Cultivating Disciples To Breakthrough Chapter 98

Chapter 98

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Lu Wen had been quite ashamed back when he had lost in the newcomer tournament after he had stopped to breakthrough and felt that he needed to improve himself further so something like that would not end up happening again! Next time he participated in a tournament; he would make sure he didn't end up breaking through before it ended.

With that in mind, Lu Wen tried his best to improve over the last half years' time and soon gathered the admiration of the rest of the sect's younger generation.

With that, Lu Wen acted as a model disciple and lived up to the rest of the younger generation's admiration, becoming someone who helped the other members whenever he could.

Hearing from a fellow disciple about two suspicious individuals doing a shady deal of some sort, Lu Wen hurried over to deal with the two troublemakers before they did anything to disturb the peace of the Flying Sword Sect.

"Hey! What are both of you doing over there!?" Seeing the two individuals in question doing yet another shady trade with so many disciples watching them the moment he showed up, seemingly not caring at all, Lu Wen felt quite angry as he immediately made his way over to deal with the two troublemakers in question.

One of them even had a suspicious potion in his hand Maybe it was some illegal potion, or something even worse banned by the sect?

Thinking this, Lu Wen sped up even more as he soon arrived in front of both the troublemakers in question.


Zeng Shihan and Yu both looked at each other with an awkward smile as they saw the righteous Lu Wen coming over and standing directly in front of both of them.

"With Lu Wen here, both of them are sure to get punished!"

"Yes! I wonder how Lu Wen will deal with these two"

"Surly it will not be a great outcome for both of the troublemakers! I just want to know what shady items they are trading with each other."

Listing to the surrounding disciples getting even more heated as Lu Wen had made his way over, Qing Yi felt like she wanted to dig a hole and disappear into it Why did both of them have to act like those shady people handling illegal items in some random alleyway?

"Yoyo, what do we owe the pleasure of you coming here junior? Hehe" Putting on an even more shady appearance than before, Yu seemed to have thought of something funny as he started to play even more into the role than he did before.

"Indeed Maybe this junior is interested in some of the more special items here as well?" Deciding to play along as well, Zeng Shihan put on an equally shady look as gave Lu Wen a smile of encouragement, seemingly not hearing the surrounding people talk at all.


Not expecting Zeng Shihan and Yu's reaction, both Lu Wen and the surrounding disciples stopped for a moment. Not really knowing what to do in this situation.

Lu Wen was the worst case as he just froze with his mouth open, just about to chastise the two of them as he had expected both of his shady seniors to come up with an excuse of some kind to try and get out of the current situation.

He had never expected both of them to take him as someone who wanted to buy something as well!

"Hm? Maybe you are worried about the price? No worries, I definitely have the best prices around here! You can just ask this fine customer of mine if you have any doubt!" Seeing Lu Wen freeze up, Yu hurriedly "encouraged" him as he even referred to his earlier customer Zeng Shihan with a smiling face.

"Indeed, indeed! He is definitely the best one around this marketplace! Has the best prices as well!" Seeing what Yu was doing, Zeng Shihan smiled widely as she followed his lead and made sure to recommend him to the potential new "customer".

You! What do both of you think you are doing!?" Recovering from his earlier frozen state, Lu Wen yelled angrily at both of them as stared directly at the potion in Yu's hand at the moment.

"What do both of you think that you are selling here in the first place!? Do you not know things like that are illegal here!?" Saying this in an even more pissed off tone, Lu Wen violently took the potion bottle out of Yu's hand as he began to chastise the shady senior brother and sister in front of him without holding back at all.

"Hm? What do you mean illegal? How is something like this illegal?" Waiting for Lu Wen to calm down for a bit, Yu took the potion that he had stolen back and put on a neutral look as he questioned Lu Wen.

"What do you mean?! This is clearly one of those illegal potions used to you know make that thing work better The sect has long since banned it from my knowledge due to the side effects that it brings!" Lu Wen's face turned slightly red as he tried to explain what kind of potion Yu had in his hands.

"Hm? What do you mean? This is just a normal juice with some herbs added to it for an enhanced flavour" Having a clearly fake bewildered look on his face, Yu shook the potion bottle a bit before he drank some of the content inside of it.

"NO!" Trying to stop him from drinking the potion, Lu Wen tried to grab it away from him again but failed as Zeng Shihan stepped in and stopped him.

Lu Wen and the rest of the spectating disciples could only watch with horror as they watched Yu drink the liquid inside the potion bottle.

Some of the female disciples even blushed a bit as they tried their best to look away.

"Ah, this truly is the best!" Not reacting at all to the horror-stricken faces of the disciples around him, Yu let out a relaxed voice as he smiled happily.

"Hm? What is wrong with you guys? Why are you all looking at me like that?" Seemingly just noticing the surrounding disciples, Yu asked all of them teasingly before he looked back over at Lu Wen.

"By the way, what was that potion you were talking about earlier? I'm quite interested in how you would know what it looked like"

Hearing the question that Yu asked him, Lu Wen blushed heavily as he quickly turned around and ran away before anyone could react. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https://www.wuxiaworld/book/cultivating-disciples-to-breakthrough_19477270406566505/lu-wen-runs-away_54267027312930535">www.wuxiaworld/book/cultivating-disciples-to-breakthrough_19477270406566505/lu-wen-runs-away_54267027312930535</a> for visiting.

So, what if they did a shady deal, those two were clearly laid out a trap for him!

Thinking this, Lu Wen did not want to deal with that troublesome senior brother and sister any longer, if he continued any longer, he would no longer have any face left in the sect In the worst case his master would punish him again!

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