Cultivating 1000000 Years Chapter 3887

Chapter 2073: Source Of Vitality

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Hearing what the other party said, Xu Yang actually gave birth to a stronger desire, that is, to defeat his opponent in the area where the other party is most proud.

"Don't say this to me. In my cognition, the so-called immortality has always been relative. No matter how strong your vitality is, it is because you have not encountered a more powerful destructive force that surpasses him. Today I In the presence of the Supreme God Consciousness, let you understand what is the power that can destroy everything in this world."

Xu Yang saw that the other party was so confident in his repair ability, and decisively figured out the next shot strategy. Xu Yang suddenly stepped up into the air, his body suspended between the void clouds.

The main body of the sword light behind the core eternal kendo began to condense. After this sword light was condensed, Xu Yang once again used the law of void to superimpose this powerful sword energy two hundred times in the void.

The superimposition effect of two hundred times is not the limit that Xu Yang's strength can reach now, but in his opinion, the special life force form of wanting to kill the eighth human emperor in front of him is more than enough.

Rumble! It was still the familiar thunder that shook the earth, and the superimposed cloud layer of the shining sword-maned assassin was quickly locked on the surface of the eighth human emperor's domain under the blockade of Xu Yang's spirit.

Xu Yang is very clear that as the upper human emperor, the opponent must have the pride of surpassing all human opponents. In the face of Xu Yang's incomparable attack, it is absolutely impossible for the opponent to continue to choose to escape or dodge, and will definitely use himself The proudest vitality to reshape the talent to disintegrate Xu Yang's strongest attack.

If he could really maintain the strongest fighting state after facing Xu Yang's devastating blow. Xu Yang will become a fantasy if he wants to defeat this opponent.

It is often a one-and-a-half method that decides the outcome between the truly top powerhouses. Therefore, when the Eighth Man was convinced of this idea and wanted to take Xu Yang's blow hard, he was also fully prepared.

At this moment, the eighth human emperor realm around this guy began to glow with azure blue brilliance. Then all the blue vitality essence outside the blue life body quickly began to crystallize.

The water-like body seemed to be covered with a layer after crystallization, the toughest ice crystal armor in the world. This is also part of the Eighth Man Emperors Fate Technique.

Further strengthen the defensive ability of his physical body, reaching the true limit that a human race can never touch. But even so, Xu Yang's attacking force burst out of this sword is still beyond his tolerance.

Rumble! Two hundred times the superimposed effect of the sword light slammed on the body of the eighth man emperor, and all the power completely exploded in an instant, naturally also with the aura of the eighth man emperor domain that this guy is most proud of. .

But Xu Yang must admit that this blue essence of vitality is indeed the most tenacious source of vitality he has ever seen. This guy's body was shattered by Xu Yang's sword.

But the soul of his eighth emperor was not harmed. That is to say, Xu Yang's sword failed to complete the feat of killing the eighth emperor in one strike.

On the contrary, after the roar of all the sword auras ended, the flesh bodies that were broken into countless small parts began to quickly overlap under the guidance of the Eighth Human Emperor's spiritual interests.

"Hahaha, let you down boy. This is my most powerful talent and my true trump card for becoming the eighth emperor. Only by completely destroying my soul and body at the same time. You can be regarded as real. Kill me, other than that I am in a state of immortality."

After seeing this scene, Xu Yang finally understood why he could use his own power to seal the will of the Supreme God.

Because the seal system he created with his own vitality does not have any flaws, and will be repaired immediately after being impacted. Does not give the supreme god's will a chance to wear the seal system at all.

The blue body parts are reorganizing crazily at a speed visible to the naked eye. Xu Yang did not immediately pursue him, but rather calmly observed the entire reorganization process, but the supreme **** on the other side had been slow to move. But before this physical body was about to be reorganized, he shot Xu Yang.

"Do you want to prevent him from reshaping his body? It's a pity that your thoughts may fall to nothing. The Eighth Human Emperor has the most perfect physical body system of the entire main continent human race. If such a perfect masterpiece is crushed in your hands like this , Isn't it a violent thing?"

In this way, the will of the Supreme God quickly shot. The extremely powerful soul power quickly rushed to Xu Yang's soul world, and began to cause unimaginable impact on his soul origin.

Xu Yang gritted his teeth and started to mobilize all the fighting potential in his body as much as possible, because just now, in order to accumulate the void superimposed two hundred times the strong blow, Xu Yang almost emptied all of his mental power reserves in a short time, and he recovered. Need a fixed time period.

However, the Supreme God's consciousness happened to grasp Xu Yang's weakest link in his mental power and attack him. On the surface, he was helping the eighth emperor next to him to fight for his physical recovery. In fact, this guy is just trying to weaken the actual combat ability of the two emperors at the same time.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, seeing these two guys embarrassed. The eighth human emperor's broken body was about to be reorganized, but Xu Yang's mouth raised a icy smile.

"Who told you that when your mental power is weak, you can't use your own profound meaning."

At the same time as the voice fell, the dragon vein totem that had been standing not far behind Xu Yang quickly collapsed. The light of his soul turned into the purest power essence, and immediately resonated strongly with Xu Yang's soul origin.

"Oops, this kid actually used that Long Kun's power to prepare in advance!"

The will of the Supreme God and the Eighth Human Emperor raised their brows at the same time, and realized that the real danger had just come. Sure enough, the powerful swallowing power attached to each soul crystal body all showed the blue life essence that was about to be reorganized, and they were all disintegrated by the swallowing power released from the surface of Long Kun.

"Oh shit!"

The eighth emperor really panicked this time. He really didn't expect that Xu Yang not only won the exclusive glory of the ninth emperor, but also inherited the strongest righteousness of the previous ninth emperor Kunlun.

It is necessary to know that the eighth human emperors unique life essence attributes, although possessing extremely strong repairing power, but when the whole body of this group is dispersed into countless small parts. Their instinct to communicate with each other will continue to weaken over time.

If during this period the soul of the Eighth Human Emperor suffers a fatal blow, he will most likely lose control of this perfect body forever.

"It's now!"

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