Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 1533

Chapter 1533 The Eyes Of God Gazing Into The Future

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Well, this was embarrassing.


After a while, the white-robed figure made an attempt at breaking the embarrassing atmosphere, and said, "You really do know a lot of things. It appears that you even know of the third Wielder of the Will. I certainly did not know as much as you when I was at the Fifth Stage."

Song Shuhang said, "Im just fortunate enough to know of some things."

The white-robed figure turned around, and then continued to hop on his single leg while the Divine Lobsters Chariot followed behind him.

Song Shuhang asked, "Where are we going?"

This spatial channel was so long; it couldnt be a spatial channel that traversed the entire galaxy, right?

The white-robed figure replied, "Of course Im sending you out, young man. You were merely drawn into this space I have not arranged a trial fitting your purpose, so I have to send you out lest you continue to make trouble in my space."

Song Shuhang was taken aback for a moment.

He thought that the white-robed figure was taking him through this spatial channel for this long because he wanted to bring him to some special place, or had something to tell him.

Either that, or there was some great opportunity for him on the other side.

After all, Wielder of the Will White said that their fates were somewhat tied with one another.


Unexpectedly, in the end, the other party was simply sending him out of his space, and that was it?

While in the salted fish sage mode, Song Shuhang pinched his chin as his brain went to work.

He had a lot of doubts in his mind. Now that he encountered Wielder of the Will White, he could simply ask him.


Song Shuhang calmly asked, "Senior Wielder of the Will White, why are you in this space? And, why did you leave your position as the Wielder of the Will?"

The puppet maiden and Scarlet Heaven Sword both straightened themselves However, as they were a puppet and sword, respectively, they couldnt perk up their ears to listen better. Nevertheless, both of them were very curious about the answer the other party would have to Song Shuhangs question.

To be precise, all the practitioners in the universe were curious about this.

The Wielders of the Will were eternal, so why had there been so many of them?

In front of them, the white-robed figure squeezed his chin, and replied, "Why I left the position of Wielder of the Will? Actually, I also want to know the answer to this question But thinking about it now, it does seem to be in line with my character."

"?" Song Shuhang.

"?" Scarlet Heaven Sword.

"?" The puppet maiden.

Do you not keep track of the things you do and why you do them? Please, dont tell me that even you didnt know that you have left the position of Wielder

Or, could it be that the one in front of us is not Wielder of the Will White, but rather an incarnation, projection, or remnant left by Wielder of the Will White in some way?

Many thoughts flashed through Song Shuhangs mind.

"Young man, dont think about this matter so much. The reason I dont know why I left my position is very simple," the white-robed figure replied as he hopped. "Its because of the eyes of God, gazing into the future."

Song Shuhangs face maintained its calm as he asked aloud, "Senior, can you speak proper words?"

"If you dont understand, then go back and understand it slowly." The white-robed figure continued to hop around like a rabbit. Song Shuhang kept on getting the feeling that he resembled Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon, regardless of whether it was the way he spoke or his personality.

Song Shuhang then curiously asked, "Does the Senior White in the main world have anything to do with you?"

The white-robed figure replied, "Mm-hm, hes my illegitimate child."


"" Song Shuhang.

It was only at this point that he could be certain that Wielder of the Will White, who was in front of him, was talking nonsense.

Song Shuhang affirmatively asked, "Senior White is he your reincarnation?"

The white-robed figure said, "Hehe, you guessed wrong this time."

"" Song Shuhang.

The white-robed figure continued, "Stop asking about matters related to the Heavens Will. Even if you do ask, I cant clarify things for you. Its only when you become the Wielder of the Will that you will come to understand things. Nevertheless, you can continue to ask other questions, weve still got quite some ways to go."


Weve still got quite some ways to go?

Could it be that this is the time for me to ask some questions?

Song Shuhang asked, "Then Senior Wielder of the Will White, what is your current state?"

The white-robed figure said, "This is something at the eighth-star level in terms of secrecy. I can say it, but after you hear it, as soon as you leave my world and come in contact with the main world, you will explode."

"" Song Shuhang.


Song Shuhang asked, "Then, do you know of the Ancient Heavenly City?"

The white-robed figure replied, "I dont know much. The time period of my sights on the future is different from what youre thinking. I havent looked into the affairs of the Ancient Heavenly City."

After asking for a rather long time, Song Shuhang wasnt able to get anything useful from his questions.

"Right, since youre the creator of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts Technique, can you check how the adjustments to my cultivation technique are?" Song Shuhang remembered another important thing.

When it came to his current Thirty-Three Divine Beasts Technique, he might suddenly explode if he wasnt careful. The hidden dangers were grave.

The white-robed figure replied, "Ive already taken a look at it. Your current cultivation technique is well adjusted and suits you quite well. It can fully utilize your bodys multiple cores. You can follow this line of thought and update it again, and it wouldnt be a problem for you to use it even until the Sixth Stage."

