Cultivating In The Entertainment Industry Chapter 1435

Chapter 1433: I Only Like You 12

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"I, I'm fine, just to see if you have finished writing, it seems that you haven't finished writing yet, then I can only wait for tomorrow." Lin Yunhuan said nonsense without changing his face.

Bai Zhi hid the dim light in his eyes, and then said, "Well, I can only watch it tomorrow."

"I have class tomorrow, so go to bed first." Lin Yunhuan turned and left while yawning.

When Bai Zhi said goodnight, the door was already closed.

In fact, he knew why Xiao Huan came.

The breath of the snake girl does have an effect on him, making him throb, but not to the point of confusion.

After suppressing the throbbing forcefully, unable to restrain, the deep pupils slowly turned into vertical pupils again.

Not yet in time.

Still have to wait a little longer.

But when she thought of the girl's beautiful face and the star-like eyes, Bai Zhi's eyes slowly softened.

he knows.

That day will not be far away.


Life was very peaceful again, Lin Yunhuan was now four o'clock on the line.

Schools, apartments, Yunjias old house, non-special group.

But one day, something happened that broke this regular life.

Lin Yunhuan was kidnapped.

Her expression at the time was very speechless. In the Imperial City, there were still people who would dare to kidnap her?

If the non-special group of people knew that someone dared to kidnap the little witch, they would definitely give that person a thumbs up to express their deep admiration.

To you, you are a man!

The person who is admired is the fat President Li.

After experiencing his younger brother's affairs, he has never forgotten Lin Yunhuan, but after a while, he was always lost, and finally, with his continuous efforts, he finally succeeded!

After taking a fragrant rose petal bath, President Li stood in the presidential suite on the top floor of a hotel, wearing a white bathrobe and holding a glass of red wine in his hand.

Behind him is a huge French window.

Lin Yunhuan saw such a scene when he was sent here.

In fact, the environment is good. If the person is not obese like a pig, and looks very hot with eyes, it would be quite standard.

Lin Yunhuan looked at the pig quietly...Oh no, President Li.

She said, "You tied me up?"

Mr. Li squinted and smiled, his eyes were almost out of sight.

He waved his hand to let all his men push out, then walked over and said, "How about it, are you scared? But it's useless to be afraid. If you just yell your throat, no one will come to save you."

Lin Yunhuan avoided his salty pig hand without changing his face and walked quickly to the other side of the sofa.

President Li was not in a hurry, he laughed, put down his wine glass, rubbed his hands, and said, "What are you hiding? You want to catch it? I tell you, I'm your little star richer. If you follow me, I can give you one hundred thousand yuan a month for living expenses!"

The contempt in Lin Yunhuan's eyes was about to unravel the essence.

Can't even count the money in her card?

Not only the Lin family, she gave her a lot of property, but also the Yun family's property, even more so.

The grandfather kept almost half of the Yun family's wealth for her, so Lin Yunhuan might be the richest cub in the entire imperial city.

Lin Yunhuan really didn't bother to beat this person.

Because it will dirty her hands.

Lin Yunhuan, who originally thought something interesting would happen, turned around and left. When President Li saw it, he immediately said anxiously, "Hey, little beauty, dont go. If 100,000 is a little bit less, Ill add two more to you. Ten thousand!"

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