Cultivating Disciples To Breakthrough Chapter 100

Chapter 100

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After getting her junior brother Chu Yang outside and sending him over to the dining hall, Qing Yi went back into the greenhouse that he had been using to check out what herbs or spiritual plants he had ended up eating

Hopefully, he did not eat anything that would end up bringing him some form of negative effect, at the very least, Qing Yi knew that the herbs she handed for him to practice with were only at the mortal grade So, it should not have too much of a negative effect on someone in the Foundation Establishment Realm

Entering the greenhouse once again, Qing Yi walked over to the corner where she had found Chu Yang earlier and picked up a few of the half-eaten spiritual herbs and inspected them closely.

"Looks like my junior brother will not be having a good time in the next few days" Holding up one of the herbs that she had picked up from the ground, Qing Yi smiled awkwardly to herself as she thought about the sad fate of her junior brother over the next few days.

Most of the herbs that he had eaten would be harmless, but there was one of them that was not The earth calla lily, this herb was relatively ordinary and could be found almost everywhere in Ewaria, but it had some interesting properties due to it having some earth qi inside of it, this in turn had resulted in some quite unique side effects after consumption Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https://www.wuxiaworld/book/cultivating-disciples-to-breakthrough_19477270406566505/danger-approaching_54314882090203250">www.wuxiaworld/book/cultivating-disciples-to-breakthrough_19477270406566505/danger-approaching_54314882090203250</a> for visiting.

One of which resulted in the person who consumed it needed to use the toilet quite often

"I hope nothing bad happens to him at the dining hall" Thinking this, Qing Yi sent her thoughts towards her junior brother. Hoping that he did not end up doing something that would end up embarrassing himself in front of the other disciples there

At the dining hall of the Flying Sword Sect, Chu Yang ended up running away all of a sudden at speed faster than what a Foundation Establishment cultivator should be able to muster. Surprising all the surrounding disciple that were sitting at the tables eating by themselves.

A little later, Chu Yang found a restroom and felt the pain of eating some random herbs that he had no idea about

Like this, the next few days passed by quickly with Chu Yang stuck in an endless loop of suffering while Qing Yi could not help but laugh at him every time, she got a chance to do so. Not feeling sorry for him at all, no matter what, it would not kill him to go through a little suffering At the very least he would learn a little more about the suffering some herbs could bring.

Arriving a bit outside of the Flying Sword City that was just besides the Flying Sword Sect, a skinny elderly man wrapped in a completely black robe advanced to the entrance and quickly entered after showing a small token with a weird symbol on it to one of the guards who nodded and allowed him to enter.

Walking through the city, the elderly man soon came to a stop in front of a relatively secluded area, with a somewhat rundown inn placed close to the nearby road, but still a bit far away from it.

Seeing this, the skinny elderly man smiled slightly to himself as he walked over to the inn and entered through a backdoor.

"Who are you?! What do you want here?!" The moment that he entered through the back entrance, a group of men came over and one of them threateningly asked him as the rest of them pulled out all sorts of weapons. Ready to act the moment that the elderly man showed any sign of doing something threating towards them.

"I'm sent by the elders to check up on how things are going here in the Flying Sword City and see if you have found out anything about the person that we are searching for!" Ignoring the threatening men with their weapons drawn, the skinny elderly man took out the token he had shown to the guard earlier and showed it the man who had asked him.

"Ah! So, it's an envoy! Sorry for the earlier reaction, but recently a lot of people have come to look around, I think that the Flying Sword Sect might be on to us already." Saying, the man at the front who had spoken earlier signalled for the rest of the men to lower their weapons as he explained to the skinny elderly man.

"I understand, we already knew that it would only be a matter of time before the Flying Sword Sect picked up on us in the first place But did you find the person we were searching for?!" Answering in a slightly angrier tone of voice, the skinny elderly man stressed the importance of the last part as he stared at the man at the front of the group.

"Y-yes envoy, w-we did manage to find out something about the person that the sect asked us to find!" Flinching a bit upon seeing the envoy get angry all of a sudden, the man in the front quickly answered the question instead of forgetting to answer it again and pissing off the envoy even more.

"So? Where is he?" Raising an eyebrow at the mention of this, instead of getting happy. The envoy clearly saw the hesitation in the man's eyes and knew that something was wrong.

"H-he became a disciple of the Flying Sword Sect F-from what we know he does not leave the sect and he should also have become a disciple of one of the Core Elders" Trying to avoid eye contact with the envoy, the man looked all over the place as he nervously explained.

"I will have to inform the elders about this, you lot stay here and do what you were doing beforehand." Feeling his expression darken upon hearing what the now shivering man told him, the envoy took out a communication talisman and walked upstairs to find a room where he could quietly inform his superiors and find out what the next plan of action would be

A Core Elder in the Flying Sword Sect was at least at the Nascent Soul Realm, this was not something that he, a mere envoy, could deal with

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