Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 1593

Chapter 1592 Shuhang Youre At The Age Where Youd Want Children

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No! Sage, dont stare at me.

The pressure was humongous.

Regardless of whether it was a dream or a dreamland, Song Shuhang had no desire to be stared at by both of the Sages eyes.

If this is a dreamland Its probably an experience of Fairy Creation.

After all, she was the only one in his body who had made contact with the Scholarly Sage.

The Impregnating Gaze was already very terrifying, so now that both of the Sages eyes were flashing with a strange light, Song Shuhang could feel his legs going limp.

There was no longer any saving the Sage.

I dont want to get hit by the Twins Impregnating Gaze!Song Shuhang struggled subconsciously, vigorously thrusting both his legs.

After that he woke up.

Eh? I woke up?

"It wasnt a dreamland?" Song Shuhang felt like hed just managed to save whatever was left of his life.

If he had entered a dreamland, he wouldnt have been able to wake up even if he wanted to.

Fortunately, it was just an ordinary dream.

But why did I have a dream today?Song Shuhang wondered.

With his current realm, things like dreams were no longer supposed to happen. But today, he had two strange dreams in a row.

In the first dream, he had been crushed into mush by a car. And after waking up, he ended up using his Rebirth Pill.

Then, what about the dream this time?

Song Shuhang quickly entered the state of Inner Sight.

Afterward, he immediately sent his consciousness to the fat whale golden core.

The Sages Twins Impregnating Gaze in his dream had immediately made him recall his fat whale golden core. After all, one should always learn from past mistakes.

However, the fat whale golden core was still lying silently in his dantian with nothing unusual happening to it. Song Shuhang deliberately stroked its belly, but there was no sign of pregnancy.

However, Song Shuhang was still not at ease.

After all, the steel manifestation and the core reactor had disappeared into thin air, and it was most probable that they had entered the whale core.

As such, he prepared to take a closer look at his whale core.

"Were here." At this moment, Senior White braked.

The flying shuttle violently came to a stop, and Song Shuhangs body slammed forward, almost getting thrown out of the vehicle.

Senior White turned his head, and said, "Remember to fasten your seat belt when you get in a vehicle."

"" Song Shuhang.

Senior White, I really wanted to do that, but your shuttle doesnt have any, okay?

Senior White asked, "Did you have a nightmare?"

Song Shuhang sighed. "Ah, I guess it was a nightmare. I dreamt that the Scholarly Sage was flying in the air with me. Then, he suddenly mentioned the Impregnating Gaze and Twins, sending a Twins Impregnating Gaze at me."

"You think about it during the day, and dream of it during the night," Senior White said. "Shuhang, do you want children? Basing it on age, youve indeed reached that age."

"How could that be true?" Song Shuhang burst into tears.

Moreover, Im only 18 years old. I dont have any thoughts of getting children yet.


As he thought of this he suddenly remembered Li Yinzhu for some inexplicable reason.


"" Song Shuhang.

Night descended.

Song Shuhang and Senior White sat side by side, with a pot of immortal tea between them.

The two were waiting for Fairy Little Ke and the fellow daoist she had arranged to come over to collect the Celestials.

In addition, taking advantage of Senior Whites free time, Song Shuhang asked him some questions regarding cultivation.

Recently, he had gained a deeper understanding of saber intent, and felt that it would soon go through a significant transformation. Therefore, he asked Senior White for some advice on saber intent.

Although Senior White practiced sword intent, it had many similarities with saber intent.

Song Shuhang said, "I feel that my saber intent will transform into a powerful attack-type saber intent."

The first form of his saber intent was the saber intent armor.

The second form would definitely be a powerful attack.

"A powerful, attack-type saber intent doesnt have anything special to it. It would be better to change it to something like a steamrolling type," Senior White replied to Song Shuhang while modifying the phones one after the other.


"Steamrolling type?" Song Shuhang pictured it in his mind and he immediately thought of Fairy Dongfang Sixs tank.

A steamrolling-type saber intent So a saber intent wheel?

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, "I still want a normal saber intent."

At this time, Song Shuhangs phone rang.

It was a call from Fairy Little Ke.

Fairy Little Ke said, "Senior Tyrannical Saber, are you at home? Our staff will be arriving shortly."

Song Shuhang replied, "I am. You can just knock on the door when you arrive."

Fairy Little Ke said, "Okay, Senior Tyrannical Saber. I will tell them."

Song Shuhang responded, "Eh? Fairy Little Ke, are you not coming yourself?"

Fairy Little Ke seriously said, "Senior Tyrannical Saber, I am only responsible for answering the phone. Im not responsible for door-to-door delivery service or teaching the ancient language."

