Cultivating 1000000 Years Chapter 3886

Chapter 2072: Begging To Die

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If it were to change to another person and face these two self-improvements within the scope of inspiring Shinto at the same time, I am afraid that the soul would have been scared to collapse long ago. But for Xu Yang, finding the two people he most wanted to meet at once was a kind of luck.

"Hehe, I really can't find any place to break through the iron shoes. It takes no effort. I have both of you out of it all at once, and it saves me more time."

Originally, the will and soul bodies of the Eighth Human Emperor and the Supreme God were each other's greatest enemy, but the two of them never expected that Xu Yang, who had released the two of them, gave birth to such an arrogant tone at this moment. Aroused the special attention of both of them.

"Young people don't speak so crazy, you don't seem to know what the two of us mean."

Xu Yang sneered. He also realized at this time that if he didn't reveal his identity, it would be difficult to attract the attention of these two guys.

There was a sudden shock at his feet, and a huge golden halo quickly condensed under Xu Yang's feet. The bright golden light completely enveloped Xu Yang's body, and the supreme glory that belonged to his ninth emperor was revealed at this moment. .

Seeing this extremely powerful Human Sovereign Realm, the Eighth Human Sovereign and the Supreme Divine Will in front of him, I realized that this kid didnt make a mistake by accident. He had unlocked the source of power that had been sealed for countless years. It came from this force. The eighth man laughed loudly.

"In this way, I have no experience myself. I really didn't expect you to be an extremely strong person."

Xu Yang shook his finger at the Eighth Emperor in front of him.

"I don't need what the two of you say about me, or that sentence, what is the relationship between the two of you, I am not at all interested. What I want to do is to step on both of you."

If this sentence were changed to other people, they would definitely be regarded as a dead man by the will of the Eighth Human Emperor and the Supreme God, but now Xu Yang has demonstrated his strength and status, these two people must have Face your opponent with a new look. The will of the Supreme God, the powerful soul body speaks slowly.

"I have already felt the aura of the Kunlun Daoist Emperor from your body. I think you should have obtained the status today after beheading the Ninth Emperor not long ago. If this is the case, the situation now seems to be very troublesome, among us. Every two of the three of them regard each other as their opponent, but if the three of them fought together, the situation would be a bit chaotic."

It seems that there is no way to prove that the strength of a certain party has reached the true peak. In fact, what kind of calculation is the will of this supreme god, Xu Yang and the eighth human emperor, the two most powerful human races, have insights into the hearts of the two human races. He just wants to incite the two to fight first, and then he can take advantage of the fisherman's profit.

In order to avoid this situation, and at the same time to demonstrate his unparalleled strength, Xu Yang directly sneered and said strongly.

"I just said that you don't have to worry about this at all, you just need to use your two most powerful strengths to fight against me."

When he finished speaking, Xu Yang directly summoned the Ancestral Dragon Totem. When the breath of the old dragon just emerged, it immediately attracted the attention of these two guys.

"This is the personal dragon servant of the Emperor of Kunlun, who actually ran to your side and was able to conquer this dragon as well. This is enough to prove that you have the strength to say such things. Since you want to die, then both of me will fall. It can also fulfill you."

The eighth man can't wait to take a shot against Xu Yang. From the perspective of the Eighth Human Emperor, he had already suppressed the will of the Supreme God once before. Thinking about suppressing the opponent again is just a matter of how much strength he has to give. He has absolute confidence that he can defeat the opponent again.

But in the face of Xu Yang, a powerful challenger, the Eighth Human Emperor has an invisible pressure lingering in his heart. Especially after Zhang Xuyang even released the Dragon Servant of the Kunlun Emperor, the pressure became more obvious.

Because the Eighth Human Sovereign knows very well that it takes enough strength to kill the previous generation Human Sovereign, but if even the opponents guardian beast can be completely conquered, it means that Xu Yang is almost capable of hard power. To the extent of crushing the Emperor of Kunlun.

However, Xu Yang at this time did not give the two guys more consideration. He had already said very clearly. If the other party is still unacceptable with one enemy and two, then Xu Yang has nothing to say.

In an instant, the endless sword glow behind Xu Yang turned out. Facing this overwhelming sword shadow appeared. The consciousness of the Eighth Human Emperor and the Supreme God all took a breath.

"This guy is such a powerful swordsmanship cultivation base, purely by virtue of mental power, he can transform so much real sword aura!"

Xu Yang is very calm about this. In his opinion, this is not even his own card means. Just a starter made the two guys feel jealous.

Seeing Xu Yang waved his palm, the overwhelming sword shadow crazily smashed at the two targets, and the Eighth Emperor did not hesitate to release an extremely powerful blue vitality.

It is more like a kind of compulsory blessing in a wartime state, which brings him a very obvious effect of increasing his attributes in all aspects, and also makes his body technique speed increase to the extreme at this moment, and he can use rigid body techniques to forcibly avoid these. Jianmang's tracking.

And because the will of the Supreme God on the other side is in the form of the soul body, it is not difficult to avoid this kind of electrical attack. There is no doubt that Xu Yang's opening remarks didn't have a very obvious effect, but they succeeded in overwhelming the other two in aura.

"Boy, I have to admit that you are very strong. Being able to become the ninth emperor has proven everything.

But I still said that. Throughout the ages, there have been countless strong human races bred on this continent, and the peerless Tianjiao who is more powerful than yours is even more so, but there are only a handful of people who can really go to the end. You are indeed amazed to me, but your ending will be the same as those who are sad. "

After saying this, the Eighth Human Sovereign first revealed his own Human Sovereign domain. That is an extremely pure blue field.

Every domain power belonging to the human emperor will awaken its incomparably powerful talent. Xu Yang saw at a glance that the talent skills possessed by the eighth human emperor's exclusive human emperor domain were to push the repair effect of its own blue vitality essence to the extreme.

"Hahaha, kid tell you the truth, I haven't released my domain for too many years. In my domain, no power can kill me."

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