Dark Beast Summoner Chapter 1667

Chapter 1667: You are a **** and I am the world (14)

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Chapter 1667 You are a **** and I am the world (14)

The cultivation base was suppressed, and I could only run away desperately, but no matter where I flee, the ancient nightmare could find me.

Only then did I understand what it meant to eat my illusion.

Everyones illusion is the strongest desire that arises from the bottom of my heart. What I desire most is to be together with Song Yiyang.

So as soon as I entered the realm of Nightmare, I was already in the calculation.

At that time, if I withdrew in time, it would definitely not be able to swallow my illusion, but I knew it was fake, but I was still addicted to it and didn't want to get away.

"Jie Jie Jie, don't run away from Little Fairy, you can't escape from the palm of this seat! Hurry up and let this seat eat you. After this seat goes out, I will help you kill that cold smelly monk!"

"Kill him? You deserve it too!"

I sneered, and Song Yiyang's cool and hopeless face flashed in my mind.

With his ability, he could easily kill the Nightmare without a single move.

I took a deep breath, kept under my feet, stuffed the pill beans into my mouth, raised my breath to the fullest, and continued to flee.

My parents taught me and my brother not to admit defeat since I was a child, even when we are in desperate situations, we must also find ways to find a chance.

The cultivation base was suppressed to the realm of Lingzun by the Heavenly Dao, and the nightmare was in the realm of the immortal emperor. I couldn't beat it, but I kept running away, and it couldn't catch me.

Brothers and the others are in the secret realm, and the magical energy around the nightmare is so strong, they should be aware of it soon.

But what I didn't expect at all was that my brother and I didn't enter the same fantasy world.

I escaped all over the world, but after half a month, I was exhausted and never found an exit, nor did I see my brothers.

"You run away, why don't you run away? Little fairy, you are so embarrassed now, this seat is pitiful and cherishes jade, and I cannot bear to eat you."

The sound of the nightmare follows me like a shadow, and the black mist-like magical energy surrounds me and tightens me tightly, as if I am drowning in the water, I can't breathe.

The dark and cold breath of the nightmare wandered around my neck, like the poisonous message of a poisonous snake touching my skin.

The feeling of suffocation became stronger and stronger. Through the thick magic fog, I looked at the gloomy sky and struck the faces of countless people in my mind.

Dad, mother, brothers, grandparents, masters, etc...

Scenes of laughter and laughter flashed before my eyes.

When my vision gradually blurred, I saw Song Yiyang.

His handsome face carries the Buddha's light that can save all living beings, and the beautiful phoenix eyes that fascinate me are calm, and there is no wave in the ancient well.

He seemed to look at me.

I reached out to him, he was indifferent, as if looking at a stranger.

You save sentient beings, why don't you save me?

I laughed at myself, dropped my hands feebly, and slowly closed my eyes.

When his eyes were about to close, Song Yiyang's appearance suddenly changed. Before I could see it clearly, a wide hand stretched out towards me.

"Little Rouer!"

I was caught by my lowered hand, and the dark magic energy dissipated during the huge energy fluctuations, and I fell into a warm embrace.

In my confusion, I saw a familiar face.

"Uncle Fox."

Then my consciousness plunged into darkness completely.

Light and shadow whirling, fresh bamboo incense lingers in the air.

I opened my eyes as my consciousness floated up and down.

Entering the roof of a small bamboo house, the white veil moved with the wind, and the crisp sound of birds outside the house gradually became clear.

The years seem to be quiet.

I remembered that before I fell into a coma, I seemed to have seen Wu Yan.

Did Uncle Fox save me?

Why does he appear in the illusion?

I rubbed the painful temples and sat up slowly.

A slender and handsome figure walked in, it wasn't Wu Luo or who was it.

"Uncle Fox, you saved me, where are we? Where are my brothers?"

Wu Yan poured a cup of tea on the table and handed it to my hand.

It's still warm.

I happened to have a dry throat, and I felt a lot moisturized after drinking.

He took the cup back from my hand and said:

"We are still in the Taiqing Continent. This is a small village outside the secret area. The aura is still abundant, so I will bring you over to heal your wounds. You have been in a coma for three days."

"Xuanxi and the others are still in the secret realm, but don't worry, I have already contacted them, and they will come out in a while."

I was relieved after listening, my brothers are fine, what I fear most is that they will also encounter other ancient nightmare, and they will be in danger.

"Uncle Fox, that nightmare, did you kill it? It's very dangerous. Don't let it come out to cause harm to the world."

Wu Yan looked into my eyes and said:

"I killed you, take a good rest, I will accompany you here and wait for them to come out."

"Ah, Uncle Fox, you are very grateful that you can come and save me, but don't delay your business. I can wait for my brothers here by myself."

I said quickly.

"You still have the ancient devilish energy in your body that has not been driven away, and there is no one to protect you, so it is easy to get lost in the fire."

When he said this, I quickly looked into my body, and as expected, I found that Ruoyouruowu magic energy was hidden in the meridians of my body.

I tried to get rid of these demon qi from my body, but they were very stubborn and tightly entangled the meridians.

"It will take time to get rid of these ancient demonic energy. If you can't be anxious, I will protect the law for you. Don't be afraid."

His voice was very gentle, put his hand on my wrist, and guided me how to get rid of the devilish energy, and the divine sense penetrated into my body.

"Don't, Uncle Fox, I'll do it myself."

I struggled a bit. It was not that I didn't trust him, but I was a little embarrassed. Only the closest people could resist.

Because divine consciousness is like a monk's second pair of eyes.

Although Wu Luo and I are familiar with each other, he is a mature man to me, defensive of both sexes.

"Don't move, when you are unconscious, I have already reached into the divine consciousness to heal you, don't be shy."

"I'm not shy yet."

"Really? Your clothes are..."


I lowered my head and saw that the clothes on my body were not the same as before, and my face was flushed instantly.

The sound is somewhat knotted.

"Uncle Fox, you, me and my clothes are you, did you change for me?"

Wu Yan looked at my blood-red ears and chuckled softly:

"I'm teasing you. The hostess of this bamboo house changed your clothes for you, not me."


I patted my heart, and let out a long sigh of relief. I was really scared just now.

Wu Yan is my elder, if he helped me change clothes, it would be hard to tell.

"Just so nervous?"

"I don't have... well, of course I'm nervous. How can a girl's body be seen casually."

I mumbled softly, my face was hot.

"Then if I really watched it, am I responsible for Rou'er?"

Wu Pan's handsome face leaned towards me, with a meaningful smile at the corner of his mouth.

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