Containment Control Starts With The Umbrella Chapter 999

Chapter 994: Hua Ye

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Everything returns to tranquility.

The dazzling pulse wave dissipated, and the galaxy did not seem to have undergone any changes, but all the intelligent life in the entire galaxy had been annihilated.

Triangular body, Shenhe body, and beast body, no matter what kind of these three forms, belong to the ranks of life.

The halo effect can erase all forms of neural structures, from biological nervous systems to neurophysical structures.

Even if it is artificial intelligence, if it does not have the program to resist the pulse wave, it will also be destroyed by the halo effect.

Only simple life forms without a nervous system, such as bacteria, fungi, algae, moss and traditional plants, are not affected.

For creatures with highly developed brains such as the triangle body, the nervous system must be more complex than the Shenhe body and the beast body, which is the ideal and best corresponding target for the halo effect.

and so

The triangles of the galaxy are all dead.

at the same time.

The Ark at a distance of 1.5ETM from the earth.

Under the guidance and control of the Ark, the seven auras passed through the portal opened by the Ark in turn, returning from the seven locations of the mottled blue galaxy to the top of the Ark'instantly'.

Immediately afterwards.

The ark and halo that completed the one-click erasure mission returned to the main universe where William was located through the super-giant portal with a diameter of 140,000 kilometers.

As the super giant portal dissipated, it was as if the ark and the halo had never appeared before, but it caused unquenchable shock and fear to the universe of "Super Seminary".

Unknown universe.

Several wooden boats with sails are sailing in the starry space.

And around these wooden boats, there are hundreds of angels guarding them.

These angels also have white wings and wear Roman armor and helmets, but...

They are all male angels.

And those wooden boats are also warships of male angels, looking very weak.

However, if you have the first, second, and third-generation body technology of angel civilization, there is really no need to continue to develop weapons vehicles such as warships.

On the ship in the center of the fleet, there is even a seemingly luxurious and comfortable sofa.

A male angel with stubble in gorgeous armor, olive crown and stubble is lying on this comfortable sofa.

Through the wretched appearance, face and dress features, it is not difficult to infer that this male angel is the most wretched **** in "Super Seminary"

Hua Ye.

At this time, Hua Ye was humming an anti-physics common sense tune in the universe, showing a leisurely appearance admiring the stars of the universe.

And Ruoning, who had already had a relationship with Hua Ye, sat on Hua Ye's left hand blankly.

Her eyes were gray, as if some kind of calculation was in progress, or she was browsing the dark web.



Ruoning showed a terrified expression, no longer as calm or calm as before.


Hua Ye, who was sitting next to her, immediately noticed something wrong with Ruoning, and changed to a slouchy look, and asked with a humble smile:

"What's the matter, Ruoning? Could it be that the little angel named Yan has done something extraordinary to upset you?"

"No...not..." Ruoning's eyes returned to normal, turning to look at Hua Ye next to her, and said in a rather horrified tone:

"It was the mottled blue civilization that was destroyed..."

"Mottled blue?" Hua Ye was taken aback, but quickly said disapprovingly:

"It turned out to be the triangle civilization, hello! Carl got me a black hole engine, and the mottled blue, I can also destroy them."

"But the mottled blue was cleared in an instant... In an instant, I couldn't hold on for even a minute... No, it should be said that I couldn't hold on for 30 seconds.


After hearing Ruoning's words, Hua Ye finally converged from his previous leisurely, but also showed an expression of horror in astonishment.

"I will share the information with you." Ruoning had already transmitted relevant information to Hua Ye while speaking.

After reading this information, Hua Ye was shocked.

"how can that be?"

"In the known universe, there can be no such technology..."

"Which Cthulhu technology is this he?!"

"Wait..." After three consecutive questions, Hua Ye gradually recovered a little calmness, and then asked Ruoning solemnly:

"You told me before that the gluttonous civilization was destroyed by the Umbrella. I didn't care much about it at the time. Now think about it...

This Umbrella can drive Morgana away, and the various weapons explained are endless. Tsk tsk, Ruoning, how can we solve this big trouble? "

Ruoning, who had also recovered his calm, pondered for a while, and said solemnly to Hua Ye:

"According to my observations, that little girl Yan is very likely to have formed an alliance with Umbrella, so according to our previous plan, the success rate is infinitely close to zero. The Heavenly King Hexi alone will do us a great deal. Hinder."

"Look at what you said, there is no Tiangong, how can I order millions of male angels?" Hua Ye said impatiently.

Just look at the corner of Ruoning's right mouth rising slightly, and she said quietly to Hua Ye with confidence: "My King Kaisha was once the highest **** in the known universe. Didn't it also fall under the encirclement and suppression of demons, death gods and other forces?"

