Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 1534

Chapter 1534 I Really Am The White Horse

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"" Senior White Two had a serious expression on his face.

Regarding the matters of the [Heavens Will], even if he was the ruler of the Netherworld, he did not understand much.

After a Wielder of the Will defeated all the people in the universe and took control of the [Heavens Will], a corresponding ruler of the Netherworld would be born in the center of the Netherworld.

The Wielders of the Heavens Will controlled the entire universe, which included the Netherworld and the main world. But for some reason, the previous Wielders of the Will seldom entered the Netherworld.

The ruler of the Netherworld and the Wielder of the Will were two sides of the same coin, and they possessed all the memories and emotions of the person they were before becoming the Wielder of the Will. However, under the influence of the power of the Netherworld, even with all the memories and emotions of their original self, the character of the ruler of the Netherworld was often different from that of the Wielder of the Will themself.

After their conception, the ruler of the Netherworld would no longer share their memories with the Wielder of the Will.

Although there was a certain connection between the two, they were already two different individuals.

As such, the ruler of the Netherworld didnt know much about the Heavens Will. White Two had no way of understanding the concept of eternity, nor a way of obtaining a detailed understanding of the power of the Heavens Will.

Wielder of the Will White was the seventh Wielder of the Will.

During the battle for the position of the sixth Wielder of the Will, White had won despite being a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender. However, he felt that the way by which he was ascending was wrong and the timing was not right, so he sold off the position of sixth Wielder of the Will on a whim.

Later, after the sixth Wielder of the Will disappeared, he took part in the battle for the seventh Wielder of the Will and won the position once more.

He participated in two battles for the Heavens Will, and achieved two victories, successfully defending his title as the champion.

Fortunately, when he ascended to the position the second time, White finally felt that the way by which he ascended was right.

Otherwise, he was likely to continue to defend his title as the champion of the battle for the position, and then sell off his qualifications to become Wielder of the Will to someone else.

With his personality, the probability of such a thing happening was actually quite high.

From the conversation just now, White Two was able to infer a few points.

The Wielder of the Will White in front of him was the White of a past time. It was the projection produced when Wielder of the Will White detached from the [Heavens Will] and transcended the concept of time, starting to gaze into the future.

In other words, the body of the White in front of him was still in ancient times, and so he still possessed the title of Wielder of the Will.

In the distant past, he transcended the concept of time, and was thus able to directly communicate with himself.

When [gazing into the future], Wielder of the Will White went from his own time node A to node C, directly skipping node B. Therefore, the Wielder of the Will White in front of him knew very little about what happened at node B.

In fact, this was also the reason Song Shuhang had doubts about his identity, and had tried testing the other party with some words.

That was because Song Shuhang discovered that the Wielder of the Will White in front of him did not understand many thingsand the true reason for this was because those things that Song Shuhang asked about had taken place at time node B.

"I dont know much about the [Heavens Will]. The only memory I have related to it is the knowledge we obtained the instant we took the position." Senior White Two continued to maintain a domineering posture.

In the past, they were the most special existences among the Wielders of the Will, and this was because they technically ascended twice. Compared to other rulers of the Netherworld, White Two was also a very special existence.

"After ascending to the position of Wielder of the Will, you become eternal and reach the pinnacle of the universe. Why did you want to detach from it?" When he asked this, Senior White Two sighed suddenly, and continued, "Well, with your or perhaps I should say, our personalities, it might be that we simply had nothing to do, so we thought of detaching from the Heavens Will and challenging our limits. With our character, it is indeed not improbable for us to do such a thing. However, what about Fellow Daoist Virtue? Had he suddenly gone mad, and tried to charge into some realm above the Heavens Will?"

Fellow Daoist Virtue was the [sixth Wielder of the Will], who had exchanged the Universe-Piercing Flying Shuttle for the position of Wielder of the Will.

Before he took the position, Fellow Daoist Virtue had said that if he were to become the Wielder of the Will, he would stay in power forever, never giving up his qualifications as the Wielder of the Will.

Wielder of the Will White calmly said, "How is a person without ideals any different from a salted fish? Immortals who advance and fight over the position of the Wielder of the Will all have their own ideals. After becoming the Wielder of the Will, they have reached the pinnacle, but theyve also become the most powerful salted fish in the universe. Can you imagine such a life?"

Senior White Two said, "I cant understand I feel like I served my purpose as the ruler of the Netherworld well, and that I havent lost sight of my dreams."

Wielder of the Will White chuckled. He continued to hop on his single leg as he spread his wings. "The reason for this is very simple. Its because you are not a Wielder of the Will~"

"" White Two.

Would you believe me if I said that Id kill you right now? Youre just a projection, so I really do have the ability to kill you? Now, do you think Id do it?

Suddenly, Wielder of the Will White again whispered, "Nevertheless, Fellow Daoist Virtue never strived for realms above the Heavens Will, he simply disappeared."

