Cultivating In The Entertainment Industry Chapter 1436

Chapter 1434: I Only Like You 13

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Lin Yunhuan twitched the corners of his mouth, didn't stop at all, and didn't even care about the people behind him.

Just when the salted pig's claws were about to touch Lin Yunhuan's shoulder, suddenly there was a rumbling sound from the huge French window behind him.

President Li saw the scariest picture in his life.

The huge French window instantly shattered into countless pieces, and a huge snake head stuck out from there.

The black giant snake glowed with weird purple light.

And that cold and scary vertical pupil looked at President Li as if looking at the dead.

Then President Li kicked his legs, closed his eyes, and passed out.

At the same time, there was a strange yellow thing on the snow-white bathrobe...

Lin Yunhuan turned his head and frowned disgustingly after seeing this scene.

"Little Zi!"

Orochi paused for a few seconds, his eyes aggrieved.

"Xiao Huan, I am worried about you."

Obviously they have very scary big eyes, but Lin Yunhuan was stunned to see the aggrieved look in them.

She pursed her mouth and said, "Well, then, you have to deal with the scene, I will go home and wait for you."

The word home warmed the icy heart of the terrifying giant snake.

After Lin Yunhuan left, Da Snake looked at the dead pig that was scared to pee.

If you can't kill it directly, just strip it and throw it inside the elevator.

Half an hour later, someone was waiting in front of the elevator and saw that the elevator was slowly coming down from the top floor.

Everyone knows that those who can afford to live in the presidential suite on the top floor are either rich or expensive.

If it wasn't possible, the nobles could have a chance encounter, so the few women at the door subconsciously adjusted their makeup.

The men are also looking forward to it. After all, if they really catch a noble person, they might be able to fight for ten years less.

The elevator finally heard the first floor and slowly opened...

When several people saw that the fat body was still naked, they were all stupid.

One of the women recovered first and screamed.

A man next to him was the closest to the elevator, so when the woman screamed, he kicked it subconsciously...

Lin Yunhuan naturally didn't know these things. As soon as she got downstairs in the apartment, she saw Bai Zhi standing there in black gold-rimmed sportswear.

Purple hair shone in the sun, very coquettish.

But there was a trace of unnaturalness on that handsome face.

Lin Yunhuan walked up, grabbed his collar directly, and said, "Didn't you promise me that you wouldn't reveal your real body easily? Did anyone see it today?"

"I used illusion at the time, and only the pig saw it." Bai Zhi pursed the corners of his mouth and said stubbornly, "but you also promised me that you won't put yourself in danger!"

"What kind of danger is the situation just now? It's the kind of person who doesn't use magic techniques. I can hit ten with one punch. Believe it or not?"

Seeing the girl's bright and public appearance, Bai Zhi nodded.

He naturally believed.

It's just that I still worry about it.

This has nothing to do with whether the little girl is good or not, because as long as she is involved, he will mess up his mind.

Don't say it's showing its true shape.

He would do even crazier things.

Lin Yunhuan looked at the purple light in his eyes, snorted, grabbed his hand and said, "Go."

"Where to go?"

"Go shopping! I want to eat pot wrapped meat!"

The beautiful purple eyes instantly softened and a smile flashed.

Bai Zhi nodded, "Okay."

With some companionship, it has been deeply rooted.

There are some confessions that will be fragrant when they should be confided.

No matter what happens, he will always be by her side until her catastrophe arrives.

Because, I only like you.


On the day when Lin Yunhuan soared, Bai Zhi transformed into a prototype and flew towards the huge sky with Lin Yunhuan, suddenly remembered something.

If Lin Rui and Yunze knew what he thought of Xiaohuan, would they beat him?

But when he turned his head, he saw the beautiful woman beside him with a bright smile.

Bai Zhi was relieved instantly.

Just hit it.

Anyway, he only likes Xiaohuan.

Purple likes it.


This book is all over here, there is one character left, that is, Lin Rui and Axings son, Lin Yunxi, the son of the Chosen, and will write a book specifically for him in the future, let him be the hero in it . After all, he was the son of the chosen one. Brother Jiu thought about it and found that the story couldn't be done with tens of thousands of words. So this idea exists here, and it will be rough in the future. I would like to thank the little cuties for their continued support to Brother Jiu. We have finished cultivating immortals in the entertainment circle. We are going to spread dog food and abuse scum in the abuse text. Our new book "After I penetrate the abuse text, I have HE with the second man" See you~~~ Bow again and thank everyone for your support to Brother Jiu~~~

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