Song Shuhang asked, "I dont have to worry about self-destructing?"

The white-robed figure calmly replied, "For the matter of self-destruction, simply prepare a few more resurrection magical treasures. Once you reach the Sixth Stage, you wont have this problem anymore."

Song Shuhang asked, "So theres no saving me from self-destruction?"

The white-robed figure replied, "There is. Can you not deal with it with this strange smoke state youre currently in?"

Strange smoke state?

Song Shuhang asked, "Wielder of the Will White, what is the true nature of this smoke state?"

The white-robed figure replied, "Isnt this the innate ability of one of your cores?"

Song Shuhangs mind went blank, and his heart was like an ancient well. "Little White, when your hair reaches your waist marriage?"


He didnt say everythingthe true essence of being reckless but not dying was to leave a way out for yourself.


The white-robed figure slowly said, "Dont be delusional. It is impossible for my hair to ever reach my waist."

Huh, I didnt get sent flying?

Song Shuhang calmly asked, "So, between little White and the young man in green robes on the white horse, who are you?"

The white-robed figure calmly said, "Neither, Im the white horse."


"" Song Shuhang.

Like hell Id believe you.


The white-robed figure said, "Weve arrived."

They had finally reached the end of the long spatial passage.

The white-robed figure stretched out his hand toward Song Shuhangs Divine Lobsters Chariot and pushed it away. "After exiting through the spatial gate, go straight through the gray path. As long as you go straight, you can leave. Dont look back."

The Divine Lobsters Chariot was thrown out of the spatial channel.

"Who exactly are you?" Song Shuhang asked one last question.

The smoke state was a state related to Senior Whites pseudo-eternity mode, and it should be something that had been produced by the research of Wielder of the Will White. It wasnt an innate ability that came from any of his cores.

The white-robed figure waved, and said, "You will know when we meet again in the future. We should see one another again after a year at most."


With that, the spatial gate closed.

Song Shuhang and others landed on a grassland shrouded in gray mist.

There was a path which continued straight ahead.

The Divine Lobsters Chariot moved along the path.

Song Shuhang rubbed his eyebrows and turned Chu Chu around so that she was facing forward.

The puppet maiden asked, "Was that person just now really Wielder of the Will White?"

"Perhaps. However, there should be an answer soon," Song Shuhang said with a calm facethe salted fish sage mode did not seem to have been cancelled yet.

Song Shuhang said that because Senior White and Senior White Two were still in that sealed space.

He believed that those two would surely know the answer.


The "spatial channel" around the white-robed figure disappeared.

His figure appeared in a stone room that looked like a laboratory.

There was a huge chair in the stone room.

At this time, Senior White Two was sitting on the stone chair in a domineering posture, and beside him was the Universe-Piercing Flying Shuttle. The left leg of the ruler of the Netherworld inside the shuttle was still floating, exuding an evil aura.

At this time, Senior White Twos handsome face was twisted.

He certainly had an impression of the Universe-Piercing Flying Shuttle. It belonged to him, or rather, to his counterpart. After defeating all the Immortals in the universe while vying for the position of Wielder of the Will, he suddenly felt that it wasnt the time to ascend, so he traded the position of Wielder of the Will for this flying shuttle.

The question was: what was going on with this leg that was inside this flying shuttle? What cruel things did his counterpart do unbeknownst to him?

When the white-robed figure saw Ruler of the Netherworld White, he waved happily, and said, "Huh? Youre here, White Two."

"White Two, hehehe. The last person who called me that has already paid a heavy price." Ruler of the Netherworld White bent slightly, resting his elbows on the armrests of the chair. His fingers were interlocked, and his chin rested on his fingers. He sat there and looked at the white-robed figure in front of him oppressively. "Why have you appeared here, White?"


The one who appeared in front of him was really Wielder of the Will White.

The white-robed figure said, "[The eyes of God, gazing into the future]."

Senior White Two angrily said, "Speak in proper words!"


The white-robed figure said, "We succeeded. For a moment, we successfully detached from it. And at that moment, our eyes were projected into the distant future. We looked at the future and paid close attention to it. And to a certain extent, it has even affected the future and the past. The one who is talking to you right now is a past us. In other words, White Two, we are now separated by millions of years, yet having a conversation. Do you feel happy?"


Happy your ass! I dont even know when you cut off my leg, yet here you are, asking if Im happy?


Senior White Two said, "You detached from the [Heavens Will]?"

The white-robed figure said, "Thats right~ We detached from the [Heavens Will]. Isnt the eternal attribute we attain after merging with the Heavens Will causing us to be placed under all kinds of restrictions? Getting rid of these shackles is what it truly means to wield the Heavens Will. Our predecessors also tried something similar. However Judging from the information we obtained from our gazing into the future, we ultimately failed. Because we have left our position as the Wielder of the Heavens Will, just like our predecessors.

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