look at others, it's you, trash with a wretched face, get ready to die."

"Do you dare to say that I am..."

"Shoo--~! Boom--~!"

Just look at Hua Ye's words before finishing ~www.wuxiaworld~ before disappearing into everyone's field of vision.

Simultaneously, in the ruins of Devil Ones castle, a human-shaped gap appeared in the form of a "big" character.

Horus was standing in Hua Ye's original position, and made a straight kick with his right leg, and ended the action of retracting his right leg.

It is not difficult to guess that Hua Ye was kicked by Horus.

Seeing this, Ruoning directly took out the accessories from her dark space, preparing to launch an attack on Horus.

But "slap~!"

Horus didn't even look at Ruoning. He raised his left hand and slapped her a little harder.

But this slap still slaps Ruoning tens of meters away.

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