"" Song Shuhang.

"Ding~ Dong~"

The sound of the doorbell rang from downstairs.

"Theyre here." Song Shuhang opened the window, and then leaped out, jumping down from the fourth floor.

There were layers of defensive and illusory formations around Medicine Masters building, so Song Shuhang didnt have to worry about being discovered by others whenever he jumped out of the window.

After landing, he opened the door.

Outside the door, an extended container truck was parked.

Six tall and strong cultivators jumped out of the truck.

The cultivator who was responsible for conversing said in shock, "Hello, Senior Tyrannical Sab Ah, Tyrannical Tyrannical Song!"

The Celestials had face blindness, but the same was not true for him.

He had firmly etched Profound Sage Tyrannical Songs appearance in his mind, and decided that he would avoid him should he ever meet him.

However, the plans of people were not the heavens. He had only come to collect some goods, but he had unexpectedly gone to Profound Sage Tyrannical Songs lair.


I shouldve guessed it earlier. The area around Jiangnan University Town has already been reported to be the place where Profound Sage Tyrannical is experiencing a mortal life. In this area, only Profound Sage Tyrannical Song would have the ability to capture a Sixth Stage Celestial.

"Dont look at me. Senior Tyrannical Song, please dont look at me!" Daoist Priest Eternal River, the monk in charge of communication, covered his face with one hand and his lower abdomen with the other as if he would become immune to Profound Sage Tyrannical Songs Impregnating Gaze by doing so.


"" Song Shuhang.

At this time, he missed being invisible like the mysterious scholar.

"Dont worry, Fellow Daoist. Im not going to use the Impregnating Aaah." Song Shuhang suddenly clutched his belly and screamed while he was in the middle of speaking.

When Profound Sage Tyrannical Song screamed while holding his stomach, Daoist Priest Eternal River and his companions all held their stomachs and trembled.

"It hurts." Song Shuhang hugged his belly tightly.

At the same time, he used Inner Sight to check his dantian.

In his dantian, the fat whale golden core was tumbling around vigorously.

Its abdomen had swelled to a large size, much larger than it had ever before. It looked like it was carrying twins.

"" Song Shuhang.

Twins, how depressing.

Senior White descended from the air, and landed beside Song Shuhang. "Whats the matter?"

He heard Song Shuhangs sudden scream, and thought that an enemy had come.

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, "Its fine, Senior White. Its just that my golden core is pregnant again."


Moreover, this time it felt like it was pregnant with twins.

The ancient divine witch blood and the core reactor?

Or was it the core reactor and the steel manifestation?

"" Senior White.

"Give me a moment. Ill finish the transaction first." Song Shuhang turned his head to Daoist Priest Eternal River, who had come to receive the goods, and said, "Fellow Daoist, I have a lot of Fifth Stage Celestials with me, around 120 of them. Will you be able to take them away in one go?"

Daoist Priest Eternal River cautiously said, "We should be able to. But, Senior, we might not have enough spirit stones to pay you right away."

Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was a ruthless person. He wasnt only ruthless to others, but to himself as welljust now, if he had not heard wrong, it seemed like he was testing the Impregnating Gaze on himself. Was he improving it so that it could make someone really give birth to a child?

Song Shuhang said, "Its fine. You can take away the Celestials first, and send the spirit stones and points afterwards."

"No problem. Well use delivery flying swords to send Senior Tyrannical Song the spirit stones tonight," Daoist Priest Eternal River said. "Then, Senior Tyrannical Song, where are the Celestials right now?"

"Wait a bit." Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and began to release all the Celestials from his Inner World.

All the Celestials were neatly released into the small courtyard. Because the area of the small courtyard wasnt that big, the Celestials could only be piled up on each other.

The Celestials were still in a state of paralysis at this time. While detaining them in the Inner World, Song Shuhang had the invisible sword insects slash them at intervals to reapply the poison.

One of the daoist priests responsible for receiving the goods said, "How well arranged."

Song Shuhang asked, "Do you have a way to restrain them?"

"Our truck has been modified. It is a mobile prison, and has the effect of restraining spiritual energy. With this powerful formation, there should be no problem transporting Fifth Stage Celestials," Daoist Priest Eternal River said. "Moreover, the Celestials in Senior Tyrannical Songs possession are all unconscious, which can reduce the burden for us."

"In that case, Ill give you another layer of insurance." Song Shuhang stretched out his hand to bring out the invisible sword insects, and gave all the Celestials another shot.

Daoist Priest Eternal River and the others couldnt see the invisible sword insects, but they could see the blood that kept on dripping out from the waists of the Celestials.

