Cultivation Online Chapter 222

221 Disciples From Other Sects

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After Yuan left the Exchange Hall because he learned that one cannot access the second floor unless they are Inner Court disciples, he suddenly recalled the silver medallion that Elder Xuan had given him.

'If I remember correctly, the silver medallion will allow me to obtain cultivation resources at the Treasury Hall. Maybe they'll have some Spirit Warrior monster cores there.' Yuan thought to himself.

'Where's the Treasury Hall, again?' Yuan began pondering.

A few moments later, once Yuan realized that the Treasury Hall was in the Inner Court, he sighed out loud, "In the end, I still have to become an Inner Court disciple"

"What should I do now?"

Yuan looked around the sect with a pondering look, wondering where he should explore now that his adventure had ended much quicker than he'd expected.

And just as he was thinking, Yuan suddenly heard the disciples around him speaking with excitement, "Did you hear? Disciples from other sects are currently challenging the Carp Leaping Over Dragon's Gate Tower!"

"What? This is the first time outsiders are challenging the tower!"

"No, I think this has happened before, but that was very long ago. Why are disciples from other sects challenging the tower so suddenly? Did something happen recently?"

"You forgot already? One of our disciples had managed to clear all one hundred floors, creating a pretty big commotion not long ago!"

"Oh, right, that did happen, and we still don't know that disciple's identity. However, what does that have anything to do with what's happening now?"

"Who cares! Do you want to go watch or not?"

"Of course! Let's go!"

Many disciples from around the sect could be seen approaching the same direction at this moment towards the Carp Leaping of Dragon's Gate Tower to witness the special event.

Yuan's interest was immediately piqued after listening to the disciples, mostly by the disciples from the other sects, and he began following the other disciples to the scene.

Sometime later, Yuan arrived at the Carp Leaping of Dragon's Gate Tower where hundreds of other disciples and even sect elders were already present.

'Wow, there's a lot of people here' Yuan thought to himself as he stood towards the end of the crowd, so he couldn't really see the disciples from the other sects.

However, he was able to see the golden lights emitted by the tower, and whoever was challenging the tower at this moment was on the 40th floor.

"Heavens! Who's currently inside the tower?" One of the newcomers there decided to ask.

"It's Ao Zongqing that's inside right now. It took him less than an hour to reach 40 floors." Someone there responded.

"What! The number one genius from the Iron Courage Pavilion?! Why's he challenging the tower?!"

"Nobody really knows the details, but rumors say it's because of a gamble between the Dragon Essence Temple and their sect."

Meanwhile, standing in the front, there were seven disciples and four sect masters from their respective sects. Of course, Long Yijun and some of the high-ranking sect elders were there as well.

'It would be nice if we could see what's happening inside, but alas'

Yuan wanted to watch the disciples from the other sects challenge the tower, but then he remembered how long it took Min Li to finish, which quickly made him lose interest, as he wasn't willing to stand around for a whole week until they all finish.

Thus, after standing around for a couple of minutes, Yuan decided to leave the place and return to his own room.

However, right as he turned around and walked a few steps, Elder Xuan's voice resounded in his head, "Disciple Yuan, go to the Inner Court and find Elder Shan. She has a few things to give you and also something to tell you. If you need help entering the Inner Court, show the elder your gold disciple identification badge."

Yuan nodded and began making his way towards the Inner Court whilst Elder Xuan remained at the tower for the event.

'I didn't know I could use my second identification badge like this Now I can visit the Treasury Hall as well.' Yuan thought to himself.

Many minutes later, Yuan arrived at the entrance to the Inner Court.

"What do you want, Outer Court disciple? Do you have business in the Inner Court?" The elder there asked Yuan.

"Yes. Here's my identification badge." Yuan responded as he showed the elder his gold identification badge.

"T-This is!" The sect elder was immediately shocked to see the gold identification token, and he turned to look at Yuan with wide eyes filled with disbelief and respect.

"I understand If you don't mind me asking, what business do you have in the Inner Court?" The elder asked him after handing the badge back to him.

"I would like to go to the Treasury Hall," Yuan answered, purposefully not mentioning Elder Shan.

"Thank you You may enter now." The sect elder then opened the gates for him, allowing Yuan to enter the Inner Court with relatively no effort.

Yuan was slightly dumbfounded by how easy it was to enter the Inner Court.

'This gold identification badge is very convenient' Yuan thought to himself as he stored the badge inside the spatial ring.

'If I recall correctly, Elder Shan said that I could find her at the Blossom Peak' Yuan closed his eyes and opened the sect's map inside his head to look for a Blossom Peak.

Once he'd located Blossom Peak, Yuan began making his way towards Elder Shan's place, even passing the Treasury Hall on the way there.

About half an hour later, Yuan arrived at this vast and spacious hill with a single large building sitting in the middle and surrounded by a flower field.

And even though he was still very far away from Elder Shan's building, he could see Elder Shan's figure and a couple of other figures near a blossom tree right beside the house, looking like they were in a lecture or something.

Seeing this, Yuan began walking towards them with a nonchalant look on his face.


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