Dark Beast Summoner Chapter 1668

Chapter 1668: You are a **** and I am the world (15)

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Chapter 1668 You are a **** and I am the world (15)

Wu Yan's face suddenly leaned over, and I was taken aback.

I just felt that he seemed a little ambiguous in this way, but he took a step back and said to me:

"Okay, don't think too much about it. You will heal your wounds slowly first to force out the devilish energy, and wait for Xuanxi to come out, and then leave together."

I obediently nodded and agreed.

But I didn't expect that the brothers had been trapped in the illusion for three months and there was no sign of it.

During this period, the devil qi from my body has gradually been driven out almost.

I was a stubborn temper. After spending a few days in the bamboo hut on the mountain, I could no longer hold back and went down the mountain.

Wu Yan said that he was afraid that I would meet bad guys and stayed with me all the time.

He said, "Good people will do it to the end and send the Buddha to the west." The rescue has saved me, so I have to continue to protect my safety, right?

I didn't get used to it for the first few days, so I just got more familiar with it gradually.

He is very good to me, as long as I look at something more, he will buy it back for me.

Sometimes I bought it in person, and sometimes I put it on the head of the bed when I woke up the next day.

Although they are all gadgets, they are also very satisfying.

I waited comfortably for my brothers to come out of the illusion, but for the past three months, I was also a little anxious.

"Wu Luo, you said that my brother and Qianye didn't encounter any danger in the illusion, right? This is too long."

I ran to the entrance of the illusion, feeling anxious, always worried that they were in the same terrible danger as I did.

I call him Wu Yan now, because he said before that I called him Uncle Fox to call him old.

Wu Luo said to me calmly:

"Relax, Rou'er, there is only one ancient nightmare in the fantasy realm. It has already died in my hand. They will not be in danger. There are thousands of small fantasy realms in this ancient fantasy realm. It will take a certain time to come out."

"Really? Wu Yan, you must not lie to me."

I looked into his eyes and said.

Only his strength can penetrate this ancient fantasy realm, and he can come and go freely. He sees that his brothers are okay, then it should be okay, but I want to make sure that he will not lie to me, so I feel more at ease.

He also looked at me, as if there was a strange light flowing between his narrow and deep eyes, he curled his lips and smiled, charming and handsome.

He stretched out his slender hand and touched my hair, and said to me:

"Rouer, what did I lie to you for?"

I rolled my eyes and nodded:

"Yes, you dont have to lie to me, because its no good for you to lie to me. Wu Yan, then, when will your brother come out? Ive been here for three months. I dont know which mountain has mushrooms. It's clear, it's so boring."

He chuckles, his voice doting:

"I thought you said you were going to be idle with mushrooms."

"It's almost the same. Apart from practicing, I rarely stay in one place for so long."

"It will take at least a month or two for your brother to come out. If you are in a panic, or else, I will send you back to the immortal world first?"

He looked at me and asked.

"Don't don't." I shook my head quickly: "I have to wait for my brothers to come out, and then go back together."

He followed me and said:

"Then I will leave a clone of Divine Sense here, and I will know it when they leave the illusion. Before they come out, I will take you to play around in this Taiqing Continent, okay?"

I hesitated.

He said to the side:

"I heard that there have been many great immortal masters in the Taiqing Continent. Although they have fallen, there are still many interesting ancient relics. And there are many kinds of food and snacks in those big capitals. If you don't want to go, I will go by myself. Up."

My heart was immediately moved, and I took his arm:

"Walk around, Wu Yan, let's go together! You are not allowed to leave me here alone!"

Since the brothers are all right, they don't have to stay here all the time.

Anyway, I'm idle. If you come to Taiqing Mainland, you can't come in vain.

Wu Yan glanced at the slender hand that was holding his arm, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

I was happily looking forward to how to have fun, naturally I didn't notice his deep smile, nor did I notice the different emotions flowing in his eyes when he looked at me.

We traveled in the Taiqing Continent for two months, until our brother, Qianye and Yan Siying came out of the illusion.


We hurried back, and when we saw our brother, we plunged into his arms.

Their strengths have improved a lot, but I didn't stand still. Although I was having fun outside, Wu Yan always supervised my cultivation and often gave me pointers.

"Rouer, I haven't seen you for a few months, how do I feel that you have gained weight?"

My brother made fun of me deliberately.

"Where is Rou'er fat? Don't talk nonsense, Xuan Xi."

Yan Siying immediately stood on my side to help me speak.

"Siying is better. No brother always says that the younger sister is fat. Isn't it the biological one?"

I snorted.

Yan Siying chuckled lightly, turned his head and glanced at Wu Yan, his eyes a little wary.

My brother rubbed my hair, looked at Wu Yan and said:

"I would also like to thank Uncle Fox for showing up in time to save Rou'er. She has caused you trouble during this period. She has become irritable. Come on, Rouer, and thank Uncle Fox quickly."

Wu Yan looked calmly and waved his hands:

"If you have anything to thank, it happened that I came to Taiqing Continent. Since you are out, then I will leave first. Don't stay longer, go back to the immortal world earlier."

"Wu Luo, you are leaving so soon, don't you come back to the immortal world with us?"

I looked at him and asked.

After spending five months with him day and night, he suddenly wanted to be separated, still a little bit reluctant.

He smiled at me:

"I'll go back after I have handled a few things. Then you can go to the Demon Realm to find me."

After speaking, he nodded to his brother and them, and disappeared directly into the same place.

He left suddenly, and I thought that at least everyone was going to have a meal together and then bid farewell, which made me a little bit emotional.

But my emotions came and went quickly, and I was happy to be with my brothers, and I quickly left the separation of my thoughts behind.

We did not continue to stay in the Taiqing mainland, and returned to the fairyland that day.

Not long after I returned to the Immortal Realm, I heard that Wu Su was back to the Demon Realm, so I told my brother that I wanted to thank Wu Su in person. He put aside the things at hand and stayed with me for five months.

But my brother stopped me and told me in a rare heavy tone:

"Rou'er, I think Wu Yan seems to be a little too caring about you. Have you ever thought that he might not just treat you as a junior?"

I was surprised.

Although I changed my name to Wu Luo, in my eyes, he is still my elder, and I have never thought of anything else.

"Brother, I think he may not have that kind of mind, have you misunderstood something?"

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