"?" White Two.

Wielder of the Will White whispered, "He completely disappeared. Among the things that he left behind are the virtuous network and the various virtuous creatures. In addition, he had created a flying shuttle, as well as several other magical treasures that cant even be considered primordial treasures. In the end, most of these were inherited by me. Right, this sheet on your body is also one of his works. Apart from that, he left nothing else. Be it the virtuous network or the virtuous creatures everything was part of his escape plan. However, he wasnt able to escape successfully, and ultimately disappeared completely."

White Two rubbed his eyebrows, and asked, "So why did each one of you want to break free from the position of Wielder of the Will?"

After going through so many hardships, after defeating the entire universe, successfully becoming the Wielder of the Will, and becoming eternal, why did each and every one of them try to leave their position as Wielder of the Will?

Were their brains flooded or something?

It was ridiculous to say that after one became a Wielder of the Will, they would lose their dreams and become a salted fish.

If they became a Wielder of the Will and did not have an iron will, then what did they rely on to suppress the universe?

"Without becoming a Wielder of the Will yourself, how can you understand the thoughts of us Wielders of the Heavens Will?" Wielder of the Will White said as he spread his wings once again.

"" White Two.

Do you even have the ability to have a good chat with others? Are you trying to talk yourself to death today?!

I remember that before we ascended to the position, your character was not like this.

Just what exactly did you experience after becoming the Wielder of the Will?

White Two asked, "The position of Wielder of the Will Is it a trap?"

Wielder of the Will White said, "Ill let you have a look through my eyes so that you may understand."

White Two gritted his teeth, and said, "Your damn face is full of holy light, how am I supposed to look through your eyes!"

"In a while, I will withdraw the holy light," Wielder of the Will White said. "After becoming the Wielder of the Will, everything depends on how you operate things. If you operate things well, it isnt a trap, but an eternal life. Heaven and earth will decay as you remain. Even if the universe collapses, you will remain. However, if youre not good, the position of Wielder of the Will will become a trap. And in the very end, one might end up merging with the Heavens Will, no longer having a means of extricating oneself."

"Did you play it wrong?" White Two said. "Did the previous Wielders of the Will also play it wrongly?"

Wielder of the Will White said, "Hahahaha, I made a mess soon after I got the authority. However, we were no different. After all, its more interesting to surpass the Heavens Will. I did a lot of research, studied the experiences of the third Wielder of the Will, and inherited the legacy of Fellow Daoist Virtue. After a long time we succeeded. The moment the experiment was successful, I entered a state wherein I transcended everything. At that point, I looked down on everything, and even felt that as long as I took one more step, I could step out of this universe."

"Is that why you secretly cut off one of my legs, for research?" White Twos eyes flashed with a dangerous light.

Wielder of the Will White said, "Hahaha, didnt I return the leg to you? You can take it and merge it back with your body. Put it back as soon as you can, otherwise you might often suddenly trip inexplicably."

Its you! Youre the reason why I often suddenly trip on flat ground!

Wielder of the Will White said, "However, judging from the feedback from the future we ultimately failed. If we succeeded, we would have been the true master of the Heavens Will. That way, there would no longer have been another Wielder of the Will. Tsk, it is too challenging to surpass the Heavens Will. Fortunately, after seeing you, I know that even if I failed, I should have succeeded in escaping. Or at the very least, I managed to leave behind a backup."

White Two whispered, "Is the White in the main world your backup?"

Wielder of the Will White spread his wings, then sneered, "Young White Two~ Your thinking seems to have been affected by the aura of the Netherworld, it has become too dull. How am I supposed to know the answer to your question? My sight went past time node B, and directly gazed upon future node C. Things like backups had to have been arranged after I got out of this state of [gazing into the future]."

White Two rested his chin on his interlocked fingers, and coldly said, "Be careful or I might just kill you!"

"Well, according to my current observation, theres a probability of 98% or more that he is my backup," Wielder of the Will White said softly. "But there is still a 2% chance that its Little White."

White Two said, "There is no Little White, there can be no Little White in this world. He is just the desert, and since after we refined that desert We are [White]."

Wielder of the Will White calmly said, "No, I am the white horse."

"Huh?" White Two could no longer maintain the oppressive expression on his face.

Wielder of the Will White once again spread his wings, and said, "I really am the white horse."

White Two coldly said, "Can you stop posing in this damn posture?"

Wielder of the Will White continued, "I feel that this state of gazing into the future will soon be coming to an end. White Two, even if I have failed, I will not give up. And, I feel that I might not have failed completely Perhaps it was only a partial failure, and part of it was a success."

White Two said, "So, what are you planning on doing?"

Wielder of the Will White said, "If I really do fail, I will go back and lay out my backup plan, snatch the position of Wielder of the Will again, and make you a twin brother."

"" White Two.

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