Demon Change The Earth Chapter 648

Chapter 643: Past Year

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"...Kirin regiment? Haha, the Qilin regiment is the old calendar. Now it is the church's temple knights and the guards of the city lord's mansion."

"...It's a long story to talk about it. At the beginning of the city battle, Jiangcheng was smashed. At that time, more than a dozen central cities surrounded us, and the city was besieged for more than two months. Even the bark in the city was eaten clean. Every day, people are dying, burning in batches, the burned ashes are blown by the wind, the scene is awkward... The Qilin Group was in charge at that time, but it could not be the home of everyone, the most critical moment. Someone rebelled and opened the gate of the city together, letting the enemy in."

"At that time, everyone was crazy. Everyone had red eyes. The fire burned for a week. The big chimney you mentioned was destroyed at that time. Fortunately, the spirit formation was okay, and the sedimentation tank was preserved, or else Even if Jiangcheng is recovered, it will not be restored to what it is now."

"At that time, the Kirin regiment retreated to the core station. There were still several companies in the city hiding in the last fort. The enemy had already celebrated the victory. Who knew that because of the uneven distribution of the spoils, they fought that night... Can you believe it, infighting, ten The troops in several central cities killed a river of blood, and the Muggles were all involved. That's a miserable one!"

"Take advantage of this effort, the last few rebel forces in the city broke the siege. The Shuzhou's reinforcements were invited. In a chaotic battle, the enemy was driven out of Jiangcheng, and their alliance collapsed, but there was no Qilin group in the middle. what's up."

"Since then, the Qilin group has fallen. The core layer is either dead or fleeing. Nuo Das family business has been scattered... The Lord of the City has emerged at this time. At that time, his old man was only a Sequence 8. In that case, not only did he keep it. After Jiangcheng's independent status, he also formed an alliance with Shuzhou and the four small cities, and then there is a counterattack!"

"There were a lot of central cities in the former Xiangbei Province. All of them were destroyed by the city lord. The war lasted for half a year. Our Jiangzhou Alliance was invincible and invincible. At that time, trophies were sent back every day. Gee..."

"You mean the church? Yes, the church resisted to the end. The main temple of the Holy See of Light was broken by those barbarians. Below the pope, and above the sacrifice, all died at the head of the city..."

"Hey, boy, you look like you don't believe it?"

"You go out to inquire, this kind of thing is not a secret, those priests, high priests and pope at the time, there are no gods in their hearts, they are all his mother's'hypocrisy', those barbarians attacked and shouted slogans. One is the church revolution. I ask you, what is the fate of the revolution, it is naturally the fate of these hypocrites."

"But the church is not all hypocrites. At the most critical juncture, the seven or eight channels of the Holy See have announced that they are cooperating with the barbarians. While contacting the resistance forces divided in various parts of the city, finally waiting for the enemy's infighting, took the opportunity to select capable forces to break out of the siege, and attract Shuzhou's reinforcements!"

"Boy, is it like making a movie? Hey, what happened in the past year is a lot more tortuous than making a movie. I can only tell you about it. Anyway, the Qilin Group doesnt work anymore. Now Its the City Lords Mansion and the City Alliance Council holds the supreme power of the entire Confederation. The two have both constraints and cooperation. There are too many twists and turns. I dont know you clearly."

"This is mundane and does not involve religious power. The religious power is divided by the four major churches: light, corpse control, lurking, and rearing. True believers, priests of divine arts, and godly benefactors are in the upper ranks. The upper levels of the Holy See have nothing to do with sequencers. Said that the city war is actually to cleanse the great churches. I cant tell the truth or rumors. I only see that after the city war, the churches are all like that, and they are no longer the only one of the Holy See. ."

"Why ask the Qilin group again? They can be there, and still over the chimney."

"After the war, I don't know what happened. No one grabbed their territory. It is said that the big men are still cautious about whom. I used to be from Liuzhou. I was in a city where I had fleeed during the city war. I really don't know what happened before."

"Okay, okay, okay, enough, enough, huh, now there aren't many polite young people like you."

The tavern is empty in the early morning, except for the real alcoholic, who would come to this place at this time! ?

But there was a young man who came in stupidly, looking like he was inquiring about the news, but the time was wrong.

Li Qingshu, the manager of the tavern, was found by him. He talked about the past, and he had a good time. When he left, the young man gave a low-grade spirit stone as a reward to express his gratitude.

Li Qingshu sent a very polite young man away with a smile, his face changed as soon as he turned around.

The young bartender was tidying up behind the counter. After watching the excitement for a long time, I was puzzled for a long time. When I was about to ask a few words, I listened to Li Qingshu's instructions: "If you don't open the door for business today, please let me know. Go back and rest!"

"Manager, what are you!?"

Li Qingshu tried his best to control the trembling of his body, and smiled reluctantly: "Boss, let me talk, hurry up, remember to lock the doors and windows~wuxiaworld.online~ After that, he didn't even care about the spirit stone at hand, so he hurriedly got on two. floor.

In a miscellaneous room on the second floor, Li Qingshu searched around.

Many old things were covered with dust, and it was really messy to search through. He didn't know what he was looking for. Some old newspapers, especially the old things received a year ago, were the focus of the search.

All in a hurry, Li Qingshu found nothing.

He panted heavily, sat down on the threshold, and recalled the young man's voice and smile. The more he thought about it, the more he imagined it with the person in his memory.

This is an earth-shattering event!

He can't imagine what it means to himself and to this city once the guess is true.

Five minutes later, he hurriedly jumped into a carriage waiting outside the back door, and it took him ten minutes to get to his boss's residence.

"What did you say, sure you read it right!?"

Li Qingshu's boss is a sequence 8 broken, a small leader of the city guard.

"Boss, I'm an old man from Jiangcheng, that person... how could I admit my mistakes!"

The boss thought for a while with a solemn expression, and finally touched his bald head, and said, "Maybe...people just come back and have a look?"

"Kirin group boss, those elders and children will be waiting for this day. If, if..., it will really shake the sky. How many people will die, how many people will be implicated and suffer, just say you...you I can't escape..."

"Yes, yes, fuck, this matter can't be taken lightly, you follow me, go to the city lord mansion!"

The two hurried to the city lord's mansion and found a familiar steward in the mansion, and it took a lot of setbacks before they met the city lord, who has everything to do.

This city lord is more than 30 years old and ranks 6th. He is full of majesty in every move.

However, when he listened to Li Qingshu's report, he was flabbergasted for a long time.

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