However, when Ruoning finished speaking, Hua Ye still looked impatient, as if he didn't understand Ruoning's words at all.

Seeing this, Ruoning glared at Hua Ye with disgust, then she got up and left the sofa to the side of the boat, looking at the vast starry sky and said:

"The earth and Umbrella now are the same people who I was, King Kaisha."

After hearing this, Hua Ye's head finally opened up and said: "You mean... unite with all the forces in the known universe to deal with that Umbrella together?"

"Yes." Ruoning turned around, leaning on the hull, and explained to Hua Ye:

"First of all, there are demons raging on Fraser. In order to ensure that Aini Cid is not deceived by the demons, Yan that girl will definitely go to Freize herself.

As the heavenly king, Hexi will definitely lead a large number of angels to garrison the Angel Nebula to ensure that the foundation of the angels is sound.


The gang of girls who stayed on the earth became the only angels.

After that, there are male angels scattered around the universe. It will not take long to learn that the mottled blue has been destroyed. They will also fall into extreme fear and confusion.

If you use domineering words at this time to declare to all male angels in the known universe that you will lead them to destroy the source of fear and threaten to restore order in the heaven...

I think that millions of male angels should be happy to follow your instructions.

Finally, I contacted the Demon Queen Morgana, and the death **** Carl who likes to make small moves behind the scenes. I think... they should be happy to help us.

As for those low-end civilizations, you can also use dark communications to make a broadcast. Here, it is a bunch of cannon fodder at best, and it will not play a key role in the resolution of the war. "

"Um... what you said makes sense." Hua Ye nodded in agreement.

But the lustful **** showed a tangled face and said: "But that Umbrella has the weapon to destroy the life of the entire galaxy, don't we gather together to look for death?"

"Haha..." Ruoning chuckled again with an air of disgust, and then continued:

"So we have to set the meeting point in the solar system. After calculation, I am sure that the weapon is not the enemy or the enemy.

What we have to do is to use the tiny human beings on the earth as a bargaining chip to deter Umbrellas use of weapons of mass destruction.

On individual combat and fleet combat...

Millions of male angels, plus Morgana's demon army, and your black hole engine, are enough to cope with Umbrella's fleet and iron cans, as well as China's Xiongbing Company and your little angel girls. "

"Oh~~, wonderful."

Shortly after.

The second floor of the bridge of the Victory.

"Halo...neutrino pulse wave...resonant frequency...enough to destroy the entire galaxy..."

Just looking at Zhi Xin standing next to the center console, her eyes grayed out and she couldn't help muttering to herself after reading the surface information of the halo.

Because the halo destroyed the mottled blue civilization in an instant, this led to a strong desire for knowledge, just like a reservoir flood, and could not help but want to obtain the halo's scientific and technological information.

Naturally, it is impossible for Arthur to give the Heart Aura, and he also has no authority to check how to make the aura, but he still has the authority to call up some seemingly tall, but actually no nutrition information.

Finished reading.

Zhixin's eyes returned to normal, but her expression was in a state of shock for a long time. It seemed that even the surface information made her mood hard to stabilize.


Zhixin tried his best to stabilize his mind, and then with a solemn expression on his face, he solemnly reminded Arthur:

"Major General Russell, the halo is the highest-level weapon of destruction in the known universe. Even the sacred body may not be spared. This will inevitably make the entire universe hostile civilization to Umbrella... and our female angels and the earth. alert.

It will even force Hua Ye, Morgana and Karl to unite and fight our alliance together. "

"I can't ask for it." Arthur smiled softly: "I would have expected that gang of evil gods will unite, I just don't know what Morgana will do, but... if she comes~www.mtlnovel .com~ just wiped her out.

Also, in order to avoid being attacked by halo and dark matter bombs, the place of engagement will definitely choose the earth. "

"Why is it just the earth?" Xin Zhao wondered.

"Of course it's because of the five billion hostages." Arthur shrugged.

"Then fighting on the earth... will it hurt the innocent?" Xin Zhao asked again.

"Because they are hostages, they dare not attack humans unscrupulously. Moreover, the Seventh Fleet will immediately stop a large number of male angels and demons.

The only small part left is the gods who have three generations of bodies, and then it will be the gods who are stronger. "

After listening to Arthur's words, Zhi Xin asked with a slight worry: "Major General Russell, do I need to apply for support from Queen Yan?"

"Thank you for your kindness, but your Merlot Heavenly Court also needs a lot of troops to be stationed. Our Seventh Fleet is sufficient to deal with any evil gods in your universe."

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