Cultivating 1000000 Years Chapter 3888

Chapter 2074: Secret Weapon

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Xu Yang seized the opportunity to immediately use the law of time and space. For an instant, all the temporal and spatial order around him fell into a static state. Xu Yang became the only existence that could resume action, and she also took this fleeting opportunity to come behind the soul origin of the Eighth Human Emperor. He tied the Tai Chi Dao technique he created to his soul origin.

When the surrounding indoor space was restored to operation, this golden ray of Tai Chi totem had begun to operate frantically, and the soul of the Eighth Human Emperor began to distort rapidly, and the painful torture made him instinctively send it out. A cry of pain.

That feeling is like two black holes that can swallow everything intertwined, and his soul origin is sandwiched in the center of these two extreme swallowing forces, and is always in the pain of being torn apart. After seeing this scene, Xu Yang couldn't help but sucked in a cold breath and said with emotion.

"It deserves to be the real top human emperor. Facing this kind of strength, the power of the Tai Chi Totem can still last for so long. If you change to another Valkyrie level powerhouse in an instant, you can completely shred their soul origin."

The Eighth Human Sovereign is indeed strong enough. After a full struggle, there will be half an hour before the origin of his soul has just begun to crack. The will of the Supreme God is Human Race's greatest opponent.

"Aren't you afraid that after you defeated me, this guy will suddenly attack you with a prominent hand?"

The Eighth Man had no other choice because he soon discovered that he had no way to dissolve the vain Tai Chi method he created. He could only choose this way, wanting the will of the conceited **** to help him share Xu Yang's powerful firepower.

Regrettably, as far as the will of the Supreme God is concerned, he has now completely abandoned the ally of the Eighth Human Emperor, instead focusing all his attention on his perfect body, waiting for Xu Yang Taiji. Totem tore his soul to pieces. Then take advantage of the strongest blue vitality essence to invade the perfect body without an owner.

If the eighth human emperor's body is truly acquired by the will of the Supreme God, then he will undoubtedly become one of the most terrifying enemies. It's a pity that Xu Yang didn't give the eighth man a chance to let the tiger return to the mountain at all.

"You don't need to worry about the two of us anymore. Anyway, you are the step that I must cross to become the strongest human race. As for your perfect vitality essence, I will replace you after your soul falls. You inherited it."

Xu Yang directly cut off the future of the eighth emperor with a single sentence, which is probably the end of his cultivation career. But he was really unwilling. They have all come to this position, but in the end they still have to be chopped off by latecomers. I am afraid that the greatest pain in the world is nothing more than this!

Soon, the eighth emperor still failed to change his destiny. Finally fell under the strangulation power of Tai Chi Totem. Until the moment when the soul was broken.

The blue light of the Eighth Man Emperor Realm accompanied by the broken soul essence was swallowed by Xu Yang into his soul world, further strengthening his soul space. It is equivalent to swallowing the soul origin of the Eighth Human Emperor.

This level of strength improvement is unimaginable for a top powerhouse of Xu Yang's level. Just as Xu Yang began to refine the soul power of the Eighth Human Emperor, at the same time the most powerful and perfect body of the Eighth Human Emperor fell into a state of no ownership.

The consciousness of the Supreme God finally moved at this moment. The powerful soul power immediately locked in the blue body in the void, and began to seize the most important battlefield resource.

It is a pity, just when the will of the Supreme God wants to enter the perfect body of the Lord. An extremely powerful mental force was suddenly released. The voice turned out to be the voice of a child.

The consciousness of the Supreme God was stunned on the spot. Because he finally realized that he did not know when another soul entered this body in advance, and was not discovered by the soul of the Eighth Emperor from beginning to end. Until the head of this fleshly body appeared another extremely clear face, which turned out to be the delicate facial features of that little mushroom.

"Hey, I didn't expect it? I am the boss Xu Yang's most powerful secret weapon."

It turned out that Xu Yang didn't know it himself, but Xiao Mushroom followed him to Xian Yuan Chao.

The reason why he couldn't even catch this little guy's breath fluctuation was because on the way he came, Little Mushroom completely refined the Yuan Dan power Xu Yang had previously given him, and directly opened the tenth external cyclone. And this new talent that has just awakened is the instinct that breath blends into the void.

Simply put, if this little thing wants to be attached to someone, it won't release a trace of breath, even Xu Yang's level of insight can't determine the existence of the other party by means of breath capture.

It wasn't until Xu Yang personally suppressed the soul origin of the Eighth Human Emperor that Little Mushroom cautiously appeared behind him, and initiated a soul exchange with Xu Yang.

Xu Yang was worried that this little guy would be harmed, so he suddenly thought of this method, letting her enter the perfect physical body while she opened the time and space still.

Indeed, I didn't expect to hit and hit by mistake, but because of the existence of this little mushroom, it stifled the supreme god's will to make a profit.

At this time, the consciousness of the Supreme God almost exploded on the spot. He began to regret why he didn't save the eighth emperor just because of greed. Now it's a fate of losing his wife and breaking down. Did not get this perfect body, and also lost the best shield of the Eighth Man Emperor.

If head-on with Xu Yang in his peak state at this time, the Supreme God's consciousness is very clear that he has no chance to win. Soon, Xu Yang completed the devouring of the eighth human emperor's complete soul power. It also brought the strength of his soul to a new level.

And because of this transformation, Xu Yang once again strengthened his Human Sovereign Domain. Not only did he awaken his new domain talents, he also upgraded his domain aura to blue-gold. However, the only thing that puzzled Xu Yang was that the shape and breath of the crown of the emperor he was crowned remained unchanged.

In Xu Yang's view, it must have been some detail in the process of his transformation that caused the imperfect promotion of the human emperor this time. But this is not the time to entangle this matter. The will to defeat the Supreme God first is the most important thing.

"Okay, my preparations are done. Now it's time for you to face the end of the fall. I really can't think of what you can do to survive in my hands."

At this time, Xu Yang did have enough capital to speak to the will of the Supreme God in such a tone. Because Xu Yang knew very well that the most powerful ability of this guy in front of him was the display of strength at the soul level.

Before Xu Yang got the eighth man emperor's soul power enhancement, he was already able to compete with the opponent by his own realm, not to mention that he had reached the peak soul state at this time, and it was by no means the will of the supreme **** in front of him could defeat him . The end of this confrontation was doomed before it started.

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