Dark King Chapter 568

Chapter 568: Teaching Dragon Blood Technique

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"A Dragon Family man is hunting the Dragon Guard?" Dean was somewhat puzzled. Judging from the man's strength, the man was absolutely not a Dragon Guard, likely to be one of the Dragon Family's powerhouses stationed in the Wasteland.

Soon, he thought of another possibility. "Wearing a Dragon Family armor doesn't necessarily mean he is from the Dragon Family. Could it be that he is disguising? Or, is he a spy planted by another family in the Dragon Family?"

He grimaced at the thought. In any case, he had seen the man's secret. If he was exposed, he would inevitably be hunted and silenced.

In the quiet street, the breeze blowing gently like a sigh.

The sounds of chewing and swallowing went on for more than ten minutes.

Dean felt sore all over his body as if he had been working out for several days and nights. He could not help but look at his hands. The white bones on his arms were gradually fading and had sunk a lot.

He was scared. It seemed that the state's duration had reached the limit.

He quickly tensed his body, maintaining the state. If at this time he lost the heat insulation of the bones, he would likely be exposed!

Gulp. Gulp. Swallowing sounds came from the street. Drinking sounds could also be heard not water, but blood.

The sounds stopped after another four or five minutes.

Dean held his breath, waiting in fear.

The quiet street seemed to be quieter. The whistling wind seemed like it was laughing eerily.

Dean felt so sore all over his body and unable to hold on.

He gritted his teeth, stood up slowly, and looked out of the window. The scarlet figure had disappeared. On the spacious and empty street, there were only four corpses lying quietly. The armors were torn open, and the bodies were gnawed off that the viscera slipped out of the stomachs.

There were gnawing traces on the chest, neck, arms and other parts of the corpses. If he had not personally seen the scarlet figures eating, he would think that the corpses were eaten by Zombies at first glance.

Seeing that the man seemed to have left, Dean let out a sigh of relief, slowly relaxing his body. The white bones quickly sank into his body.

He took quick a breather, not daring to stay here any longer. He picked up the two eggs and quickly headed toward the plaza pool while watching his surroundings vigilantly, paying particular attention to the Bone-Biter Mice's movements.

He felt the reason why the Bone-Biter Mice under his floor suddenly returned to its nest was not that they feared the four Dragon Guards, but that they had perceived the scarlet figure.

Perhaps, ordinary people could not perceive the scarlet figure, but the Bone-Biter Mice seemed to have a way of knowing.

He sneaked toward the area where the Bone-Biter Mice were acting normally. He detoured around several streets, picking up two Bone-Biter Mice and putting them into his backpack, using them as a sensor to perceive the scarlet figure.

He carried the two eggs straight back into the plaza pool, dove into the water, and quickly swam back to the ice cave.

"You're back."

Dean heard Haisha's voice as soon as he got out of the water. He saw that she was sitting on the ice bead, with a pair of clear, somewhat gentle, eyes looking at him.

He nodded slightly, put the Shadow Hunter eggs aside, and shook the water off his body. He took off the mouse fur coat and wrung it out, then put it aside. He opened his backpack and took the two Bone-Biter Mice out, throwing them onto the ground.

The two mice that were confined in the backpack moved around in panic as soon as they came out. The cave, however, was surrounded by ice, and the only exit was the water. The mice were naturally afraid of water. Although they could swim without drowning, their fear of water let them not dare to rashly go into the water, so they could only move around chaotically.

"Only caught these two?" Haisha was a little surprised. With Dean's skill, it should be easy to catch several mice.

Dean sighed and said, "These two aren't food. I caught them as warning sensors."

"Warning sensor?" Haisha was puzzled.

Dean told her about what he had seen before, saying, "Originally, I was going to get these eggs and go back to the Shadow Hunter's nest, bringing back the food supplies that my team left behind outside the nest. But I was afraid that I would meet that man on the road, so I came back fist."

Haisha was immersed in Dean's story. When he finished speaking, a chill flashed across her eyes, and she said, "This man you're talking about is not a Pioneer infiltrating from other families, but a despicable villain!"

Dean was surprised and said, "Do you know him? Is he really a Dragon Family's man?"

Haisha looked gloomy and nodded slightly, saying, "This man is one of the eight generals guarding the Wasteland. His nickname is Corpse-Eater Ghost. He became a Pioneer 20 years ago and is regarded as one of the elders of our Dragon Family."

Dean was startled and said, "So this man is your subordinate?"

Haisha said with a nod, "This man usually likes to take advantage of his seniority and doesn't listen to instructions. He also has a very disgusting liking, which is what you saw, eating human!"

Dean was shocked.

He had seen all kinds of criminals in the Thorn Flower Prison. Some were accused wrongly, and some were genuinely wicked. Those wicked people had many twisted likings, but none of them had such an abnormal liking.

Sure enough, the higher the status, the heavier the taste.

"Usually when I'm in charge, he doesn't dare to act up. I didn't expect that after I've just left, he dared to sneak into the Orange Wasteland and secretly hunt the Dragon Guards!" Haisha's face was cold. "It shouldn't be the first time he does this. No wonder the mortality rate of our Dragon Family's Dragon Guards has remained high."

Dean's eyes flashed slightly, and he said nothing.

If it was his previous self before the imprisonment, he would surely ask why they still tolerated the man to serve as one of the eight generals of Wasteland since they knew the man was behaving badly.

But now, he already had the answer in his mind. It was because for the Dragon Family, the value of this man was higher than the harm he caused. So although they knew he had such an intolerable disgusting liking, they turned a blind eye.

Everything in the world seemed to be like this.

The so-called moral criticism was nothing but a humble groan of the weak.

"That scum!" Haisha gritted her teeth, touching the wound on her shoulder with her palm. There was hatred in her eyes.

Dean saw her move and advised her, "When you recover and go back, don't confront that man. You don't have any evidence. If you want to deal with him, do it secretly."

Haisha looked at him and said with a nod, "Yes."

Dean did not want to get too involved in the matters of Dragon Family. He looked around and said with a bitter smile, "Looks like we're going to starve tonight."

Haisha saw cold air coming out of Dean's mouth when he spoke. Her eyes flashed, and she said, "If he's around here, you'd better not go out looking for food these few days. Just stay here. I'll teach you a secret technique of our Dragon Family, Dragon Blood Technique. It can keep you warm."

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