Cultivating Disciples To Breakthrough Chapter 99

Chapter 99

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Looking at Lu Wen's figure quickly disappearing from their vision, both Yu and Zeng Shihan laughed a bit to themselves as the crowd that had gathered around them seemed to have realized that there was not really anything wrong with what Yu and Zeng Shihan was doing, as they quickly dispersed and returned to doing their own thing again.

"You guys set him up?" Looking at the laughing Zeng Shihan and Yu, Qing Yi realized as she looked at both of them with a questioning look plastered on her face.

"Why?" This question was on her mind, no matter what, she could not see any reason as to why these two would work together to set up Lu Wen in the first place.

From what Qing Yi knew about him outside what she had learned about him from the newcomer tournament, Lu Wen seemed like a decent person, although he was a bit more stupid and arrogant compared to the normal disciple.

But she did not really see this as too much of a problem as he mostly spend his time dealing with various troublemakers and often helped other disciples whenever they found themselves in trouble.

Qing Yi still remembered a time when Lu Wen saved a young merchants daughter in a town close to the Flying Sword Sect from a rich second-generation kid's lecherous intentions and wanted to take her in as his seventh concubine or something.

Apparently, he ended up fighting the lecherous kid's great great grandfather who was at the Core Formation Realm after beating up the great grandfather who was close to the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm and his master Core Elder Wang Hu who had just arrived at the location had to step in and help him out

After that incident, Lu Wen's reputation inside the sect had skyrocketed and many saw him as the new leader of the younger generation. After all the current leader of the younger generation, Ling Song was already close to his thirties and had recently reached the Core Formation Realm

"That kid caused me quite a lot of trouble, a few days ago when I was trying to sell some potions here and claimed they were some defunct products of some kind, and he wanted his money back" Yu answered with a slightly annoyed look on his face.

"Yeah! Last time I tried to sell some of my artifacts as well, but that Lu Wen claimed that I was charging way too much for them and wanted me to lower the price range and reach the same level as the other disciples sold for! He was clearly trying to make me lose money! If others had the same quality as mine, why not just buy theirs instead?" Zeng Shihan looked in the direction that Lu Wen had disappeared into with a murderous look.

So, it was about him trying to "scam" them out of money

Upon hearing their reasons Qing Yi did not mind them fooling Lu Wen, but instead felt that it was too merciful If it were her, Qing Yi would have made sure he regretted trying to fool her about of her profits!

"So, what was it that you bought from senior brother Yu?" Not thinking about Lu Wen any longer, Qing Yi instead turned her attention towards the thing that Zeng Shihan had gotten earlier from Senior Yu.

"Ah that, it's just some ingredients for today's dinner I wanted to try making it myself for once, so I asked Yu to get me some specific herbs and vegetables for it. Yu is known for growing all kinds of unique herbs and vegetables in the sect, so if you need any in the future, I recommend going to him for them." Taking out the small bag she got handed by Yu earlier, Zeng Shihan showed the different kinds of herbs and vegetables inside it to Qing Yi before she quickly closed it and put it away. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https://www.wuxiaworld/book/cultivating-disciples-to-breakthrough_19477270406566505/returning-to-the-pavilion..._54295542137681273">www.wuxiaworld/book/cultivating-disciples-to-breakthrough_19477270406566505/returning-to-the-pavilion..._54295542137681273</a> for visiting.

"I see Should we get going then, I still want to buy some herbs before going back again."

"Sure!" Smiling brightly, Zeng Shihan answered as both of them walked away from Yu's small stall and entered deeper into the marketplace.

The marketplace was one of the liveliest places in the Flying Sword Sect, as disciples were always present there trying to either buy or sell something. For this reason, a lot of small stalls selling all sorts of street food managed mostly by some members from the servant quarters had popped up around the place.

The servant quarters mostly viewed this as a good experience for the younger members to get a chance to interact with the disciples of the Flying Sword Sect and maybe it was even a chance for them to meet a friend that could become a future elder and get to work for them later.

Though for most of the servants coming to sell street food at the marketplace, it was a way for them to relax and earn a bit more besides the salary paid out by the servant quarters every month.

The time spent in the marketplace in front of the Artifact Hall passed by quickly and soon a few hours had gone by.

"Bye, Yiyi~ I will miss you~"

"I will see you next time Shihan! Bye, bye!" Waving goodbye outside the entrance to the marketplace, Qing Yi smiled happily as both her and Zeng Shihan made their way back their own home after a quick goodbye.

"Ah I forgot about junior brother Chu Yang" Standing in front of the pavilion, Qing Yi quickly remembered that she had left Chu Yang to learn about herb and plant cultivation deep inside of a greenhouse in the pavilion.

Making her way over to the greenhouse where she had left him earlier, Qing Yi did not feel too worried about him. After all, she had only left him for a few hours!

"S-senior sister? I-is that you?" Upon entering the greenhouse, Qing Yi immediately found Chu Yang laying half dead in a corner with some of the herbs that she had left for him to plant close by, seemingly with a few bite marks in them.

"" She forgot that he had not eaten anything yet and even if he were a Foundation Establishment cultivator, Chu Yang's appetite was extremely huge, and he could not go for long without getting something to eat.

This was mostly due to his recent intense training that he had grown used to eating quite often.

In the end, the current sad sight of him surrounded by half eaten plants was due to him not having eaten anything since yesterday.

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