Senior Tyrannical Song had used invisible means to pierce the waists of every Celestial.

After being pierced, the Celestials foamed at their mouths, and fell into a deeper state of paralysis.

Senior Tyrannical Songs scare value in Daoist Priest Eternal Rivers heart went up by 100.


After counting the number of the Fifth Stage Celestials, Daoist Priest Eternal River calculated the points and spirit stones to be awarded to Song Shuhang.

He said, "Senior Tyrannical Song, we do not have enough spirit stones at the moment. We can only pay you the spirit stones and points for 10 living Fifth Stage Celestials, two dead Fifth Stage Celestials, and three living Fourth Stage Celestials. We will send you the remaining spirit stones for the 120 living Fifth Stage Celestials later on."

Song Shuhang responded, "Sure."

"Thank you for understanding, Senior Tyrannical Song," Daoist Priest Eternal River said before opening the trunk of the truck, and taking out a large box.

The box was a storage magical treasurethere were a lot of spirit stones in it, as well as a crystal for recording points. After the spirit stones were handed over to Song Shuhang, the box was stored back.

Then, the several other cultivators moved the Fifth Stage Celestials into the truck.

Song Shuhangs eyes also moved to the truck.

There were already two Fourth Stage Celestials being held inside.

At the same time, in the corner of the carriage, there was an ugly puppet.

"!!!" Song Shuhang.

The puppet maiden?

Heavens, why did the puppet maiden, who he had been unable to contact the past few days, appear here?

Holding his belly, Song Shuhang went into the truck, reaching the puppet maidens side.

"Senior Tyrannical Song, whats the matter?" Daoist Priest Eternal River asked upon seeing that there seemed to be something wrong with Song Shuhangs expression.

Song Shuhang frowned, and asked, "Why is this puppet in your car?"

At the same time, he stretched out his hand and placed it on the puppet maiden to examine her body.

Her core is gone!

"Is this Senior Tyrannical Songs puppet?" Daoist Priest Eternal River replied. "We found her on our way to Senior Tyrannical Songs home. She had fallen by the side of our truck I felt that she was of very high quality, so I moved her into the truck."

Song Shuhang asked, "Senior White, is there a way to reactivate the puppet maiden?"

The puppet maiden had gone out with Li Yinzhu for the past few days.

And now, her core had been dug out, and Li Yinzhu was nowhere to be found.

Senior White said, "Use spirit stones. No matter what type of puppet it is, they can be activated with spirit stones."

Song Shuhang opened the box of spirit stones.

Three living Fourth Stage Celestials, totaling 1,500 Fourth Stage spirit stones.

Ten living Fifth Stage Celestials plus two dead Fifth Stage Celestials, totaling 9,200 Sixth Stage spirit stones.

The spirit stones for this event were all provided by various cultivator families and forces. They did not convert them into higher-stage spirit stones.

Therefore, the number of spirit stones that were rewarded by the event appeared particularly large.

Song Shuhang grabbed a handful of Sixth Stage spirit stones, and looked at the puppet maiden.

"How do I use them on her?" Song Shuhang said in distress.

He couldnt find any spot where he could input the spirit stones.

Right In the past, when I accidentally placed spirit stones next to the puppet maiden, she quietly ate a lot of them.

Perhaps I just need to place the spirit stones close to her?

And so, Song Shuhang placed the box containing the spirit stones in front of the puppet maiden.

He had guessed right!

As soon as the spirit stones were near the puppet maiden, they were continuously absorbed. The skin of the puppet maiden had the function of absorbing spiritual stones.

In just 10 breaths, the box of spirit stones was completely absorbed.

Song Poor Once Again, Heart Hurting As If It Were Stabbed by a Knife Shuhang.


The spirit stones he had just acquired let alone getting warm in his hands, he didnt even get to touch them before they were gone!

After absorbing a whole box of spirit stones, the eyes of the puppet maiden glowed orange, and she was reactivated.

Song Shuhang quickly asked, "Puppet maiden, youre awake. What happened, who took your core away? Where is Yinzhu?"

The puppet maiden slowly said, "I dont have enough energy, please supply me with more spirit stones."

Song Shuhang replied, "Im poor. I dont have any more spirit stones."

"My core was dug out by a strange man. He said that the core was originally his. Yinzhu is safe I launched her on a flying sword. She should be back by now." The puppet maidens voice seemed slightly jammed.


Song Shuhang asked, "Launched? Then why isnt she back?"


As he said that, a flash of cold light came from a distance, and pierced Song Shuhangs waist.




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