Cultivating In The Entertainment Industry Chapter 1434

Chapter 1432: I Only Like You 11

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In the eyes of the old man, the very powerful partner Snake Girl, at this time cowardly poked out a snake head from the entrance of the cave, and then secretly aimed at Bai Zhi.

Old man:...

Lin Yunhuan:...

She suspiciously looked at Bai Zhi who was holding herself.

Bai Zhi's face was expressionless, and a tail flashed past, and the air was crackling with thunder.

The snake girl who looked at Bai Zhi shyly and timidly was suddenly cut into the tenderness on the outside, and the air was filled with a squishy smell.

But Lin Yunhuan had already directly sealed the old man with ice, then lifted his finger and threw it out.

It smashed directly outside Mo Ran and Bai Yi smiled.

Then she disappeared directly from Bai Zhi's arms.


He looked at the half-dead snake **** the ground in disgust, and then hurriedly chased it out.

Follow-up finishing work, just dye them with ink.

Mo Ran and Bai Yixiao hurried in, controlling the half-dead Snake Girl while making people hurry around to find people.

Because the old man in the formation had been caught, and the snake girl who was the eye of the formation was also mutilated, the predator array like the spider web was also broken.

In the end, Mo Ran led the people to find Manxin and several other members of the Fei special group. Although they saw a lot of corpses and bones, fortunately, Manxin and the others had just been arrested, but they suffered some injuries and no life threatened.

However, Bai Yi smiled suspiciously at the snake girl who was slashed to the outside and tender inside, and said to Mo Ran, "Did these two offend Xiaohuan and the others?"

The real murderer.

One was stabbed all over his body and the other was chopped.

Mo Ran was silent for a while, and said, "The scene must have been very intense at the time. After all, these two are bad guys. Xiao Huan and the others should focus on their actions."

"That's true."

But here Lin Yunhuan had already returned to the apartment first, changed his clothes, and soaked directly in the bathtub.

Bai Zhi stood awkwardly at the door, listening to the sound of water inside, hesitated for a moment, then said softly, "Xiao Huan, are you angry?"


Lin Yunhuan knows what happened just now, in fact, she shouldn't be angry. The snake girl didn't do anything, she just released the courtship atmosphere of their snake clan to Bai Zhi... Ma Dan, when she was dead!

Just forget about your eyebrows, and even the courtship breath is released. If she is not present, will the two snakes get tangled together? !

The moment this thought in his mind appeared, even Lin Yunhuan was stunned.

O()o, she seems to have a problem like this, how can she be so excited?

Yes, it must be because that snake girl is not good at first sight. How can such a villain be close to Xiao Zi!

That's why she was angry!

The consciousness swept away, Lin Yunhuan had calmed down and said, "I'm really not angry. If there is anything, I will talk about it after I finish the bath."


The breath at the door left, and Lin Yunhuan sank herself directly into the water.

She has to be quiet.

In the next moment, she emerged from the water, and smoothed the water in her hair with her hands.

Fuck, she couldn't calm down.

With a clatter, Lin Yunhuan walked out of the bathtub, and with a flick of his finger, the water on his hair dried up instantly.

She wrapped herself in a snow-colored bathrobe, went out immediately, and came to Bai Zhi's room.

What about the nature of the snake, the snake girl just released such a strong aura, even if Xiao Zi is not interested in the snake girl, he will be affected by the aura.

Just when Lin Yunhuan hurriedly broke into Bai Zhis room, he saw him sitting in front of the computer, writing love letters...

Lin Yunhuan:...

Bai Zhi raised his head, his eyes swept across Yun Huan's outfit at this time without a trace, his eyes slightly turned into vertical pupils, but they changed halfway, and they forcibly returned to normal.

He asked, "Xiao Huan, what's the matter?"

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