Dark King Chapter 567

Chapter 567: Cannibalism

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Dean let his body slowly relax, then the white bones slowly sank into his body. The surface of his body returned to its normal appearance, but there were red marks left on the area that was covered by the bones, like burnt scars.

The scar gradually faded and slowly vanished.

His heart was relieved. He turned his head, glancing around and seeing no anomaly. There were two Shadow Hunters that were hatched before. The other Shadow Hunter should be the one that was just hatched. He did not know if it was hiding or had been eaten by this Shadow Hunter.

He did not intend to continue to wait here. He cut open the Shadow Hunter's corpse and picked up a vine from the nearby ground, rummaging through the corpse and quickly finding a sleeping parasite egg.

He took a bottle out of his backpack and sealed the parasite egg in it, then turned back to the room, picked up the two remaining eggs, and prepared to leave.

Just then, three red dots of heat sources appeared in his field of vision. Their shapes looked like humans. They were coming from the other side of the street. The movement was quick and quite vigilant.

Dean was startled. It occurred to him that it should be another Dragon Guard team.

He held the two eggs and came close to the broken window, restraining his breath, and at the same time, blood was surging in his body again, stimulating the white skeleton form. In this form, his body's heat would be covered by the bones, undetectable; moreover, his smell would be reduced.

Taking advantage of his high vantage point, he looked down at the street where the three heat sources were located and saw that they were walking along the street and would soon pass through the street next to his building.

He lowered his body, and his eyes flashed slightly, observing the heat sources closely.

The three heat sources' figures soon appeared at the corner of the street, and they were indeed wearing Dragon Family armors. Two men and one woman. A youth from the team was wearing the same standard armor as Dean.

Dean concentrated his attention on them. Suddenly, he saw a figure wearing black armor following behind the three people. In terms of build, the figure should be male. The man was wearing a black helmet, so his face could not be seen clearly. Holding a machete in his hand, the man seemed to be responsible for the rear.

"Normally, a team consists of seven people. They are now only four people. Could they have encountered dangers and lost three people?" Dean's eyes flashed slightly, and he withdrew his head so as not to be seen by them.

Soon, the Dragon Guard team arrived at the street next to his building. They walked along the wall with light movements, not making any sound. When they encountered sleeping Zombies who crawled up from the ground, they immediately attacked, killing by twisting the Zombies' necks so the Zombies could not even make a sound.


All of a sudden, Dean heard the squeaks of Bone Biter Mice coming from two floors below him. The mice that were hunting for food seemed to sense the danger from those people. The mice were squeaking and fleeing in horror into their nest inside the building's walls.

The four people downstairs heard the mice's squeaks. They looked up and saw nothing strange, then they continued to walk forward.

"This team is strong..." Dean crouched beside the window, secretly awed in his heart. From the heat sources, the middle-aged man and the woman had high-level Frontiersman's physiques. Their heat densities were similar to Martin. As for the black-armored man behind the team, he did not emit heat, seeming to be the strongest of the team. The youth wearing the standard armor was the weakest, just an early-level Frontiersman heat density.

In his previous team, Martin and Ian were high-level Frontiersmen, and the rest were early-level Frontiersmen.

"Huh?!" Dean suddenly felt a chill on top of his head, like an ice pick, stinging down his head and drilling straight down his spine.


A shadow suddenly rushed out of a collapsed building on the other side of the street and pounced onto the four people.

Seeing this, Dean's eyelids were twitching. He was instinctively terrified. He hurriedly withdrew his body, hiding under the window and clinging tight to the wall, daring not to reveal half a figure.

"Ah!" A painful scream resounded through the street.


"Is... he a human?!"

"He's too fast. Run! We're no match for him!"

There were several voices filled with horror and anger coming from the street.

Although Dean did not poke his head up, he could see three heat sources on the street through his thermal vision. The middle-aged man who walked in front of the team had fallen to the ground, and his heat was falling fast.

Meanwhile, the youth and the woman behind him were running away, as if death were chasing behind them.

Dean saw the slower youth fell to the ground screaming. The moment he fell, a frightening scarlet figure appeared behind him. It was a human, but the heat density was extremely terrifying, as dense as blood. From what he had seen, the man was thirty percent stronger than Hailey!

The scarlet figure flashed and disappeared, and the next moment, appeared behind the woman.

The woman hurriedly turned around, seeming to want to fight back, but the scarlet figure's hand instantly pierced through her chest from behind. The arm's length was extremely astonishing and seemed to be flexible.

The scarlet figure quickly withdrew his hand and disappeared again.

In less than two seconds, another scream came from the street. The scarlet figure appeared and immediately disappeared again.

A cold sweat broke out all over Dean's body. His body was tense. He controlled his heartbeat down to one beat per ten seconds. He knew that he would be in danger once he was detected by the scarlet figure. Although now his strength had increased, there was still a big gap compared to this monster who could easily kill the four Dragon Guards within ten seconds.

This was by no means an ordinary Pioneer level!

"Has other family's Pioneer sneaked in?" Dean thought of the previous deaths and frightened in his heart.

At this moment, there were crunching sounds coming from the quiet street, sounding like a beast tearing at a bone, accompanied by smacking lips sounds.

Dean held his breath and slowly raised his head, looking out from the edge of the window. He took a quick glance and immediately withdrew his head so as not to be noticed by the scarlet figure.

The scarlet figure who could control his own heat freely was actually crouching in front of a corpse and gnawing on it. The chewing sounds he heard were the sounds of the man eating the corpse! However, what really shocked Dean was that, unexpectedly, the armor worn by the man was engraved with the Dragon Family's emblem!

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